Autumnal trip in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada).

Fall vegetable outbreak in Canada

  Canada: Montreal, Quebec - September 2009

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This Canadian getaway starts for me in the rain... Yes! It's fall. But it doesn't matter. In the Laurentians, the colors of the trees explode, even under a gray sky.

Autumn in the Laurentians

I didn't come across the famous "Indian week", which is supposed to offer a final respite of sunny mildness before winter... A little more than an hour from Montreal, in the park at Mont get a lot of peepers. Even under an umbrella !

Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).
Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).
Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).
Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).

By car (automatic) to Mont-Tremblant!

In Montreal itself, the maples of the long avenue where the friends who shelter me do not have these glowing colors yet. You have to get out of the city to take the full measure of Quebec's fall.

We rented a car to make the trip to Mont-Tremblant. An automatic ...

Autumnal trip in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada).
Autumnal trip in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada).

I drove. Unprecedented experience of dosing speed without clutch pedal. A little confusing, but we get used to it. Just slow down and accelerate. It is vaguely like driving a toy car anyway ...

But how good it is to go on the road at will, to stop wherever you want, whenever you want!

The red house under the flamboyant trees

I knew it would be beautiful, but I was really stuck with the colors of the trees. Fall in Quebec is really spectacular!

Autumn in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada).

Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).

Autumn in the Laurentians (Saint-Bernard area, Quebec, Canada).

I would be well spent the beginning of the season in this pretty red house, nestled under the flaming canopy of the forest, overlooking the lake ... (Well, of course, with an internet connection, anyway.)


  Canada: Montreal, Quebec - September 2009

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  1. The week of the Indians, we have it in Brittany. It's nice and warm every day. It's not going to last, I think. I read your adventures carefully because I hope I can also make a trip to Quebec this year ....

  2. Hello, thank you for sharing your Canadian escapade.
    During the autumn, nature prepares for the cold season of winter: the leaves of the trees take different colors before falling which offers the amateurs of excursions and excursions of magnificent landscapes: the proof in images !!
    Have a good day,

  3. @Laurent: C’est toi le photographe pro… Tu dois avoir raison!!! 😆

    @Denis: Oui, c’est pour ça, quand j’ai su que j’avais une semaine libre fin septembre dans mon planning, je n’ai pas hésité bien longtemps… 😉

    @RolK: Oh! Tu vas venir te promener par ici aussi!!! Ça devrait te plaire… 🙄

    @LuciedeNF: L’automne est une saison fascinante… Mais particulièrement ici, en terre québécoise. 🙂

    @Yann: Ravie de t’avoir offert un autre genre de dépaysement, moins tropical que d’habitude! 😀

    @ Helen: De nada! 😉

    @ Marie-Julie: Merci! Mon fidèle petit boîtier continue de bien faire son boulot, malgré les conditions. 🙂

  4. Wow! You started your trip to Montreal by the ice pack! I'm very impressed. You certainly have the best guide in Montreal!

    Me I go to the ice only late in the evening around 4:00 am at the exit of the bars! Delicious! I take the poutine Galvaude with chicken! A miracle.

    Too bad you were not in Montreal the first two of September we had an incredible weather! Sun a beautiful 20 degrees but since last week ouf not easy! In 3 months it will be -20, -30 and even -40 degrees so it's better to get used to it!

    I do not know if you are still in Montreal Sunday this week but in the late afternoon I advise you Pik-Nik Electronics. Every Sunday of the summer is the party at Parc Jean Drapeau and this Sunday is the last! A few thousand people dancing on the sound of excellent DJs all in the open air. It's worth the detour !

    Merci encore une fois pour tes articles ! J’ai adoré lire tes commentaires sur mon coin de la planète ! 🙂 Ca m’a fait bien rire ta description de la conduite automatique ! Ici c’est tellement commun… Beaucoup de gens ne savent pas du tout conduire avec l’embrayage. Moi je ne conduirai jamais automatique … je déteste !

  5. @ Marie-Julie: Yes, but as you have seen, it has improved this Friday (as long as it lasts this weekend again !!!).
    @Danielito: It was that I kept telling myself, with each new landscape on which we fell, along the way: that it is beautiful, that it is beautiful !!!

    @Lydie and Alain: That makes me very happy. See you soon!

    @Guillaume: Question "guide", yes, I think I was very well accompanied for this Montreal getaway. Thank you Marie-Julie !!! Otherwise, for the time, that's what everyone told me: no bowl, it was still summer the previous weeks ... As for the Pik-Nik Electronics, I was told about it too, but I will unfortunately not be able to enjoy it, since I take the plane back Sunday night ... For now, I had few moments to feed the blog, but I prepare new posts to appear soon on my impressions here. I hope you'll like it as well!

  6. ahh the colors are not yet at their max, it will be this week ... Too late ...
    Bien contente que Marie-Ju t’a emmenée à la Banquise 😉

    @Denis: we still have 3 months before the cold winter and it does not -40 for weeks, only a few days ... sometimes. The average is not so cold in Montreal ...

  7. @ Cecilia: Ah ... I would have stayed another week, if I could! But this first meeting with Montreal and the fall of Quebec nonetheless delighted me.

  8. I just discovered you via a RT of Marie-Julie G, I browse your blog, photos, videos, etc. it's just beautiful.

    Dans ce petit coucou, je voulais te dire qu’on a eu L’ÉTÉ DES INDIENS (pas la semaine des indiens 😀 ) en novembre, cette année.

    It is true that Quebec is beautiful in these fall colors.

    PS. At your next visit, if it tempts you to dive into colder waters, I will be happy to show you some beautiful sites, and if you're interested, a team of super nice divers.

    I also love taking photos underwater, and you gave me the urge to put on my Facebook ❗.

    So while waiting to accompany you in a dive in cold water, I wish you full of beautiful bullessssssss in hot water 8) 8)


  9. @jimsysop: Bienvenue sur Petites Bulles d’Ailleurs, et ravie que la balade te plaise!!! 🙂
    So, I was convinced that the Indian summer lasted a week ... And what's more, I missed it!
    I would love to meet Canadian divers, especially if they are nice, but frankly, cold water is not my thing! Diver in hot water I am, hot water diver I stay (already that I happen to come out slamming teeth dives in tropical sea ...)