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  Between Two Journeys

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the weird sentences and the funny mistakes that could have been generated during the process. If you can read French, click on the French flag below to access the original text:

If like me, you are in love with Southeast Asia and sometimes spend hours on the web looking for blogs and images of other travelers, you may know the site of Yann Senant, Roving Impressions. He puts his road books, with photos and videos. A site beautifully subtitled "The extraordinary adventures of an ordinary family".

www.yannsenant.comI do not personally know Yann, but we share the same philosophy of travel, the same Asian destinations. And we meet from time to time on the web, according to the forum of travelers.

With his children Morgann and Loïck and his wife Isabelle, he roams with his family, backpacking, through the wide world. His stories instantly transport you to the other side of the planet.

I (finally) register on the Tashi Delek forum, dedicated to Southeast Asia, which he launched.

And I hasten to advertise his 2009 calendars, before the end of January: twelve superb photos, for 20 € (images of Yann himself and of Pierre Poilloux, another fan of Asia with whom I also had the pleasure to converse by e-mail).

It is for the good cause, since the profits will be used to finance the projects of the small humanitarian association Helping you for Southeast Asia, of which Yann is one of the co-founders.

Here. It's been a long time since I wanted to talk about it here, and thank this family of globe-trotters for sharing their fabulous wanderings with us. It is done !

In conclusion, I give the floor to Yann, Isabelle, Morgann and Loïck:

We travel with our children to teach them to open their eyes, to be enthusiastic about small pleasures; to live, to be aware of their luck while respecting the difference.
The world is only world if it is world. The world is world only if it is plural.
Difference. Wealth. Simplicity. Wonder.
Impressions Vagabondes is a travel memory. For us, for our children, for you but above all a consideration for all those who have received us, helped, loved.
Benevolence, smiles, humanity, generosity. How to forget.
Welcome to Vagabond Prints.


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Corinne, thank you for the discovery of this blog vagabond impressions.I will try to put it in my netvides even if I can not do it for the moment.

  2. Good evening Sylvie,

    I like to share my favorites. "Wandering Impressions" is a website, not a blog. It does not have an RSS feed for indexing and updating in Netvibes, so I think that's why it does not work.

    The best you can do is put it in your favorites and return to visit the site regularly, to discover the new notebooks and new photos of Yann and his family!


  3. Hello Corinne,

    I did it on Tashi Delek, but not yet on your site: THANK YOU very much for your glowing article!

    Cela fait plaisir de voir que nos récits plaisent, cela m’encourage de reprendre la plume…ou le clavier plutôt 😉

    I can only return the favor; I come back regularly to your site. It is very pleasant to read, and interesting in the content of your articles.

    I followed your travels in Thailand, thank you for sharing ...


    yann 😀

  4. @Yann: It's nice to find your note here! So yes, do not hesitate to take the keyboard, it's a real pleasure to browse your log books on Vagabond Impressions! And I'm glad that Little Bubbles Elsewhere also like you! In any case, I look forward to discovering your next adventures in Sumatra ... See you soon by blogs / forums interposed!