Nikon D90. The first digital SLR camera that also makes video.

The DSLR that makes video

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Argh! That's it, in September 2008, it finally exists: a DSLR that also does video! Just like the compact ones !! The kind of camera I dream of to accompany me in my travels...

A dream of technomade, as my sister would say... Marie-Julie Gagnon. The toy is called D90 and Nikon made it.

The Nikon D90.

This camera will be marketed in September 2008, in the 950 € range. Well, at that price, I won't be able to afford it anytime soon. Especially since I'd feel forced to invest in the underwater housing, which is fine (and it's not cheap either, those little beasts).


But if Nikon starts, the others will follow. In a year or two, the technologies will improve, competitors will position themselves, prices will drop, and we can find opportunities.

I spent the evening surfing the web, drooling over all the tests and press releases taken from blogs to sites. I put here the page of the Nikon website for the D90, where all the features are listed. And the link to an article from New York Times.

The thing that amazes me is that the video can be in HD quality and benefit from the same optical settings as in photo mode (depth of field, etc.). We're really changing the era of digital cameras.

A few months ago, I would have let myself be tempted by the Canon PowerShot G9a compact camera, which is not an SLR, so, especially after reading the remarkable test done by But there, having already done a good tour of the possibilities offered by my current camera, a compact one too (the Canon Powershot A95), I've got, like, a whole new temptation...

The desire to progress in underwater photography titillates me. If you're going to spend a lot of money on this kind of equipment, why not go into the higher range? Technology is evolving so fast in the field of photography that it's always a difficult choice, especially when you have a limited budget. So I'm going to be patient and wait a little while, to see what new products come out... And which will be compatible with underwater photography.

Updated January 2010 : little addition to this post, a year and a half later... That's it, I've got my video reflex! That's right... It's the Canon Eos 7D ! I love him already !!!

Updated January 2021 : my underwater photography equipment has evolved a lot, since the publication of this post in September 2008... I invite you to read this article to know how I am equipped today:
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