Dans les rues de Manado. Nord-Sulawesi, Indonésie. Juillet 2007.
In the streets of Manado. (North Sulawesi, Indonesia)

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  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2007

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Today I am back in Manado, where I find the civilization and comfort of the modern world: air conditioning and hot water, shopping malls and club-sandwiches, mobile phone that captures and high-speed internet connections ...

Mandatory disconnection

The bustle of Manado, the big city of North Sulawesi, with his mikrolets blue which tumble in all directions, makes me a strange effect, after this long journey through the huge island of Sulawesi.

Dans les rues de Manado. Nord-Sulawesi, Indonésie. Juillet 2007.
In the streets of Manado. (North Sulawesi, Indonesia)

In Sulawesi, as soon as you move away from the busiest areas, you can not find a computer with the internet. Sometimes there is even no connection for the mobile phone. (Hey hey, finally a real vacation!)

In short, for ten days, impossible to keep the blog ... I will complete it a posteriori.

To come back to where I stopped the blog, so I fell in the roadside of the internet in Rantepao, right in the Toraja country. The two cyber cafes in the city were down for one, closed for the other. I promised photos, but I should not have!

Here is already a little summary of my journey of the previous days. I will try to deliver the detail in a future article. Below, a map of the island, with my itinerary.

On the way to Poso Lake

Saturday, July 14th: departure from Rantepao, by car with driver, rented with "my" Dutch, for a ride in central Sulawesi. Two nights near Lake Poso, in Siuri Cottages, not far from the city of Tentena.

Beautiful region! Super waterfall (Saluopa) and nice beach near the lake.

Siuri Beach, sur la rive ouest du lac Poso, entre Pendolo et Tentena. (Sulawesi, Indonésie)
Siuri Beach, on the west shore of Poso Lake, between Pendolo and Tentena. (Sulawesi, Indonesia)
La cascade Saluopa, au milieu de la jungle, près du lac Poso. (Sulawesi, Indonésie)
The Saluopa waterfall, in the middle of the jungle, near Lake Poso. (Sulawesi, Indonesia)

This corner of Sulawesi has unfortunately been deserted by tourists for several years, because of a serious conflict between Christians and Muslims, marked by numerous attacks, which have caused a lot of deaths ...

The situation is stabilized now, according to our driver, Yunus. He has been walking tourists for about twenty years in all of Sulawesi. There are still many military and police checkpoints along the way.

For these officials, the passage of blond children is a very pleasant distraction. They love getting Jelle, Silke and Ronja, the children of my Dutch friends, out of the car for verification, on the grounds that the little boy and the two girls are on their parents' passports. The kids run and smiles at the checkpoint ...

Cape on the Togian Islands

Monday, July 16th: long-long ride to Ampana, where we take the boat to the Togian Islands ...

Then seven days of laze on the island of Batu Daka, near the village of Bomba, at the aptly named resort Island Retreat. White sand, azure water, coconut palms and coral reefs ... Ultimate dives and sunburn.

La plage du resort Island Retreat, près de Bomba, sur l'île de Batu Daka. (Archipel des Togian, Sulawesi, Indonésie)
The beach at Island Retreat Resort, near Bomba, on Batu Daka Island. (Togian Archipelago, Sulawesi, Indonesia)
Les enfants de Bomba. (Togian Islands, Sulawesi, Indonésie)
The children of Bomba. (Togian Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Return flight Luwuk-Manado in a cuckoo from the Merpati

Tuesday, July 24th: the return ... 2:30 boat make-up and 6-7 hours of car yesterday, Tuesday, by roads that deserve a blog chapter to them all alone. All this to reach Luwuk, a city located east of central Sulawesi. Because in Luwuk, there is a small miraculous airport that can win a blow Manado wing in 1:30 ... (I preferred it to 15h boat + 12h bus).

The flight Luwuk-Manado, it happens in an old cuckoo Merpati: 20 seats, 2 propellers, and a very good pilot (takeoff and landing impeccable). Except that the poor man has spent all the way trying to protect the flying instruments, sliding Kleenex into the corners above the cockpit window, because the water seeps in when it rains ... And there, it did not stop raining.

I saw everything, I was right behind. That said, they must be used to the trick. The box of Kleenex is stuck above the dashboard, specially designed for this purpose.

Tomorrow, July 26: return flight via Singapore to France ...

  Indonesia: Sulawesi - July 2007