Travel & Travelers, my new blog for

Travel & Travellers: my new blog

  Between Two Journeys

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That's it! I just started a new blog. It's called Travel & Travelers and that's for my duck's website, I will talk about trips, of course. With, always, the desire to make you discover the world, here and elsewhere ...

Travel & Travelers, my new blog for

PRECISION - The first name of this blog for, at its launch in April 2012, was Évasions. For reasons that I do not want to detail here, I had to give it another name, running November 2012. So I changed the name here and renamed on Voyages & Voyageurs ...

To tell the truth, I am a little worried anyway to have embarked in there. I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up the pace, with TWO blogs.

Every night, when I leave the newsroom, it's the same thing: I'm resigned to the fact that the days are still only 24 hours long, and it's already pretty late, so, pfff, I'm not going to be able to post a new article on the blog yet today... Blogging is a time-consuming activity and I have very little time left when I'm done with my official work day.

But hey. My first "real" ticket is online. At last.

I give you the beginning below. It's an Icelandic volcano that inspired me. As for the previous tickets, which served as a test for the start-up phase, they may remind you of something ...


The volcano that prevents planes from flying

Eyjafjallajökull, the glacier. Eyjafjöll, the volcano. What beautiful names. Mary Poppins could have invented them. This Icelandic volcano fascinates me. He spits a cloud of ash and smoke that prevents planes from flyingin northern Europe, since Thursday, April 15. The eruption could last several weeks or even months!

Obviously, I would be more upset if I had a plane to take. But here, I marvel. Because the phenomenon makes me perceive, with increased acuteness, how our tiny lives are all linked on this pretty little ball that serves us as a planet.

"

Enjoy your reading!

  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Good luck. Your first article on the volcano is interesting. I hope there are not too many air problems this weekend.

  2. Bravo Corinne ! Tu vas faire péter les stats de Et comme Denis, je te dis « Bon courage » car si pour nous, c’est encore un peu d’Evasions, pour toi c’est du taff en plus. Mais bon, quand on aime on ne compte pas. Respire un grand coup, et garde quelques petites bulles dans ta bouteille… 😉

  3. Très bien ce nouveau blog, et j’aime beaucoup ton article sur le volcan au nom imprononçable: informatif (je sais, c’est le but du jeu…), bien raconté et illustré (l’animation sur le nuage au dessus de l’Europe est vraiment impressionnante). Mais tout ça, tu nous en avais donné l’habitude avec Petite Bulles! 😛
    En tout cas, chapeau, car, oui, c’est vraiment beaucoup de boulot un blog. J’en ai un pour la plongée, un pour la rando et un troisième sur un peu n’importe quoi, mais ils ne sont pas quotidiens… Je n’aurai ni le temps ni le matériel! 😐
    So, for Evasion, still bravo, and you know we're pretty good at following you ...

  4. Bon, faudrait qu’il se calme rapidement ce satané volcan islandais au nom imprononçable. J’en connais qui doivent partir aux Philippines en fin de semaine prochaine et qui s’inquiètent… 🙁
    We are getting tired of Iceland. We already had to support their singer Björk, their decision to resume whaling, their desire to join the EU to pay for the crash of their banking system, now they are smoking us and nailing us to the ground. We understand some reactions: 👿

  5. Ben décidément, c’est la tendance, d’ouvrir un blog adossé à un canard 😉

    I wish you good luck ! Because actually, keeping a blog up to date is a highly time-consuming activity, I will not contradict you !!! But this new blog, you can update it at work? This is considered a pro activity?

    En tout cas j’espère que tu vas garder tes petites bulles que nous sommes nombreux à apprécier 🙂

    See you soon !

  6. @Denis: Thank you !!! As I answer, we are announcing that the airports will be closed again until at least Tuesday morning ... This weekend, it was downright mess.

    @Charly: Many thanks for these encouragements. I do as you say, I breathe a big blow! But I feel that it's not going to be the pie to lead everything together ...

    @Malene: I really appreciate your encouragement. Here, on my Little Bubbles Elsewhere, I do not put too much pressure (it's my personal blog, I publish at my pace, when I want, when I can), but the blog Escapes is still intended to the Ouest-France website ... I'm a journalist for this duck, so it's a "blog pro", with professional constraints, especially for the pace of publication. But hey, we'll see. I will try to make at least one to two tickets a week on it (if I find the energy, after my days of work).

    @LeTrollVelu: What a pleasure to be here again, Sieur Alimata. The Troll with its hair everywhere was starting to miss me ... I adhere fully to his anti-Islandism primary. Because I would be similarly upset if I had a planned dive trip there, in the next few days. Truce of joke, I cross the fingers for you, because it is very nice, the Philippines ...

    @Thib: Oh, là là, Thib, tu as l’art de poser les bonnes questions (les questions qui fâchent… 😆 ). Hum. Bon. En fait, Ouest-France développe différents projets sur internet, dont celui des blogs de journalistes. Ça fait pas mal de temps que ce projet de blogs est dans les cartons, et il vient enfin d’être lancé. On démarre doucement, avec quelques volontaires motivés, dont moi…
    »West-France blogs
    It is considered a "pro" activity, therefore, since we publish as journalists from Ouest-France, under the "brand" Ouest-France, via hosting on the website But ... how to say ... no question that it encroaches either on our official days of work, already more than downright well loaded ... So, to tell the truth, it is for the moment a professional activity that I will do on my time free.
    Finally, reassure yourself, no question of letting go of my personal blog !!! These Little Bubbles Elsewhere bring me a lot to me too, through these exchanges with all of you who read me. I take a lot of fun, I can not imagine traveling or diving without sharing my discoveries!

  7. Tiens, tiens,… 🙂

    I wish you also good luck: I have 4 blogs of mine (one of which is still secret but already online, I am fine) + this blog travel since mid-March on Liberation as you know it. And believe me, it's a terrible job, especially when you're traveling all the time. I wish you lots of courage !…

  8. Courage, il va falloir prendre un ou une secrétaire… tu peux poster les mêmes articles sur les deux blogs différents 🙁
    Come on, great adventure and good winds!

  9. @A World Elsewhere: J’adooore quand tu fais du teasing, Marie-Ange!!! Un blog secret? Mince alors! Je veux le voir, je veux le voir!!! 😆
    I know the job that will represent ... But I could not decently not participate in the launch of blogs West-France! So let's go! We'll see if I keep up the pace. And thank you for your encouragement ...

    @Audrey: Thank you miss!!! I remain my own driver (both literally and figuratively). The proof, I'm doing all this week Rennes-Fougères rounds in a pretty car royal blue with a round and red logo on it ... But I have other projects in progress which I must cause you (teasing, teasing).

    @Rod: No question of posting the same articles on both blogs. And it is precisely here that the exercise promises to be delicate. It is important not that one blog phagocyte the other! My blog West-France, necessarily mainstream, will be more general than my Little Bubbles Elsewhere, which remain "my little piece of web to me", to paraphrase another blogger I interviewed. Scuba diving and Asia, my two passions, will continue to have a large place, over my personal escapades ...

  10. It was not teasing on my part, but I just wanted to emphasize that when you start blogging you do not know how far it will take you! Proof, one month apart we are both suddenly bloggers for a national newspaper (I admit having dragged my feet on my side for six months precisely for the difficulty that it means to address different readers but On the same topic)…

    Besides, what's funny is that your URL for Ouest-France is almost identical to mine at Liberation:



  11. Merci pour tes précisions ! Et désolé pour mes questions qui fâchent… je suis commercial, j’ai l’habitude ! Et puis t’as le droit de dire « joker », d’abord… 😉


  12. @A World Elsewhere: Si, si, je te jure… Ma curiosité est piquée au vif, suis carrément « teasée » !!! 😆 (J’ai hââââte de découvrir ça.)
    As far as I'm concerned, starting a new blog under the banner "Ouest-France" is rather logical, since I'm already a duck journalist ... What's interesting is that my blogging experience, conducted in a personal capacity , in complete independence, finally finds an outlet in my "official" job.
    This project OF blogs should have been done much earlier, but they had many other things more urgent to launch for the web meanwhile. (Clarification: Ouest-France is a regional newspaper, not national, which does not prevent it from being the first newspaper in France issue broadcast, far ahead of the national, with nearly 800,000 copies per day.)
    As for domain names, most web platforms decline theirs with suffixes in front. For blog sections, everyone stupidly adds "blogs" in the subdomain URL. But I had not calculated, when choosing a title for my blog OF, that the section dedicated to the trip to Libé was also called "Escapes" ... Result, as the composition of the URL was decided as follows at OF:
    http: // + nomdublog +
    …du coup, ça commence pareil !!! 🙄
    At Libé, I see that they actually add the name / nickname of the blog at the end, after a slash ...
    Finally, yes, you're absolutely right: between the first steps of my personal blog in 2006 and the launch of this OF blog today, I do not know where all this will lead me. In the background ... that's what is good!

    @Thib: No problem. I agreed to start the experiment under these conditions. Nobody forced me, huh. I do not make any mystery. I just pointed out that "angry" questions are often "good" questions ...

  13. Which means that your blog at Ouest France is a paid job? Or that it is an extension of your paid workload? This is often the case with major media and especially TV or radio media.

    Liberation was I believe the first national daily to have an online version, they currently have 40 blogs online, broadcast on the homepage for each new article published. What is interesting is that the online version of Libé has become in a few years much more read than the paper version: nearly 4 million readers in the world each month, in permanent growth. And it's the same phenomenon in all major national dailies!

    At the beginning of 2007, we read here and there: "the blogosphere as a whole generates 30 times more pages per month than the site of the first national daily online".

    Proof that the major media are all concerned by their web version and their interest for bloggers can be explained even if they are sometimes cautious since the web calls into question the entire organization and ethics of press professions.

    Vaste débat, mais passionnant débat… 🙂

  14. @Danielito: Thank you so much !!!

    @UnMondeAilleurs: Oh, there, read again a little higher the answer I already gave to Thib. I am not paid for this new blog. As you say elegantly, it's an extension of my paid workload ...
    But, sincerely, I look forward to experimenting with a blog as part of my job. Compared to my usual papers (whether for the paper edition or for the web pages of, this blog offers me the opportunity to write in a different style, more personal, on a theme "passion", and in a new format or almost under the banner of the newspaper. In short, I am very very happy with all these novelties.
    As for the issues of the press on the web, I am very close, you have doubts!