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Fish spa? From pedicure to aquarium. Very trendy in Asia. Entrust your feet to nice fish that eat your dead skin!

The fish spa is trendy!

Those who dive in shorty (combination with legs and short sleeves) are familiar with fish cleaners. Inoffensive critters who love pecking elbows and knees to eat your dead skin.

Good news: this "pleasure" is no longer reserved for divers! It is even a tendency to immerse one's feet in pools full of fish cleaners, for a fish pedicure.

Fish pedicure [©]

This therapy would have come from Turkey. The treatment, originally, is for people with skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, etc.). Fish rid the dermis of unwanted scales.

Now, it's becoming trendy! More and more Asian spas offer this fish therapy as a pedicure. The Doctor Fish Spa is even a concept that is commercialized.

The fish used in these famous ponds is a freshwater fish, which responds to the sweet name of Garra rufa or Cyprinion macrostomus.

After the vogue in Asia (China, Singapore, Japan, Korea ...) even the Americans get started: see this Associated Press report here and this other from CBS there ...

"We come out with soft feet"

Fish pedicureMy sister, back from Siem Reap, Cambodia, tried the experiment at a local center. Rather satisfied: "We come out with soft feet! "

For my part, I'm not very sure to become a customer of this kind of thing. I do not like them too much, in fact, fish eating dead skin. An old grudge of a diver ...

Since I have my own diving suit, long of course, I do not fear the overzealous fish cleaners. But I remember that I hated to be pecked by these pesky creatures, diving, the time I rented a shorty for outings.

It does not hurt, no. Only, when I had a nice crust on her knee, she ended up swallowed by one of those fish wolverines. Grrr ... Can not heal! I still want them.

And you, it tempts you, the fish pedicure ?


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