The Longest Way - by Christoph Rehage

The longest way

  Between Two Journeys

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His name is Christoph Rehage. This young German, who was studying in Beijing, decided to take "the longest way" (the longest way) to go home: he walked home! From November 2007 to November 2008, he travelled 4646 km in China... growing beard and hair.

Direct link to the video → The Longest Way 1.0 - one year old walk / beard grow time lapse by Christoph Rehage

His video, like that of Matt Harding, the man who dances around the worldis making the buzz on the internet. A video that makes you want to escape, and that asks a beautiful question, by way of conclusion: are we the same, after such a journey?

The Longest Way: Christoph Rehage.

Christoph did not reach Germany on foot after all. He interrupted his march in Urumqi, well before the Chinese western border.

The Longest Way: Christoph Rehage.

His site, www.thelongestway.comwhere he tells his adventure, is currently offline. But if I believe the little note below, that he left on Vimeo a few days ago, the site should perhaps be operational again this weekend. [Added 07.09.2009: that's it, the site works !!!]

The Longest Way: Christoph Rehage.

To be continued…


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. J’adore cette vidéo, elle est vraiment super. En fait un ami me l’a envoyée quand il a entendu dire que mon chéri ne prévoyait pas se raser lors des 6 mois que nous passons à voyager. Et je dois admettre qu’il commence à ressembler à Christophe! Au-delà des apparences, je crois que le retour est le véritable défi quand on part pour un long voyage.

  2. @ Chloé254: Six mois de voyage… bigre, ça risque d’être autre chose qu’une barbe de trois jours!!! 😆
    Profite bien de ton séjour en Asie. Même s’il pleut à Singapour, comme tu l’écris dans ton blog, je t’envie d’être là-bas. Quant au retour, c’est comme le départ: ça se prépare un peu aussi, j’imagine. Bien sûr, beaucoup de choses peuvent évoluer sur une longue période, soi-même y compris. Tu nous relateras ton expérience.

  3. Thank you Corinne, because thanks to this video I will finally be able to explain to my boss why he must absolutely take a sabbatical year (and leave me his place) instead of grafting implants : Mrgreen:
    Who dared to say that I should do the same?

  4. @Alimata: Si ce genre de vidéo avait le pouvoir de convaincre les types en cravate qui nous dirigent d’oublier leurs implants, ça se saurait…

  5. Thanks for the link, I'm enjoying reading this blog! 😀
    And I have just watched the video, she is really great.