Small bubbles, no trouble ...
As I always say, "Small bubbles, no trouble ..."

But you're the Tiny Bubbles!

  Between Two Journeys

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It's glory. I am recognized at the end of the world thanks to this blog. I even have fans. If, if ... I swear to you.

Episode One: Derawan

It began in mid-July in Derawan (Borneo). Arriving on the island, I leave my big bags on the pontoon of the losmen Reza, to have a look at the guesthouse next door, the losmen Danakan.

As I was discussing the rates, Bernard, salt and pepper beard, a retired schoolteacher, came up. He looks me in the face and says: "But you're the Tiny Bubbles! » 

Small bubbles, no trouble ...
Like I always say, "Small bubbles, no trouble..."

A little flabbergasted, I smile stupidly, answer yes... But how did he guess? Actually, he's staying at Reza's, and he saw my name on the tags on my bags. So he came over to check it out. "Your name is Corinne, isn't it? And you're the one who runs the Little Bubbles blog? »

Oh, my, my! Yes. It's me. It's me.

In fact, he did research on the internet, to plan his trip and stay in Derawan. And as I had talked about the archipelago and my projects in Borneo in a previous postBefore leaving, he fell on it. That's how he discovered my Little Bubbles elsewhere ...

Episode Two: Togian Islands

During this stay in Derawan, I managed to reach my sister by phone. She is also on vacation in Indonesia. After my fabulous trip to Sulawesi in 2007she wanted to discover the island of Celebes in her turn. She has just left the Togian Islands. She loved it and she announces me with a burst of laughter that she met other French tourists, very nice Toulouse, who were not there by chance ...

They too were inspired by my 2007 trip to Sulawesi to prepare their stay. Chatting with my sister, as she keeps telling them about me and the advice I gave her about the Togian (and my sister here, and my sister there...), they end up telling her: "But your sister, your sister... isn't her name Corinne? "But yes, but yes." She's the one holding the Little Bubbles from Elsewhere! We love it! We're subscribers! »

So, here ... I already had my left foot swollen by my stingray sting. The ankles followed.

Episode Three: Saint-Malo

This is the height. It's two to three days old. I spent the weekend at the festival The Rock Route, in Saint-Malo. At the foot of the stage, in the middle of the crowd, I meet my sister and friend Carole. She came with friends, a couple, to whom she introduced me. "Corinne? Oh... the Tiny Bubbles? We're fans! »

They are divers. They also read my little bubbles elsewhere.

No more incognito. From Borneo to Saint-Malo, everyone knows that I make bubbles.



I was far from suspecting it, by starting this blog in 2006, that it would be read as much. I receive more and more e-mails, comments, kind words, encouragement, thanks ... So it's my turn to thank you, all of you who read me, faithfully or according to your browsing on the web.

Because if I take so much pleasure to continue these chronicles, logbooks and small reports, it is thanks to you. Thanks to the exchanges and conversations initiated in this blog, on these common passions that are travel, Asia, diving.

By the way, you know what they say about divers? "Small bubbles, no trouble..."


  Between Two Journeys

  Borneo [Malaysia and Indonesia] - July 2009

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  1. C’est vrai qu’on a qu’à regarder la photo que tu as jointe à ce post pour te reconnaître… 😉

    Wait, you've seen nothing: you have a fan club in Quebec (I am the self-proclaimed president)!

    Sérieusement, cette gloire est tout à fait méritée. Quand on partage sa passion avec autant de ferveur et de rigueur (ce ne sont pas tous les blogues qui ont l’un et l’autre!), on ne peut qu’en récolter les fruits. 🙂

  2. Chacune de tes petites bulles est comme un petit soleil dans notre quotidien. 😉
    Already projects for 2010?

  3. We want, we want more! Your blog is great! So, BRAVO and still BRAVO for all this work, I will not stop repeating, we love!
    Biz, and we are looking forward to the next topic !!!

  4. @ Marie-Julie: Avec la gentille couche que tu viens de rajouter, c’est bon, mes chevilles ont explosé!!! 😀
    I adooooore Quebec and Quebeckers, no doubt. I'm jealous, I have a lot of friends who come back or who are there or who are going there at the moment ... I will come one of these days, me too, no but! My fan club will recognize me easily, I will have a diving mask on the face.

    @Denis: [false modesty] Oh! You think? [/ false modesty]
    : Mrgreen:

    @ Jean-Luc: Oh there, a little sun, just that! ... No plans yet for 2010, but I have plenty of ideas that trot in my head ...

    @ Helen: Um, you, you know that your comment can not be objective (but I am very very flattered) ... And if I understand correctly, I have interest to attach to new posts very quickly!

  5. It must be said that with a blog like this one, I have the impression to travel and dive every day ...
    ça me permet d’attendre 😉
    In any case, congratulations, because this site is a real pleasure.

  6. La Route du Rock… un peu plus et je te croisais aussi 😆
    But holidays oblige, I was not in Brittany at this moment ... Otherwise we would have spoken small bubbles together 8)

  7. I discovered this blog not very long ago, and I am fannnnnnnnn !! The articles are nice, clear, concise and with great pictures of heavenly places! If we add the practical tips, there are more what to say bravo !!

  8. @Philippe: Oh, well it's good: I love the idea that I (almost) make you all dive and travel a little with me, through this blog ... In fact, me too it allows me to wait and hold until the next departure!

    @Bizut: See you next year then, at Fort Saint-Père, on the left of the stage ...

    @Myriam: Many thanks, Myriam !!! Your compliments touch me a lot. I feel that I will become a fan of your blog too (with that of Anthony, aka ZeSea). As a "bulleuse", I am sincerely impressed by your prowess as an apneist photographer ... Hat!

  9. @Anto: Ah, but no. Here is a blog that speaks diving and travel, sometimes web and a little techno, but not rock concerts ... This is not my theme. And then if I start to tell on my blog perso the festivals or concerts where I go, I would have the impression to be at work, doing chronicles for the duck. So no…

  10. @Laurence: As I write in my presentation page, this blog is really an escape bubble for me. It's a personal writing, different from my daily journalistic writing. I approach themes that fascinate me, independent of the news, I have no lineage constraints, delay, angle, treatment ...
    In short, it is therefore out of the question for me to start doing chronicles that would be close to the papers I can write as part of my work (although, on occasion, I have published on the pages " duck magazine some articles related to travel, diving and the sea).
    One summer, a few years ago, my editor-in-chief even sent me for a report, for a series on unusual places, on ... theAmoco Cadiz! I was lucky to have ideal conditions, I loved it. I should find this article. (It was the time when I was still a brave woman who was not afraid of the cold waters of Brittany.)

  11. rassures toi je parlais de la plongée of course!! le plaisir et rien que le plaisir de lire et regarder tes photos, c’est quand le prochain voyage ❓ 😉

  12. @Laurence: Yes, I understood that you were talking about diving ... But suddenly, I let myself go to a long digression. The next dive-oriented trip will not be until March. I still hesitate on the destination. Presumably the Philippines ...

  13. Hihihi 🙂

    It's funny, I'm entitled to exactly the same sentence ... "Ah, but it's you thibinspore! Often in Singapore, but also in places lost in Asia!

    A bientôt et continue ce blog, toujours un plaisir de surfer dessus 🙂


  14. @Thib: Toi aussi !!!! 😆
    Incredible but true!!!!
    Thank you Thib, you too, keep yours. Always a great pleasure to browse "Thib in S'pore" also. I often recommend it to people leaving in the area.