Oceans, a film by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, 2010. (Photo: Roberto Rinaldi / Pathé)
Photo: Roberto Rinaldi / Pathé Films

Oceans, the movie


  Between Two Journeys

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The new feature film by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud is released this Wednesday, January 27, 2010. I could see Oceans in December, well before the official release, and meet the film crew.

I love it when my professional obligations meet my personal passions!

Oceans, a hymn to the sea

Diving friends and lovers of the sea, go see Oceans. The images, made by the greatest underwater filmmakers, are to die for.

New sophisticated shooting techniques (Thetys girostabilized head, underwater torpedoes and mini-helicopter, equipped with camera) immerse you as ever in the heart of the oceans. We become fish among the fish ...

It is not really a documentary, but rather a "hymn to the sea", as my confrere Yvon Lechevestrier rightly wrote in the paper I co-authored with him this Monday, January 25, 2010, in Ouest-France. Here is the PDF page, titled Perrin and Cluzaud play the anthem at the sea (or click on the image below to view the article in full size) :

Perrin and Cluzaud play the hymn to the sea (article from 25/01/2010 published in Ouest-France for the release of the film Océans)
Perrin and Cluzaud play the hymn to the sea (article from 25/01/2010 published in Ouest-France for the release of the film Oceans)

The madness of Sardine Run

The time given to the film (four years of filming) allowed, during the expeditions, to seize rare and fabulous moments. The sequence of the famous Sardine Run, this annual migration of millions of sardines off the eastern coast of South Africa (a giant feast that attracts birds, dolphins and sharks), is truly hallucinating.

Haven't you ever seen any birds under your flippers? Below is a video excerpt of my interview with François Sarano for Ouest-France. Professional diver and doctor in oceanography, former Cousteau team, co-founder of the association Longitude 181, he worked as a script guide for Oceans. I love the way he tells the Sardine Run story:

And I add below, by editing this article in January 2017, almost seven years after the interview above, this excerpt from People of the oceansThe same spectacular scene of the birds diving under the surface, excerpt broadcast by France 2 via Twitter :

I stay each time taped in front of these fascinating images ...

The trombinoscope of species

Difficult for me, who is a diver and particularly sensitive to the wonders of the underwater world, to be impartial. I adooooré the film Oceans !

But another colleague from the paper, less of a fan of poiscaille than I am, found the time with the whales a bit long. And he regretted the lack of "documentary" explanations. He would have liked to know which species were shown, where on the planet the scenes had been shot, etc. He would have liked to know which species were shown, where on the planet the scenes had been shot, etc. He would have liked to know what was going on.

I, of course, did not have too much trouble with the identification of most fish and other representatives of the underwater fauna. And I admit that I was not a little proud to have personally met and photographed a number of mola mola, at nudibranch

All the "documentary" information (species, location) was in fact to be discovered after or before the screening, on the website ofOceans, set up during the release, very well done (the site now returns on the Pathé page of the DVD). There are lots of videos to see, animals, the making-of ... Again, fascinating.

For real marine biology fans (and I know some!), there was even the trombinoscope of the species shown in the movie.

Oceans Trombinoscope

Optimistic look

For my part, I very much appreciate the bias of Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, the co-directors: they are offering us a real cinematic film, not a large-format documentary.

→ See the movie Oceans on AlloCiné

Of course, it's a "green" film, in the spirit of the times. But ecology is not a fad. And Perrin didn't wait for the environmental vogue to pay tribute to the beauty of nature (we remember the Migrating people and of Microcosmos, for the best known films).

And then, especially, unlike other ecologists high-profile and sometimes giving lessons, the two Jacques remain optimistic. They avoid hammering a message or making us feel guilty. "The sea is sick, but there are plenty of possibilities for it to be saved", concludes Jacques Perrin at the end of our interview for Ouest-France.

There is a real elegance in their directors' eyes, a huge requirement in their production choices. And in terms of awareness of the protection of the oceans, the film is accompanied by an educational operation, with children and their teachers. Still a smart choice, I find.

In short, with this film, they decided to amaze us, letting the oceans speak for themselves... Mission accomplished!

Finally, I give you the trailer below, just wait, by Wednesday. You will tell me your impressions.


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Hello,
    I am the blog regularly so congratulations for this paper on oceans with the links. As divers, we look forward to seeing him on the big screen! According to the excerpts we will only risk being amazed.
    I also like to identify and compare with our experience, all relative of course ...
    It is necessary to remain optimistic for the future of the sea. I remember dives in the Mediterranean Sea (Gabinière) where one saw only one grouper; qd we see how much they are now ...
    See you soon

  2. Hello, well I had this chance in October 😉 and I confirm for all the sea and diving lovers, run in the rooms, the pictures are splendid !!! My favorite picture, it's the meeting of the great white, impressive !!! You will understand...

    Run in the rooms and dream!
    Good canvas!


    Ps: Corinne, the Andaman, it's really apart and authentic. Beautiful islands, lovely people, beautiful sites and a secluded place, but for how long ...

  3. @Denis B: Yes, François Sarano and Jacques Perrin also quoted me, various examples, for which the situation of the fauna and the underwater flora improves ... I am very happy that my article makes you want to see the film !! ! For my part, I was really amazed. Result, I have a huge desire to return to diving, there, now ...

    @Manta: Yes, I know, tough job... 😆 (In fact, given the amount of work we have, I'm happy to be able, from time to time, to do more "magazine" reports, especially when it's a subject that is close to my heart).

    @Rod: Ah yes. The big white, another fantastic sequence !!! As for the Andaman, I'll have to go, for sure ... If only I could have my time at my leisure !!!

  4. You don't get seasick from drinking the cup? 🙂 How long did you spend your head underwater? 😆 ❓ Heard the 2 compères on France Inter, who was promoting it this very morning. He was doing it on the Gainbourg itou. Which I liked. Anyway, I'm going to trust Vincent Josse and put on my swimsuit. 😉

  5. Hello
    Superb article thank you for sharing this with us
    Me too I had the chance to meet a part of the team on the diving show with divers.com .. what a great adventure.
    See you soon

  6. I come to immerse myself in the world of Oceans and I told myself that Corinne had had to blog about the film since she had seen it before-premiere.
    I let myself be carried by sumptuous images under water, on the surface of the sea. A treat. Still, I do not dive, but not at all, I'm not a fan of documentary either. I know a little bit about the marine environment and the species. There are sacred faces! And we remain baba in front of the shooting of some scenes, one wonders where was the cameraman. In the mouth of the fish opposite?
    It is true that sometimes I would have appreciated to know the places. Obviously, for the Guilvinec no problem ... it lacks a little human life, but it is the choice of directors. I would have liked a few more battles between species, scenes of predators rushing on their prey. The subject remains moralistic, but do not be surprised because it ruins everything. To see for these sublime sequences of fish ballets, the crab war, the polar landscapes, the ships in the storm, the majestic sunsets ...

  7. @Richard: Just have the sailor's foot ... Put on a neoprene suit instead. The swimsuit is for the beach.

    @ Helen from Mauritius: I think that when we are a diver, we appreciate even more, yes!

    @ Krol55: Yes, the adventure of the film is just as exciting as the movie itself ...

    @Nono: Interesting to have your opinion of non-diver. For some spectacular sequences under water, they replaced the cameraman with an underwater torpedo camera on board ... So we really feel like in the school of fish.

  8. Hello
    I just saw in your right column that you have a link to the Photos of Pierre Poilloux? Do you know him ??? He's a friend of mine... I was surprised to see the link here... not for the quality of the photos which are superb, Pierre has a particular gift for photographing people, but I didn't know that his site was diffused 🙂

  9. @ Krol55: No, I do not know "in real life" Pierre Poilloux, but we liked hanging out in the same corners in Asia (Togian, Derawan ...), and we discussed a lot through this blog, and also via the forum Tashi Delek. His pictures are fantastic, I love.

    I wrote a post about his pictures under manta rays:
    »Dreams of mantas

    Another where I refer to his gallery "Derawan":
    »Borneo: projects and dilemmas

    And yet another on the 2009 calendar of Tashi Delek, where I put the general link back to his gallery:
    A family of globe-trotters

    And considering my upcoming projects, I might just make a new link to one of his other albums, again... 🙄

  10. Beautiful film that gives serious desire to put the palms! It's itching here, argh!

    The scene with the birds diving is impressive, like so many others!

    In any case, Jacques Perrin must be an optimist of nature given the situation ...

  11. I don't dive, 😥 brews like an anvil 😳 , but took great pleasure in watching this new look at aquatic fauna 🙂 . No need for 3D or Hollywood avatars. Nature offers all the relief ( but even more the colors no ? ) and all the possible shapes and even unimaginable.
    « » » » » 😆

  12. Hello
    that's it, I finally went to see Oceans, I am as amazed by the quality of the images and the unusual scenes of this film.
    But I'm hungry, 1:30 is too short !! when Jacques Perrin announces having 500h of film, it remains to hope that the DVD will be full of bonuses, still, still images, there are so many things that are not addressed in this film, as soon as the exhibition comes out at the city of the sea of Cherbourg for sure I go!

  13. @Richard: Even in Avatar, they were inspired by some real underwater creatures for their imaginary creatures ...

    @Laurence: Go see the official website, which I give the link above. There are already plenty of "bonuses" to watch online.