A poutine in La Banquise, Montreal, with Marie-Julie Gagnon!

A poutine in Montreal

  Canada: Montreal, Quebec - September 2009

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For once, I'm not in Asia. And I will not make bubbles under water. No, I crossed the Atlantic for a week-long getaway to Montreal ...

And for once, someone was waiting for me at the airport. My fellow Quebecois Marie-Julie Gagnon picked me up on the plane jump, Sunday night, and taken away eat a poutine.

A poutine in La Banquise

A poutine in La Banquise, Montreal, with Marie-Julie Gagnon!

Poutine? Great gastronomy... 😆

French fries and cheese puffs, drizzled with brown sauce. We needed something special to celebrate our meeting...

We were so happy to finally see each other, "in real life", after our long virtual exchanges through blogs, tweets and emails! In spite of the fatigue of the trip and the jet lag, I let myself be "kidnapped" with immense happiness, for this first Quebec evening.

Moreover, since Marie-Julie doesn't do things by halves, I had the opportunity to be introduced to this supreme culinary refinement in a Montreal institution, famous for its poutine: The ice. The establishment is so famous, that even on a Sunday night, people line up for their portion of spongy fries.

I admit: more than the contents of my plate, I savoured the place, the moment, the atmosphere. And then I love that feeling of total disorientation when you barely get off the plane... What's more, I was hungry.

In the warm hubbub of the conversations, vibrating cheerfully with the accent of Quebec, I swallowed it with a good heart, my poutine.

We hurry in La Banquise (Montreal) to get a poutine.

But never, in undertaking this trip across the Atlantic, I would have imagined finish on YouTube to taste this delicacy live. Thank you Marie-Julie!!!!


Added October 11, 2009

Discover my mini-portrait sketched by Marie-Julie, when I arrived at the Montreal airport, in her other blog In transit on MSN.ca :

→ A Breton woman in Montreal

My arrival in Montreal, immortalized by Marie-Julie Gagnon.


  Canada: Montreal, Quebec - September 2009

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  1. Even if it is not an article on fish or Asia, I enjoy reading you !! I can not wait to see your other photos of Montreal in autumn, it must be beautiful!

  2. Lucky girl 😉 When will the post on the best poutines in Montreal be published? Because I'm sure Marie-Julie isn't the only one who will want you to try her favorite...!

  3. @ Marie-Julie: Hmm ... considering the very imposing look of "trucks", here it makes me a little afraid to eat like a trucker.

    @Laurent: You do well to raise this point: do not confuse Putin and poutine! The second is perhaps not very digestible, but much more user-friendly than the first.

    @ Helen: That's it, the photos of autumn are delivered! See on the following post. Too bad he did so gray. I wish I had a more beautiful light for the photos.

    @ Chloé254: The best poutines in Montreal? Hmm ... I'm ready for many sacrifices for a good report. But here, I'm not sure I want to eat poutine every day!

  4. A Putin, less fashionable than a Medvedev... Quebec "cuisine" the same way Mexican "cuisine" does, they only evoke glorious stomach aches! You need Malox, Corinne, Malox.... 😀

  5. @Max: Tss-tss... it's not nice for our Quebec and Mexican friends, that, to put quotation marks around the word cuisine!!! 😆 You're a bad mouth, all the same: no stomach ache to deplore as far as I'm concerned!!!

  6. At the end of the month, I will also have the right to Putin (probably to the Ice too)
    Your reaction reassures me ^^

  7. @LeSquale: 😆 You'll survive, I'm sure... I found out that in some of the fancier restaurants, they also make poutine with... foie gras!!!
    😮 😯 😡
    Sacrilege!!! 😆

  8. Ah well I wrote my previous comment a bit quickly, I just noticed that you went to La Banquise to test the poutine... great minds think alike 😉

    Having said that, I don't remember ever queuing up, but I used to go there mostly after a party, late at night (or early in the morning!)... Raaaaah, just thinking about it, I'd make a poutine out of it, right now... in Singapore, not easy to find 😉

    Enjoy Quebec ...

  9. @Thib: Well, it's not too complicated to make yourself, a poutine: fries (it's in Singapore!), Cheese droppings, brown sauce, and voila!