Autumnal trip in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada).

Fall Plant Surge in Canada

  Canada: Montreal, Quebec - September 2009

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For me, this Canadian escapade is starting out in the rain... That's right! It's autumn. But no matter. In the Laurentians, the colors of the trees explode, even under gray skies.

Autumn in the Laurentians

I didn't come across the famous "Indian week", supposed to offer a final respite of sunny mildness before winter... A little over an hour from Montreal, in the park of Mont get a lot of peepers. Even under an umbrella !

Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).
Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).
Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).
Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).

By car (automatic) to Mont-Tremblant!

In Montreal itself, the maple trees on the long avenue where my friends live have yet to take on these glowing colors. You have to go out of town to get the full measure of Quebec autumn.

We rented a car for the trip to Mont-Tremblant. An automatic...

Autumnal trip in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada).
Autumnal trip in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada).

I was the driver. A new experience in speed control without a clutch pedal. A little confusing, but you get used to it. All you have to do is brake and accelerate. Still, it feels vaguely like driving a toy car...

But how nice it is to be able to take off down the road as you please, to stop where you like, when you like!

The red house under the flamboyant trees

I knew it would be beautiful, but I was really blown away by the colors of the trees. Autumn in Quebec is truly spectacular!

Autumn in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada).

Autumn in the Laurentians (Domaine Saint-Bernard, Quebec, Canada).

Autumn in the Laurentians (Saint-Bernard area, Quebec, Canada).

I would be well spent the beginning of the season in this pretty red house, nestled under the flaming canopy of the forest, overlooking the lake ... (Well, of course, with an internet connection, anyway.)


  Canada: Montreal, Quebec - September 2009

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  1. It's Indian week in Brittany. It's sunny and warm every day. I don't think it's going to last. I'm reading your adventures carefully because I'm really hoping to make a trip to Quebec this year ....

  2. Hello, thank you for sharing your Canadian escapade.
    During autumn, nature prepares itself for the cold winter season: the leaves on the trees take on different colors before falling, offering hikers and excursionists magnificent scenery: the proof is in the pictures!
    Have a good day,

  3. @Laurent: You're the pro photographer... I guess you're right!!!! 😆

    @Denis: Yes, that's why, when I heard I had a week free at the end of September in my schedule, I didn't hesitate for long... 😉

    @RolK: Oh! You're going to come walk around here too!!! You should like it... 🙄

    @LuciedeNF: Autumn is a fascinating season... But especially here in Quebec 🙂

    @Yann: Delighted to have offered you another kind of change of scenery, less tropical than usual! 😀

    @ Helen: De nada! 😉

    @ Marie-Julie: Thank you! My trusty little camera continues to do its job well, despite the conditions 🙂

  4. Wow! You started your trip to Montreal by the ice pack! I'm very impressed. You certainly have the best guide in Montreal!

    Me I go to the ice only late in the evening around 4:00 am at the exit of the bars! Delicious! I take the poutine Galvaude with chicken! A miracle.

    It's a shame you weren't in Montreal for the first two weeks of September, we had incredible weather! Sunshine, a beautiful 20 degrees, but since last week, wow, not easy! In 3 months it'll be -20, -30 and even -40 degrees, so we'd better get used to it!

    I don't know if you're still in Montreal on Sunday this week, but in the late afternoon I recommend the Pik-Nik Électronique. Every Sunday in the summer is a party at Parc jean Drapeau, and this Sunday is the last! A few thousand people dance to the sound of excellent DJs, all outdoors. It's worth the detour!

    Thank you once again for your articles! I loved reading your comments about my corner of the world! 🙂 I laughed out loud at your description of automatic driving! Here it's so common... Many people don't know how to drive with the clutch at all. I'll never drive automatic... I hate it!

  5. @ Marie-Julie: Yes, but as you saw, it got better on Friday (I hope it lasts through the weekend!!!).
    @Danielito: I kept telling myself, with each new landscape we came across along the way: how beautiful, how beautiful!

    @Lydie and Alain: That makes me very happy. See you soon!

    @Guillaume: As a "guide", yes, I think I was very well accompanied for this Montreal escapade. Thank you Marie-Julie!!! As for the weather, that's what everyone told me: bad luck, it was still summer the weeks before... As for the Pik-Nik Electronique, I was told about it too, but unfortunately I won't be able to take advantage of it, as I'm taking the plane back on Sunday evening... For the moment, I haven't had much time to feed the blog, but I'm preparing new posts to appear very soon on my impressions here. I hope you'll enjoy them too!

  6. ahh the colors are not yet at their max, it will be this week ... Too late ...
    I'm glad Marie-Ju took you to La Banquise 😉

    @Denis: we still have 3 months before the big winter cold and it's not -40 for weeks, just a few days... sometimes. The average is not that cold in Montreal...

  7. @ Cecilia: Ah... I'd have stayed another week if I could! But nonetheless, this first encounter with Montreal and the Quebec autumn enchanted me.

  8. I just discovered you via a RT of Marie-Julie GSo I'm browsing your blog, photos, videos, etc. It's simply magnificent.

    In this little hello, I wanted to tell you that we had L'ÉTÉ DES INDIENS (not Indian week 😀 ) in November, this year.

    It's true that Quebec is magnificent in these autumn colors.

    PS. On your next visit, if you'd like to dive in colder waters, I'll be happy to show you some beautiful sites, and if you're interested, a team of very nice divers.

    I love taking underwater photos too, and you've inspired me to post some on my Facebook ❗ .

    So while I'm waiting to accompany you on a cold-water dive, I wish you lots of beautiful warm-water bubbles 8) 8)


  9. @jimsysop: Welcome to Petites Bulles d'Ailleurs, and I'm so glad you like the ride!!! 🙂
    Blimey, I was convinced that Indian Summer lasted a week... And what's more, I missed it!
    I'd love to meet Canadian divers, especially if they're nice, but frankly, cold water isn't my thing! I'm a warm-water diver, and I'll stay a warm-water diver (I'm already chattering my teeth after diving in tropical seas...).