Thailand, December 24, 2004. (Photo: Gregory Batardon)
Thailand, December 24, 2004. (Photo: Gregory Batardon)

Christmas ... same same, but different

  Between Two Journeys

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A seasonal image ... well almost. Christmas in Thailand, it looks like, but it's not the same. The snow is artificial and there are mangoes and pineapples at the foot of the tree. Same same, but different!

Thailand, December 24, 2004. (Photo: Gregory Batardon)
Thailand, December 24, 2004. (Photo: Gregory Batardon)

Come on, I confess: I'm in Rennes, and not at all consulting the X'Mas Menu in tropical latitudes. This picture is not of me (thanks Greg) and was taken in December 2004 (yes, two days before the sad memory tsunami). I can not believe it's been four years already.

For my part, I never spent the holidays in the sun. But I will damn catch me in the coming weeks ... I will tell you more in a future post.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all!

  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Tient, j’ai déjà lu le titre de cette note 😉
    I have never had Christmas in the tropics but it must be really nice.
    Happy Holidays !

  2. Il m’est arrivé de passer noël et le jour de l’an sous des latitudes bien plus chaudes … et je n’ai pas regretté ! J’aurais peut être dû le refaire 😉 Cela sera pour un peu plus tard … sans doute sans photo (pas possible de trouver le caisson 😥 ) Si je ne vois pas ton prochain post, on se postera des trucs de là bas lol Joyeuses fêtes à toi aussi.

  3. Denis: Oui, n’est-ce pas? Il y a comme un air de « déjà entendu quelque part » dans ce titre!!! Très bonnes fêtes à toi aussi! 🙂

    Alimata: Non, Noël sous les tropiques, ça n’est pas Noël!!! Na! (Je changerai peut-être d’avis le jour où je le ferai!!!) 😉

    Martial: Very good holidays too Martial, and good start! Enjoy it ... 8)

  4. C’est mon 4e Noël de suite sous les tropiques et on finit par s’y habituer… Ce n’est qu’une grosse fête de plus dans l’année, la seule chose qui change c’est la température et aussi l’aspect spirituel qui n’y est pas, mais cela dit, je n’ai pas de grand souvenir de l’aspect spirituel de Noël en France. À part ça, Joyeux Noël et bonne année à vous… 🙂

  5. Thank you, PhilippeB, for these tropical vows in "live-live" ... Well, just for the weather, many of us would like to enjoy the holidays in these latitudes!

  6. The spiritual aspect may be there, but it may be less demonstrated.

    Christmas in the tropics, I like. If only because we keep the conviviality side by putting aside all the mercantile exacerbated in our colder latitudes. And then frankly dive or stroll on a beach the day and the day after Christmas, hear Christmas carols under the palm trees, admire a fireworks on New Year's Eve over a lagoon, it's totally exotic!

    Happy holidays Corinne, and especially a very beautiful year full of travels!

  7. Thank you Marie-Ange! The end of the year was busy for me, since I worked almost non-stop during the holidays, but here it is ... 2009 starts and several trips are announced!

    In truth, I would very much like to have the opportunity to spend Christmas in the tropics. Everything you say is fine!

    I wish you a happy new year 2009, serene and rich in happy surprises.

  8. Clairement d’avis avec Alimata… Un Noël sans « Mellyy Chlissmass » ça me manquerait 😀 tout comme « Happee New yealll ». 😆

    For this year on Koh Lipe, just opposite Langkawi but Thai side. Yes, the tsunami is already 4 years old ... but still the thai lanterns that fly from all the Andaman beaches in the night of December 26th.

    Best wishes of travel for 2009.

  9. Happee New Yeallll, Ludo alias Wet&Sea !!! 😆

    Koh Lipe… Tiens, tiens, comme c’est drôle. 😀

    Your travel wishes for my next Thai departure (late February) could not be better. I have what would be expected to go hang out my flip flops and wet my palms in the corner.

  10. Yes, I know that I come tumbling too late to Koh Lipe ... Petaskaia and Blaironov, not to mention their cousins the Bidochonovich, are everywhere. I have already seen them at work in other places, alas. But I'll go to Koh Lipe anyway, before it gets even worse.

    Decidedly, you read in my thoughts: hey, hey, I know that there are also Koh Bulon and Koh Mook in the vicinity, and other nice little islands ... That's part of my plans, too, if I can manage all this during the stay, in addition to a live-aboard at Similan.

    I had already spotted Ocean Pro Divers, as well as Forra Diving. But I feel that I am going to send you a small email in private, just to glean fresh information ...

  11. Koh Lipe, yes !!!

    Unfortunately it is no longer the destination that we murmured discreetly by word of mouth between trusted travelers. The capital of the Bangkok dragoons has a bit of a bother on the Chao Le villages. Chanel model bling-bling swimsuits from Petaskaia, and purpurine complexion, pepper vodka variant, from his companion Blaironov, are now staining on the alabaster sand of Sunrise beach, which starts out too much like Phiphi.

    Will then dive at Ocean Pro Divers with Dave from Canada and Yan de Savoie. You will not get tired of the ghostpipefish that haunt the least caches between the Koh Yang or Stonehenge alcyonnaires, with a little luck, the mantas that Yan boasted will still fly above 8 mile reef.

    The grouper grilled with garlic and lemon sauce at family restaurant in Pattaya Beach will remain as famous as its sunset above the longtails.

    Well, it seems that now according to Dave, the authenticity is towards Koh Bulon or Koh Mook ... but not diving.

  12. Happy New Year too, Ceucidit!

    It seems very surprising to me, this immersive DSLR story. Several small things that make me crumple: all the characteristics indicated were given "orally" dixit the author of the article: it has a good memory good, at the end of a splash way James Bond, to retain all that and we give in writing.

    And he collects these features, live on the boat, but with no mention of the builder? It also seems a little weird. Either we give you the information, or we do not give it to you.

    As for the date of release of this device, it also leaves me pensive, when we know that it is the ... April 1, 2009.

    So, hoax for a future April fool or not?
    Or a real project of a manufacturer with teasing operation?

    Basically, the simplest way would be to contact the photographer Amar Guillen, the author of the article, to have the heart net. I will not have too much time to look into these days. But to follow, so ...

    PS. On, the question "hoax or not? »Is already going well: