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  Between Two Journeys

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I cracked. For a very, very beautiful toy that I plan to take underwater with me: an SLR camera. It's a Canon 7Dfrom the Eos range. I love it already.

A DSLR that makes video

In September 2008, I was already drooling over the very first SLR making video. This time it's done. A year and a half later, I've got mine !!!

It took me a long time to decide about the Canon Eos 7D... I've been scouring forums, comparisons, photo blog reviews, trade journals...


I first coveted the Nikon D300s, then the Canon Eos 7D, then the Panasonic GH1. To return to the Canon, tempted by various items gleaned here and there ...

Digital Focus (now Les Numériques)

I have it in hand for a few days. I explore one by one its features. My poor little compact A95 (a Canon, too), who faithfully accompanied me for four years, until this memorable photocatastrophic saga in Thailand last year, lies on a shelf.

Both on land and underwater, I feel like I've really gotten to grips with the possibilities of this compact camera. It had for him to be small, light, discreet. But increasingly frustrating. For a long time I wanted to switch to the reflex. And I did.

I now want to progress in photography. And in video.

My new toy: the Canon Eos 7D.
My new toy: the Canon Eos 7D.

A box to take the 7D underwater

Trouble is, I'm gonna have to break the piggy bank again... to get a waterproof case. ...because I want to take the beast underwater too.

To the housing, I'll then have to add a flash, and then a macro lens to photograph the tiny underwater creatures I love so much. Later I'll invest in a wide angle lens and the dome that goes well. Then when I have money again, in a second flash...

To store images and videos, I'll also have to buy memory cards that are much bigger and faster than the ones I had before. Anyway, I'm not done yet...

I mean, I'm gonna have to completely revise my bundle of scuba divers. ...to lug all these people around... It's promising!


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Excellent choice. Welcome to the world of SLRs, you will see it really changes compared to a compact. By cons to take it under the water, it's another budget. And be careful if it flows. We all drowned compact under water, it's annoying but a SLR, it's dramatic limit. I can not wait to see your new pictures.

  2. Am jealous ...
    I have the 50d, already a good SLR! The new 7d exceeds it, it is enervant the speed of evolution of the digital!

    For the box, it's expensive, in addition it seems to me that they are available only for some models ...

  3. Hi Corinne, excellent choice of course, although I am rather Nikon (D700 ... 😉 ), especially do not neglect the lenses, if you can offer you for example the 24-105 F4 Vr of Canon, it is certainly the best quality/price ratio of the range and many pros use it.
    For the waterproof case, I do not know but perso, it would scare me to dive with my SLR, the least problem on the box and everything goes to the trash ...



  4. Investing in an SLR is life-changing in both the quality of the photos and the weight of the package 😉

    A new organization but also huge possibilities! I can not wait to see the result.

    Good shoot!


  5. Very good choice, I personally use an EOS 5D Mark II with the same Ikelite housing as the one in your article, as you are a fan of Macro diving (Nudibranches) I would advise you a 100 Macro aperture 2.8 (Not the one just released by Canon, the previous one) it is fabulous otherwise the 24-70 aperture 2.8 at Tamron is extra too and much cheaper than the one from Canon 😀 and then of course a flash. The Ikelite housing is very safe, you will also have to take great care of it especially when you arrive on your dream sites, check all the screws and a small bath of fresh water with a little shampoo after each dive will do him the most good. Oh yes, one last piece of advice, train yourself in your bathtub before leaving, the controls of the box are not necessarily obvious to master, at the beginning!
    Good pictures to you.


  6. @Denis:Oh yes ! I know well the difference between SLR and compact, I already use an old Eos 10D at work... Can't wait to test my new toy in Asia! As for me, I have NEVER drowned my compact. 😛
    I always prepare my box with the greatest care, preferably the day before ... Just once, I had a few drops to enter, at the end of the dive, but they were collected by the small "tank" intended for this purpose around of the goal. I cross my fingers so that the irreparable never happens ...

    @Fabrice: The box for 7D is already available at several manufacturers, including Ikelite ...

    PhilippeB: Yes, the important thing is the objectives to have a good image quality. For now, I only have the 15-85mm 3.5-5.6 IS USM supplied kit, which makes me feel pretty good in its class. I need a good macro lens now.

    @EmiLink: Finally, I already see a little how I can reorganize, package question ... it should do!

    @JPeG: Yes, I know that you have to train before, to know all the controls thoroughly without asking too much question once under water ... I already took the greatest care of the box of my compact. Not a single drowning or other galley related to the box in four years. I think I'll be even more careful with the 7D. For goals, thanks for tips! I will look into the question.

  7. Ah!!! I have it too!... 🙂

    I was surprised to find the Canon 7D and the beautiful 70-200 mm under the tree, I am super happy. I played a little with the 7D in Shanghai last October and I planned to offer it in the first half of 2010 but Santa Claus was quick.

    I have long wanted the 5D Mark II but for the conditions in which I work the 7D is excellent for a field case and it still costs nearly 1000 € less than the 5D. Besides these little things weigh the weight of a dead donkey in the photo backpack! ...

    Since last September I have in hand the Canon 500D which is already excellent in term of video (to see those which I published on China on my blog), and I hope that the 7D will allow me to do the same on Reunion tomorrow ...

    In fact I'm happy to start the year with both the 500D and the 7D, one will allow me to shoot while fixing the camera while I could make the photo with the other (and move) .

    On the other hand I happened to drown a digital in a plexy box, and frankly I want too much to my 7D to take the risk of losing it under the same conditions. So I wish you good luck because immersing yourself with a small camera is not the same as getting into the water with a real camera in a box: the stake is different and I guarantee you some thrills apprehension ...

    We will compare our impressions about the 7D if you want, it seems to me to be a beautiful race beast, and quite talented in low light. To see if it is also a good "all terrain" in the sand and the spray. I'll tell you that on returning from Reunion ...


  8. @A World Elsewhere: I can't wait to have your opinion as a pro photographer after this handling of the 7D in real conditions (in La Reunion, moreover... too hard!!! 😆 )
    As for putting it in a box sub, I'm not too worried (well, not yet, we'll see in real conditions, again). But I know the difference it makes under the water, compared to a small compact camera, for having borrowed, during a dive, his reflex in a box to another diver ...
    Anyway, it will not be for now, I have not yet the budget to offer me the box and all its essential accessories. I think I will have to still resolve to photograph a little underwater with my little A95. It will already give me time to familiarize myself, dry, with the 7D.

  9. Welcome to the world of SLR! The 7D looks like a pretty beast ...

    On my side I had a little trouble at first with the SLR (mainly because of flawed optics that I did change), but then I got caught up in the game, and it's finally quite exciting!

    By cons, even today, I always keep a compact with me (Lumix LX3), which always makes me excellent services, especially when conditions are good ...

    I can not wait to see your first shots!


  10. @Thib: I have not had too much time to play with my 7D, but it looks promising. I think I'm still going to keep my compact handy in addition.

  11. Well, you've taken the plunge !!
    Personally, I'm not ready, but I consider the intermediate range of the G11 ...
    When you put your SLR under water, do not give up your little camera, it's also in "wheel" relief ...

  12. @Laurence: Yes, I will still keep my compact. Anyway, I have not yet invested in a subwoofer for the SLR ... I'll see if I can get one or not before my next departure in March.

  13. Where are you going in March?
    I'm looking to leave in May on Jordan, Petra's visit, a tour in the desert and dives!
    But right now what is holding me back is the price, yikes, not cheap this destination!!! 😥

  14. @Laurence: I'm going to Indonesia. I do not mind: the most affordable prices are in Southeast Asia. As for my exact destination in Indonesia, I'll reveal it in a next post ...

  15. @ Marie-Julie: Yes, I am so happy !!! But I can not wait to win it in Asian skies. As for taking it to the water, it will probably not for now, since I must also invest in the box and flashes ...

  16. @Fabrice: here, you understand everything ... There are some devices close to the configuration level, in the same brand, which can sometimes use the same model box. But in general, yes, everything has to change ...

  17. Slt,
    Welcome to the world of SLR. I have a Nikon D70 that is old and perso I will not take under the water, we are never safe from drowning.
    I "prefer" to drown a compact it's cheaper! lol 😀 🙂