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Oh, my God! I'm not a little proud. I had already been noticed by Glamour, and there the writing of MarieClaire.fr just elected my Bubbles Underwater & Beyond "Best Travel Blog"!!!!!

Here is an excerpt from the email I received today:

We are pleased to announce that the editor of marieclaire.fr has elected you as the best travel blog marieclaire.fr.
We have the pleasure to offer you a superb box set Dreams of exception with our partner Wonderbox.
Regarding the continuation of our major blogs contest, the 6 best elected blogs selected and rewarded during the year will be submitted again to the editor of marieclaire.fr and posted on the site as of May 10, 2010.
From 13 May 2010, an honorary jury made up of members of the editorial staff will elect "marieclaire.fr's favourite blog", all themes included, as the grand winner, who will win a one-week stay at the Indian Resort & Spa hotel **** for 2 people in Mauritius worth €9,200 with the website Apavou-hotels.com


Pfff ... I can not believe it.


So I have already won a "Exceptional Dreams" box set (it took me a while to understand what it was all about, but that's it, I've found it, by going to the corresponding page in Wonderbox).

I wonder what it's going to be, and if I can pick the theme I want... airplane flying lessons? Great food at a great hotel? A trip to the calanques of Marseille? I haven't had a chance to go through the list yet, but I'm gonna take a closer look.

Moreover, there, they make me think I'll be spending a starry stay of... 9200€ in Mauritius!!!! I'm hallucinating.

😮 😯 8)

Me who have a habit of restricting my budget accommodation, with guesthouses for backpackers at 10-15 € per night maximum, it gives me a little dizzy. I could afford a dozen tickets for Asia round trip, with this sum ...


To think that I've been dreaming, for a long time, of discovering Maurice! But in these "grand luxury" conditions, it was unimaginable... Oh, my God... What if I won?

Ah... It's good to dream! See you in May!


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Oh oh oh ! It's beautiful !
    Did you register where Marie Claire discovered you?
    C’est énorme en tout cas, on croise les doigts pour la suite 😉

  2. 😀 alors là c’est génial mille bravos ❗
    et puis Maurice….. c’est pas toi qui disais m’envier d’y aller bientôt 😉
    We will closely monitor the final results! in any case I cross fingers!

  3. @Manta: I do not know if I "deserve", but it's great, yes!

    @Paco: In fact (unlike the operation at Glamor, where they had spotted the blog without intervention from me), baited by the trip to Mauritius to win, I followed a tweet that gave the link to the contest. And I signed up like that, without really believing it. Since then, I had completely forgotten ... until today! Me too, I cross my fingers. Do we ever know!

    @Laurence: Yes. You made me want too much. In fact, all this is your fault!

  4. I discovered your site a short time ago ... I discovered Asia through your look ... it leaves you dreaming ....

    on croise les doigts pour toi 😉

    ps : si tu s besoin d’un porteur de bagages ou d’une couv. photo pour star… j’connais que Lille St-maurice 😉

  5. super felicitation ...., it must always be fun and in addition, you put it well. It's true that your blog is great ...

  6. Hi Corinne,

    C’est super, ils ont choisi le meilleur des blogs c’est évident ❗ 😉

    C’est toujours un émerveillement de te parcourir ton blog et une source d’inspiration pour moi aussi qui adore l’Asie et en plus tu m’as re-motivé pour la plongée, là je dis: respect 🙄

    Maintenant, tu as tout d’une grande…!!! 😀
    You'll be able to say "Little Bubbles Elsewhere Because I'm worth it ..."

    Le 13 mai 2010, tu vas gagner, j’en suis sur 😉 8)

    Bravo Corinne

    See you soon

  7. Congratulations
    I had also registered for this contest, but in front of the quality of the other blogs, I made myself a reason well before knowing the result.
    I had read yours actually, and my faith, he deserves this award.

    I live in Mayotte for 6 years, and I leave this island in a few days, but it is a rare destination for divers.
    And yet, there is so much to see in our lagoon.

    If one day you have no idea travel, think about this tiny peanut from the Indian Ocean, which belongs to France and will be in a few years the 5th Department Overseas.

    Thank you for sharing your travels.

  8. 😀 hi hi hi et oui là je plaide coupable, mais que veux tu c’est toi qui est à l’origine du virus voyage, au moins aussi contagieux que celui qui fait la une des média depuis quelques semaines……… 😛

  9. Félicitations, 😀

    Il ne te reste plus qu’à prendre un abonnement à Marie-Claire, sentir le profil de la rédaction, et adapter ton site en fonction. Ouaf ! 😆

  10. Bravo! you deserve to win this trip, your blog is very well done, you give good info and the photos are very beautiful.So I cross your fingers for you! (If you win you bring us nice pictures, say?) Good luck.

  11. Eh eh,
    after the glory on the web of the net and on your places of holidays 8) ...
    Voilà la gloire dans les magazines de mode 🙂
    Attention, le pas vers les magazines « People » est plus vite franchi qu’on ne le croit 😆

    En tout cas c’est mérité 😉 M…e pour la suite.

    Parce que tu le vaux bien… et voilà Marie-Claire déteint déjà sur moi 😈

  12. @Laufla: Welcome to Little Bubbles Elsewhere, then! I hope you will continue to enjoy the suite.

    @Elisa: Thank you! I'll have to take the time to discover your blog too !!!

    @Guilhem: Thanks thanks!!!!

    @PhilippeB: It's great fun, indeed. I am really happy. Especially when behind, I see flowing so many very nice words, like yours.

    @Alain: Oh dear, what praise! Many thanks!!! Are you going to dive again? What a good idea!!! Nice to have made you want to get back to it.

    @David: We'll see ... I cross my fingers. But I'm already really happy with this first selection!

    @Kaay: Thank you for your comment, it's very nice. I do not know anything about Mayotte, but what you say makes you want to ...

    @Laurence: This is super contagious, the virus of travel ... but this one, I like the idea that it spreads.

    @Richard: Thank you! But no question of writing "so that Marie-Claire likes" ... I will continue as I have always done, my way. If after, it continues to please them, so much the better!

    @Nani: Thank you! Promised, there will be plenty of photos if I win (and even if I do not win, but it will be on other destinations).

    @Thib: Thank you so much!!!

    @Alain: You'll see, in a short time, I'm going to turn the dive into super glamor activity (with topics like: spit in his mask, it's also good for the skin !!!)

  13. Hello Corinne,

    in Mauritius, there are some very nice dives to do, as well as in Asia.
    The waters are full of fish and I crossed species seen nowhere else.

    Good luck

  14. Hi Corinne!
    Marie-Claire, c’est un mag de nanas ça non ? 🙄
    And here, I understood ... all that is thanks to the slugs !!!! : Mrgreen:
    Hé hé, Félicitations !!! Du coup tu vas être obligé d’écrire encore plus maintenant ! 😆
    See you soon !

  15. @ Marie-Julie: Merciiiiiii!!! 😉

    @Matt: Oh, but I intend to go diving in Mauritius one day !!! With or without this contest ... 8)

    @Anthony: Tu crois que c’est grâce à aux nudis??? Je vais continuer à écrire comme je le fais d’habitude… À bientôt! 🙂

  16. @Maxim: Thank you so much!!! Your little word gives me the opportunity to discover your blog ... that travels! I feel that I will enjoy your pages, to discover one by one all your journeys. Have a nice stay in South Africa!

  17. Congratulations with all my heart, Corinne. But, € 9,200 for a single stay! So, are you going to change the name of your blog to "little bling-blings"? Perhaps we can read articles with evocative titles, such as "Bali: they found" my "ROLEX", "Where to find Beluga caviar in Kuala Lampur", "Latest bling-blings in Mabul and Sidapan with my friend Rachida Etc etc ☺

  18. @Max: 😆 J’ai éclaté de rire en découvrant ton commentaire!!! Que d’excellentes suggestions… Moi aussi, je reste scotchée par le prix annoncé dudit séjour (se sont p’têt trompés en tapant le chiffre?). 😯 Bon, si jamais je gagne, je resterai moi-même, j’te jure, pas de chroniques « bling-bling » sur ce blog!!! 8)

  19. Reconnaissance largement méritée (même si c’est qu’un magazine pour nana 😆 )

    Crossing the fingers pour la suite 😉

  20. @Corinne: Thank you really. What touches me most, deep down, in all this, is to see all the comments and kind words, like yours, that were sent to me here. I can not believe it.

  21. It's great all that. I think for a long time that they have a lot of taste to Marie-Claire, so this reward can only flatter you. As for the budget for Mauritius, he taps me! You will walk with gold flip flops and sleep in silk if you win!

  22. Non, non, y’a pas de faute de frappe. Mais tout le monde ne vit pas sur la même planète, question fric, et ça on le sait. Un chose est sûre: tu as de bonnes chances de l’emporter car ton blog est trop sympa à suivre. 🙂

  23. Alors tu as une idée pour quand c’est le résultat? Tu dois tourner en rond dans ton salon à mon avis !!! 😆
    Go, as we say Inch'Allah!

    Pour mon tout petit moment de gloire… j’ai fait le blog de la semaine sur Planète Thalassa il y a quelques jours 😀 Belle surprise !

    See you soon !

  24. <>

    Heuuuhhh !!
    JH, 1.80, 75 kg, straight, warm, friendly, cultivated, caring, humor, geek, broad shoulders, plump buttocks, clean on him, knowing oriental massage, buddy conf + door block + monit dive, looking JF for stay Maurice in luxury hotel all dates, not serious (to see) abstain

    Prem’s les gars 😀

  25. @Nono: We'll see. But as there are also categories "fashion" and "beauty", more connections with the themes of a women's magazine, and that this contest is never as a marketing operation towards bloggers, I'm not sure at least that my bubble stories and my pictures of peasants make the weight. Bah! I am already so happy to have won in the "travel" category.

    @Anthony: See you in May for the final result ... I do not go around in circles, no. This first selection is already so much fun! Congratulations for Planète Thalassa !!! It's really deserved.

    @Alimata: I admit that I am very sensitive to the "blockbuster" proposal ...

  26. Congratulations on your blog, I discover it just now because I'm following guys from my region who are touring the world and who also participate in the Marie-Claire contest:
    Your videos are superb and allow us to fully enjoy your travels.
    Thanks and bravo once again

  27. I took the time to watch some fashion blogs of the contest. Certainly, the style is different from your fish. So, it is not impossible that the magazine takes into account its readership. You may not be wrong in not immediately preparing your suitcases for Mauritius, but you never know .. For now, I must admit that I have not seen anything transcendent, so you stay the best. And for writing, you dominate easily. This is only my opinion and I share it.
    Say, it's a pity that there is not a humanitarian blog contest, it would have boosted me. And as I buy trendy Indian jewelery and handicrafts, I would have had a chance ... at the fashion accessories department!

  28. @Nono: Well ... I will not deny my love for pigeon. Thank you for your encouragement, and for the rest, come what may! You could still try your luck in categories called "feminine" with your little touch of humanitarian and exoticism. The small hairstyle, the Tamil decor, the art of making a chapati ...

  29. Hello,
    Who would've believed that? Finally you become a beast to contests! And you do discover other blogs, which I would not have thought to click, and that's nice.

  30. Hello,
    A hello because I think I clicked to unsubscribe. Horror! As I am addicted to your blog, I write this little note and I think the subscription will work. I will go back to Pondy in January for ten days (we do what we can with the holidays we have ...) and I will think about the blog when I'm there, and even before leaving. I will focus on girls maybe.

  31. @Nono: Well, do not worry, it's easy to re-subscribe, whether it's blog or comments. One click and it's good!
    Ten days in Pondy, that's not bad, go ... I'll follow that.

  32. As an ad says:
    "Because you are worth it"
    Congratulations and chok dee krap! for the future

  33. @ Cloe: Thank you !

    @Laurence: Oh, but you're talking about the Info Cup, not the Marie-Claire.fr contest (for which the results will be given this Monday, May 17th ... patience !!!). For the Info Cup, yes, it was played a hair between Marie-Ange A World Ailleurs and me.

  34. 😡 Je n’arrive pas à voir si le résultat du concours Marie-Claire est paru… Le suspense est insoutenable ❗ 😛

  35. On est le 18 Mai…toujours pas de nouvelles…..Le jury doit avoir du mal à se mettre d’accord…. 😡

  36. Yeah ... A blog cooking ... Well, congratulations the winner agree ...
    But, again and especially to you !!!!

  37. ouais bon c’est vrai que fringues et popote c’est bien dans l’esprit Marie Claire….. 🙄
    Nous on préfère le côté aventure découverte, bref le rêve quoi!!! 😀
    Thanks to you for this blog, see you soon for the next trip 8)

  38. @ Helen @Laurence: Thank you girls !!! Well, that's okay ... I dreamed a little about this contest, but I anticipated all the same, from the beginning, that the categories more "girlies" (that is to say, cooking, fashion or beauty ), would be more likely to be retained. You're at Marie-Claire, anyway ...
    Very soon in new tickets, which will cause you moreover or small bubbles!