The Pascha. Cruise-dive in Komodo (Flores, Indonesia). July 2011.

My princess boat in Komodo

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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This is the Pascha. Well named boat, on which I lived like a princess, during my six days diving cruise in Komodo, in July 2011. Six fantastic days, out of time.

Small update of 2016 (five years after this trip) : the Pascha doesn't exist anymore, I heard it sank... So don't ask me how to book it or how much it costs...

We sailed from island to island, in this archipelago located west of Flores, Indonesia. Komodo is a protected marine park, where I dreamed for a long time to go diving.

The Pascha. Cruise-dive in Komodo (Flores, Indonesia). July 2011.

Private cruise

Once I arrived in Labuan Bajo, a port located in the west of Flores, I contacted Jerome, in charge of the cruise and guide of the dives on the Pascha as agreed by e-mail with Komodo Adventure (update : the site and the operator no longer exist, as I mentioned above).

"Ah, well, you're in luckJérôme tells me on the phone. You're going to be all alone on the boat." 

The Pascha. Cruise-dive in Komodo (Flores, Indonesia). July 2011.I can't believe my ears. I have him repeat it to make sure I understand.

"So, I'm the only customer this week... But you're not canceling because of that?" But no. The boat leaves anyway, whether there are one or nine people to board. This is the policy of the owner of the business, Jérôme explains to me.

How about that?! 😮

I can't believe it. What's coming up for me right now is a private cruise!!! Totally. I'm jumping for joy, euphoric.

Well, yes. No group constraint: great for the underwater photographer that I am! And for safety, it's ideal: I'll be underwater in pair with Jérôme, who will only have to worry about me, instead of a whole group of divers. I am really lucky.

We agree to meet in the evening, with Jerome, to eat together and so that he briefs me on the cruise. We sympathize very quickly and we cease to give "you" to pass to "you".

The next day, I discovered "my" boat, and the four crew members (a captain, a mechanic, a cook and a handyman who piloted the dinghy for our launches). They will take care of me all along the cruise.

The Pascha. Cruise-dive in Komodo (Flores, Indonesia). July 2011.

Men of Pascha. Cruise-dive in Komodo (Flores, Indonesia). July 2011.

Jérôme Cordier, diving guide on the Pascha. Cruise-dive in Komodo (Flores, Indonesia). July 2011.

Captain Pascha. Cruise-dive in Komodo (Flores, Indonesia). July 2011.

Jerome will explain to me that they are a bit surprised too, to see me disembarking all alone. They wonder if I rented the whole boat.

But no. I just had a freak stroke of luck.

And I happily spread out my small belongings in the large "family" cabin in the back, which can accommodate up to five people. I feel like a real princess.

The Pascha. Cruise-dive in Komodo (Flores, Indonesia). July 2011.
The large family cabin of Pascha. (Cruise-dive at Komodo, Flores, Indonesia, July 2011)

Discovering the Komodo Park in these conditions is an incredible luxury. But the best is yet to come. And it is under water that it happens...


I returned to Komodo for a diving cruise five years later, in July 2016 ... And I found a new little boat, really great, in the same kind of way as the Paschabut in a lot more comfortable, the Duyung Baru. The articles about this 2016 trip are here :
→ Indonesia: Komodo + Raja Ampat - July 2016

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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  1. To get you back into the swing of things, with grammar and accent.
    Selamat sore Misterrr Corinne ... you lucky boat for yourself, eh?
    Today go di-fing, go see small piss? 😯
    Ghoss fifefiss, I know where... ada zackfiss too... 😆

  2. @ Ludovic / Wet & Sea: N'importe quoi! 😆 Jérôme is a Frenchie from France, based in Indonesia. So I escaped the bahasa indonesia grammar and accent. And then, di sana ada big piss, tidak small piss... 😀

  3. Oh my, what crazy luck! It wouldn't happen to me (no, I'm more entitled to 10-person groups in Mabul, you see... Very practical when you're taking photos 😯 ...).
    I can't wait to see your photos! I hope you did lots of them, did you discover any new nudis?

  4. A real stroke of luck for the space and sense of freedom, but it's also good to meet people on board, otherwise the evenings are long, aren't they?

  5. @Nani: You can't imagine how happy I was!!! 🙂 As for photos, in fact, I did very little macro work, and I shot a lot of video, because in Komodo, it's mainly the "big stuff" that's spectacular.
    See the mini-video of mantas I've already posted here:

    @Denis: Oh, no, the evenings weren't too long. For one thing, there was Jérôme, and we chatted endlessly in the evenings. Then I had all my photos and videos to sort through, which kept me busy after dinner. And then, as the boats anchor in the same coves in the evening, we invite each other on board, so we went for an aperitif on the "Tidak Apa Apa" where I made friends with Matthieu and his family. See this thread on :
    And also, as you know, after a day's diving, you quickly get tired, and the evenings end up seeming rather short. Finally, to imagine that I could be bored in Indonesia, in such a sublime setting, is to misunderstand me... 😀 I'm very sociable and enjoy meeting people, but I'm also of a rather contemplative temperament and never find time long when I'm traveling, even in the evening on a boat where there's "nothing" to do.

  6. Every time I open your page, it's a surprise, another crazy destination... What's your secret, a sponsor, an uncle from America, or the Française des Jeux... I'm curious to know the budget for such expeditions, just to know if I'm continuing my diet of potatoes, rice and pasta. Or stop dreaming.

  7. @ckorto: I eat a lot of pasta, too, because I don't have an uncle from America or sponsorship from La Française des Jeux... 😆

    Well, I don't have a family to raise either, so I can afford to devote my small savings to what I consider my priority: travel and diving. On the other hand, in my daily life, I'm pretty thrifty when it comes to a lot of things that don't seem vital to me (I don't own a TV, for example, I don't buy a lot of clothes, etc.). And when I get back from a trip, I don't have a penny to my name... 😯 All I can do now is put some money aside, keep eating pasta and dream of the next trip!

    For this trip, I confess, I broke my piggy bank to treat myself to this lovely cruise (which still cost 800€), taking advantage of having managed to get a low-cost Air Asia return ticket (380€):
    I haven't calculated my total expenses for this month's trip to Asia, but I think I spent well over 2200€, including all dives (Flores + Bali) and transport.
    It's a lot of money. And it's a rather high budget, compared to my previous trips of the same duration. This time, I had the added bonus of renting a car with driver in Flores, and I indulged myself: I didn't cut back on accommodation and allowed myself a little more comfort (averaging 30€ a night, I'd say, instead of the 10-20€ of my backpacker plans of yesteryear). I also dived as much as possible...

    I think you can do the same trip or the equivalent for a lot less (or a lot more) than I did. It all depends on your choice of activities, means of transport and accommodation. Otherwise, food costs nothing in Indonesia.

    Finally, to continue the thought, it's all a question of point of view: for me, it's when I see the sums people can spend on a rental in France or on a winter sports holiday that I hallucinate...

    There you go. Hoping to have satisfied your curiosity... 😉

  8. So if I summarize:
    - the chartering of a historic schooner in precious wood for himself
    - his own dive guide, Caucasian, cultured, conversational, bag-carrying and French speaking
    - his own specialist in Thai pad, kopi bali and other delicacies
    - rooms at €30 per night without breakfast
    - an air-conditioned car, 4 × 4, leather seat, with MP3 car radio and multilingual personal chauffeur ...
    She is not beautiful backpacker life ❓
    It's clear that "little bubbles from elsewhere" will soon be transformed into "big nuggets".

    PS: Put... de salo..... de couil.... de mer... comment c'est pas possible d'avoir une veine pareille 😡
    I bet you've also seen MANTAS 8)
    😆 😆

  9. My dear Corinne,
    This last report is absolutely beautiful. You plunge us into a world so far from our daily life ...
    Talking to the grandmothers and grandfathers of Anglet must seem very narrow to you.
    Congratulations and thank you. Big kisses. Guy

  10. @Guy: It's great to see you here! 🙂 I must admit that there's nothing better than this magnificent boat and these six days spent at sea, in this archipelago at the end of the world, to clear the head and chase away any grey thoughts... Lots of kisses too, see you soon!

  11. @The Furry Troll: Yippee, here he comes again!!!! ZE Troll!!!! You know your word had ended up in the unwanted ones, right? 😆

    It's a real pleasure... So, yes, to celebrate your return, I'm going to give you something to grind: first of all, the piaules are always WITH breakfast, but for everything else, it's fine as you say (except for the driver, who's not that multilingual, but that's no problem, because I'm getting better and better at gabbling Bahasa Indonesia... 😛 ).

    I confess: I'm less and less of a backpacketeer 😡 and more and more of a shooter. wheeled bag (and still, I always find someone to pull it or carry it for me, said bag, in Asia... 😀 ). I'm getting bored, that's for sure. But hey, what we wouldn't do to avoid the company of ugly hairy trolls and frequent gracious manta rays
    8) 🙄

  12. Thank you Corinne for the budget truth, I didn't want to raise any controversy and I think that diving and travel are a great way to spend your money. 2200 Euros is a budget, but there's still the option of Egypt for great discount diving...
    But asia is also my thing, for the culture and the encounters.
    So I'm a fan of your adventures and your good plans.

  13. @ckorto: It's important to realize that there's more to this budget than diving. And it represents a month's stay (if you multiply by 4 the price of a week in Egypt, it should come to about the same or more). That's what I like about Asia too: being able to combine the pleasures of land and underwater.

  14. Last year we did the same cruise from Bali to Komodo on Mermaid 2.
    Perhaps less glamorous for the boat, but my eyes still sparkle at the mention of the diving spots.
    So in these conditions it's the box of Kleenex that I need.
    You should play Loto from time to time ...

  15. @Fabrice: Top, yes! But no cruising prince on the way ...

    @ Eric: I saw the Mermaid in Labuan Bajo. Less charming, certainly, but undoubtedly more modern for the comfort of divers. I've got my box of Kleenex handy (I'm still sorting out underwater photos and videos) and I've since tried the Euromillions to go back... in vain!

  16. It's just extraordinary! A pure dream and ... in the Komodos too!

    I had a similar experience when I passed my Rescue. I'd signed up with a teacher, and we'd agreed on a fairly low price... and a few days later, he announced that he'd changed dive center and was now in partnership with a luxury hotel, but that he was keeping the price we'd previously set. As a result, I found myself benefiting from all the facilities of a five-star hotel, a boat and a crew who take great care of me (the only customer) and who are trained and pampered by two diving instructors, all for a derisory price. Youhou!


  17. I only saw your reply today.
    Last year, I sorted my photos all winter long.
    A little because I'm not fast, and a lot to prolong the trip, you keep your dreams alive. And what a pleasure it is, when it's cold and raining, to look at photos like that! isn't it?
    The difference is that you change the film reel more often!

    Keep bringing us such beautiful photos, it's going to be a long winter.


    PS: For the euro millions I don't live in Calvados 🙁

  18. It's a small world... I've just come back from Flores and Komodo Park. I've been there for the 2nd time and the region remains fabulous, the diving extraordinary and the people super adorable.
    Looking forward to seeing your photos, we have big. We were at sea with Dive Komodo and the cruise was extra!

    Ciao and good bubbles


  19. @NowMadNow: Hey, hey... you're doing great too... 😀

    @Eric: Well, I don't live in Calvados either... To immerse yourself in the underwater atmosphere, take a look at the video from the Batu Bolong site that I've just put online:

    @Marine: Cargo or Pascha, I choose!!! 😆

    @Rod: Yes, Komodo deserves his reputation. As I said to Eric, I just posted a video of Batu Bolong. It should remind you of memories ...

  20. Oh, my goodness, that must have been great! Well, diving in Komodo was... great 🙂 We'll definitely be back one day, and with the currents having a guide for you must have changed your life!
    ++ 😀

  21. @Fab: the Prince is the boat itself 😀

    I can say that I am jealous, can I?
    A cruise alone or alone for 2 is "so romantic".

    Between nomadnow, which is also entitled to luxury services, is it just me, or is it only girls who come across this kind of thing? for me, it's more like "Too bad sir (or worse, young man :P), it'll be for another time".

    As Titeuf would say, c'est juste!

  22. I had missed this post, super this boat there is what to feel like a princess indeed!!!
    Keep on posting to take us on a journey, the blue of your photos prolongs the summer that is starting to slip away from us.....

  23. Hello,
    I know it's ridiculous, but...
    I would like to leave end of November-December for 3 weeks in Asia.
    You who have gone everywhere, I allow you to ask: WHERE?
    Where will I find tropical fish at my feet? Warm air and water?
    Style: lagoon, tropics, underwater life, fauna and flora ... PARADIS in summary !!!

    Thank you for this blog, where I've found a lot of inspiration! An invitation to travel and dream!

    And thank you for your answer ...

  24. @Bruno: Yes, the official guide in these waters is the best of the best... I've really been varnished on this one !!!

    @Piotr: Nananananèreuh ...

    @Agneslamexicaine: Not reassured? But why ? Because of what ? I do not really understand…

    @ Francis Go for it. It's probably not the most luxurious of boats, but it has a lot of charm, and having it all to yourself, inevitably, changes everything... I loved it!!!!

    @Laurence: I keep going, going... Komodo dragons and sharks are just around the corner. I've got a few days off, now I can get on with it.

    @Wendy: Dear Wendy, it's not "ridiculous", but you should know that there's no such thing as "paradise". Many of the places I've been to wouldn't necessarily be "heavenly" for a whole host of other people who need a minimum of comfort to feel like they're in paradise. The lagoons, the tropics, the heat, all that is great, but there are also the mosquitoes, the electricity that doesn't always work, the more or less rustic comforts. I can't know for you how you like to travel, what standard of tourist comfort you prefer, and so on. If it's your first trip to Asia, opt for an "easy" destination like Thailand or Bali, to which I always return very willingly, without ever becoming jaded... Happy preparations!!!!

  25. Wonderful blog, Petites Bulles d'ailleurs.
    I was in Flores last July (see my daughter's blog), with my teenagers. We did the Flores-Lombok cruise, on a small boat... we loved it. Our boat wasn't as "stylish" as yours, which is a real dream.
    I have been traveling for more than 25 years, at the beginning alone and now with my children, maybe we will meet once. We're going back to Indonesia, to the Mentawai, this summer.
    Jampai jumpat lagi

    1. @Fabienne: thanks for the nice note!!!! Mentawai this summer? We won't be crossing paths this time, I for one will be at the other end of Indonesia... 😉
      Selamat Jalan !!!

  26. Hello,
    Back from Komodo (and a few days in Bali / Tulamben), where we have just spent 11 sublime days, with Safari Bali, on a beautiful traditional wooden schooner!
    I've been exploring Asia for diving (and a bit of land) since 2007 (Thailand, Bali several times, Philippines/Visayas, Raja Ampat), but frankly, what can I say ... What a feeling to sail in silence amidst all these "pebbled" islands ... and, as you say, to admire the landscapes, the sunsets, sometimes the play of dolphins, deer, monkeys and monitor lizards on a wild beach, the flight of a fish eagle ... and then, what dives (Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, Batu Bolong, Golden Passage, Shot Gun, Karang Makassar, Manta Alley ...). Exceptional wildlife.
    Well, we're not completely back in the real world yet. We're still dreaming, with one desire: to do it all over again! There or elsewhere! There are so many playgrounds, especially in Indonesia...
    Thanks again to you for your travel diaries, your videos ... short, all your reminders to the dream!

  27. Hello Corinne

    I would like to book the same cruise, could you please give me your contact details.
    I've found a provider called INDONESIA TROPIC CRUISE but I can't find any information about their reliability?
    thank you

    1. @ Helen: I did this Komodo cruise in 2011 and I think the operator I used has since changed. I don't know, today, if the Pascha always have the same name or the same owner, or if diving cruises are still marketed ... I do not know Indonesia Tropic Cruise, so I can not say anything about it ... Sorry. Try the dive and traveler forums, where people report on their trips. Good luck in your research.

    2. @ Helen: and may I add that if you can't find any information or comments from diving travelers on the Internet, it's a bit odd, since this intermediary is probably not a "real" operator...