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Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the weird sentences and the funny mistakes that could have been generated during the process. If you can read French, click on the French flag below to access the original text:

Oh dear ! I am not a little proud. I had already been noticed by Glamour, and there the writing of just elected my Bubbles Underwater & Beyond "Best Travel Blog"! ! !

Here is an excerpt from the email I received today:

We are pleased to announce that the editor of has elected you as the best travel blog
We have the pleasure to offer you a superb box set Dreams of exception with our partner Wonderbox.
Regarding the continuation of our major blogs contest, the 6 best elected blogs selected and rewarded during the year will be submitted again to the editor of and posted on the site as of May 10, 2010.
From May 13, 2010, a jury of honor composed of members of the editorial office will elect "the favorite blog of", all thematic, like the big winner, who will win a stay of one week at the hotel Indian Resort & Spa **** for 2 people in Mauritius worth € 9200 with the site


Pfff ... I can not believe it.

So I have already won a "Box Dreams Exception" (I took a long time to understand what he was returning, but that's it, I found, by going to the corresponding page of Wonderbox).

I wonder what's going to be, and if I'm going to be able to choose the theme I want ... A flying lesson? Great food in a great hotel? A trip to the creeks of Marseille? Not enough time to go through the list, but I'll take a closer look.

In addition, there, it makes me shine a starry stay of ... € 9200 in Mauritius! ! ! J'hallucine.

😮 😯 8)

Me who have a habit of restricting my budget accommodation, with guesthouses for backpackers at 10-15 € per night maximum, it gives me a little dizzy. I could afford a dozen tickets for Asia round trip, with this sum ...


To say that I dream, for a long time, to discover Maurice! But in these conditions "great luxury", it was unimaginable ... Oh, there ... And if I ever won?

Ah ... It's good to dream! See you in May!


  Between Two Journeys