The Longest Way - by Christoph Rehage

The longest way

  Between Two Journeys

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His name is Christoph Rehage. This young German, who was studying in Beijing, decided to take "the longest way" (the longest way) to go home: he walked home! From November 2007 to November 2008, he travelled 4646 km in China... growing beard and hair.

Direct link to the video → The Longest Way 1.0 - one year old walk / beard grow time lapse by Christoph Rehage

His video, like that of Matt Harding, the man who dances around the worldis making the buzz on the internet. A video that makes you want to escape, and that asks a beautiful question, by way of conclusion: are we the same, after such a journey?

The Longest Way: Christoph Rehage.

Christoph did not reach Germany on foot after all. He interrupted his march in Urumqi, well before the Chinese western border.

The Longest Way: Christoph Rehage.

His site, www.thelongestway.comwhere he tells his adventure, is currently offline. But if I believe the little note below, that he left on Vimeo a few days ago, the site should perhaps be operational again this weekend. [Added 07.09.2009: that's it, the site works !!!]

The Longest Way: Christoph Rehage.

To be continued…


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. I love this video, it's really great. In fact, a friend sent it to me when he heard that my darling wasn't planning to shave during the 6 months we spend traveling. And I have to admit, he's starting to look like Christophe! Beyond appearances, I think the return trip is the real challenge when you leave for a long trip.

  2. @ Chloé254: Six months of travel... gosh, it might be something other than a three-day beard!!!! 😆
    Enjoy your time in Asia. Even if it's raining in Singapore, as you write in your blog, I envy you being there. As for coming back, it's like leaving: you have to prepare a bit too, I guess. Of course, many things can change over a long period of time, including yourself. Tell us about your experience.

  3. Thank you Corinne, because thanks to this video I will finally be able to explain to my boss why he must absolutely take a sabbatical year (and leave me his place) instead of grafting implants : Mrgreen:
    Who dared to say that I should do the same?

  4. Thanks for the link, I'm enjoying reading this blog! 😀
    And I have just watched the video, she is really great.