Snorkeling at Weda Bay. Halmahera, Indonesia. March 2013.

In the Top 10 Cosmopolitan Travel Blogs

  Between Two Journeys

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Pleasant surprise, tonight, coming home from work: I discover that my Petites Bulles d'Ailleurs are in the Top 10 travel blogs from !

I can not imagine traveling without blogging

"Between striking photos, good shots from the four corners of the world and memories told, this globetrotter easily juggles between her passion and her professional life", written Cosmopolitan about my Bubbles Underwater & Beyond.

I'm flattered by this "striking photos". It's a... my 7D, become my faithful traveling companion, who will be happy ...


CosmopolitanIn short, this little chronicle of put me in a euphoric mood tonight, as I was during this beautiful snorkeling (palmes-masque-tuba) sequence last March, at Weda Bay, in Halmahera, Indonesia ...

Snorkeling at Weda Bay. Halmahera, Indonesia. March 2013.

Snorkeling at Weda Bay. Halmahera, Indonesia. March 2013.

(Good excuse to put the images online, hoping that their zenitude will be communicative ...)


As a reminder, Bubbles Underwater & Beyond is my personal blog, and has nothing to do with my job (as I explain in my page About). I launched it in 2006, just for the sake of it, but it took on a magnitude that I did not expect. And seven years later, I can not imagine traveling without blogging ...

This blog is my little piece of web to me, and a valuable logbook, which allows me to keep track of my travels. It's also a great way to meet, virtually or in real life, other travel and diving enthusiasts all over the world.

Today, I can't do without it anymore! I've become a blogging addict!

Blog before, during and after the trip

As soon as I have a free time, after work or on my holidays, I try to publish a new article about Bubbles Underwater & Beyond. Not always obvious, since I already spend my days of work riveted to screens ...


When I travel, I absolutely have to find a wifi connection or an internet café, otherwise I'm doomed to tell "after the fact", and the gap is not always easy to make up.

I still have not finished telling my previous journeys in French Polynesia (October 2012), to Raja Ampat Indonesian Papua (July 2012), to New York (May 2012) and some others ...

"Geekettes" with wifi on the beach. Perhentian Besar, Malaysia, July 2009.

Above, a photo taken in July 2009on the island of Perhentian Besar, Malaysia, with Mandy, my diving buddy. Great luxury for us geekettes: there is wifi on the beach. We exchange underwater photo files while waiting for dinner, while chatting and surfing on the internet... Happiness!


Blogs that travel around the world

My Bubbles Underwater & Beyond are well surrounded, in this little Top 10 of Cosmo. I regularly follow the publications of most of the quoted blogs. I can't recommend you too much to take the time to visit them: : The Top 10 travel blogs

I also invite you to discover the list of my favorite travel bloggers at the end of this link, on the other blog that I want for :
→ They travel and they blog

Finally, visit also the blogs that I regularly add to the list, in the column on the far right, under the heading "Globetrotters", it's a mine of inspiration, good plans, escape..:
Travel & Travelers

Update as of March 31, 2015 : Bubbles Underwater & Beyond also had the honors of Madame Figaro, along with 15 other traveling girl blogs. We are, they say, "bold, brave, reckless and smart"?
The most beautiful women's travel blogs


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Christine and I make bubbles, some pictures too.

    We take great pleasure in reading you and we are inspired by your stories.

    I congratulate you and make us travel.


    1. @tetard: pleased that my Little Bubbles are a source of inspiration for other bubbles ... Thank you for your little word!

  2. Ah! Ah! Un grand bravo à ma « geekette » préférée pour ses photos et articles! 😉

  3. Hi Corinne,

    Congratulations on this new ranking! It's very well deserved.

    Continue a nous faire voyager avec toi, nous on adore 😛

    Julien 😉

    1. @Julien: thank you for your message, that encourages me to prepare new posts as soon as possible!
      (PS: There is no ranking, it's not a contest, they just published a selection of blogs, I'm certainly flattered to be among those they chose ...)

  4. Normal…. Logic ... Obvious ... ❗
    We need to share, to discover, to see beyond the tip of our noses, to escape and dream, to become aware of the world as it is, and you know how to take us with your
    "Little Bubbles Elsewhere"
    Merci, longue route et pleins de Bulles 😉
    Céline 🙄

  5. Congratulations and congratulations
    I say that it is deserved and, after all, logical.
    always suspended to the publications, always in state of "wake" when I run them ....
    thank you

    1. @ Marcopolol8356: "logical", I do not know, there are many other travel blogs that I love too, and that are really worth the detour. But there, it would be necessary to make a Top 50, a Top 100, or even more ...

      For publications, I can not keep up a very fast pace, but I will try to do better in the days to come, all these compliments and encouragement, it motivates! Many thanks.


  6. @Corinne : Ben oui, que dire de plus ? Ah oui, moi j’ai un classement perso : mon blog préféré, c’est le tiens ! 🙂 Mais je crois que je me répète ! Accro, oui, çà c’est certain ! 🙄

  7. Félicitations ton blog est superbe! Une vraie source d’inspiration et un modèle pour la bretonne que je suis 😉

  8. And yes Corinne, "little bubbles" are well worth it! Since November 2011, having been unable to dive or travel, some blogs have allowed me to escape, including yours. I will not resist to mention also the incredible (but true) story of Francoise, a hiker who went to China on foot from France. It's beautiful, moving, it devours like a novel:
    and I advise anyone who needs a change of scenery to dive into it!
    My blog ( ) is waiting for us to go underwater to receive new underwater images and dream of other divers and non-divers!

    1. @IsaM: thank you for your note, I'm happy to know that I bring you a little escape, virtually ...

      Thank you also for the link, I'll go see that !!!


  9. Hello Corinne,
    I just registered "to miss nothing"
    What a pleasure to read you !!!
    Congratulations and thank you
    kisses Guy

    1. @Tonton Guy: perfect! That way you will receive an alert in your mailbox with each new post ... I will try to enjoy the weekend to publish new articles.

      Full of kisses, see you soon!

  10. Congratulations Corinne, you are worth it!
    And I sympathize with 2000%, me neither I imagine not being able to blog any more ... anyway besides!

    1. @Ye Lili : merci !!! 🙂 Oui, bloguer est devenu indispensable, habituel, normal, nécessaire… Entre l’envie de garder une trace de ses voyages pour soi-même et le plaisir de partager, d’échanger avec les autres.

    2. @Ye Lili : merci !!! 🙂 Oui, bloguer est devenu indispensable, habituel, normal, nécessaire… Entre l’envie de garder une trace de ses voyages pour soi-même et le plaisir de partager, d’échanger avec les autres.

    1. @Bruno: merci ! 🙂 Quant à l’équipement (photo, je suppose ?), eh bien, ça m’a tout de même pris quelques années à le constituer, et ce n’est sans doute pas terminé. Il y a quelques objectifs qui me font rêver, et j’aimerais aussi bien un flash subaquatique de plus, mais je vais devoir attendre un peu avant de pouvoir m’offrir ces nouveaux « jouets »…

  11. Félicitations Corinne, c’est très chouette 🙂
    I also take the opportunity to thank you for putting my blog in the list of globetrotters blog West France, I did not even know! And I learn it by following the link that you provide in this article.

    Plein de belles bulles et de jolis posts pour le futur, et encore bravo pour ton superbe blog 😉

  12. Congratulations Corinne! Your blog is great, a model of its kind! You photos are beautiful. I stumbled upon it (from memory when I deposited the name of my blog where I wanted to talk about bubbles, I immediately released yours!) When I wanted to create a blog too on a recent passion for me. Diving and the world of blogs are recent interests for me and unfortunately too casual leisure. My professional life does not give me enough time. I only have 4 dive trips to my credit! But the next one is you who inspired me. We leave with my companion Rajat Ampat. So thank you for your blog and for your articles. Pure pleasure for novices!

    1. @Anne: oh, thank you very much for this enthusiastic comment! Very flattered ... ☺️
      Raja Ampat is truly an exceptional destination for diving, even though its current tourist development may jeopardize the preservation of the sites. You should enjoy !!! If you have not already read, there is this post where I compile a lot of information to prepare a trip to Raja Ampat:

      Good preparations and good bubbles !!!

    2. Thank you for this article and your advice! I will not fail to share our feelings when we return. Congratulations again!