Pad Thai: noodles sautéed Thai ... I love it! (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons - Ben Frantz Dale)
Pad Thai: noodles sautéed Thai ... I love it! (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons - Ben Frantz Dale)

In lack of pad Thai?

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This is the most popular Thai dish with Western tourists. Tasty, nutritious and inexpensive. A simple plate of stir-fried noodles, for which I feel nostalgic when I'm away from Thailand.

Thai noodles

Pad Thai: noodles sautéed Thai ... I love it! (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons - Ben Frantz Dale)
Pad thaï: Thai-style fried noodles... I love it! (Photo source: Wikimedia Commons - Ben Frantz Dale)

The Thai pad (easy to remember and pronounce, it sounds like "Thai pasta") is best enjoyed in one of those little street restaurants where you sit on tiny plastic chairs after dark... Want to feel like you're there? Feel your nostrils tingle, your taste buds tingle?

Click on the video below!

EDIT. The Finsonline site, which hosted the video I posted here when I published this post in 2009, no longer exists... But search for "pad thai" on Youtube, and you'll find plenty of scenes filmed on the streets of Thailand (and recipes), like this one, for example :

The video I was talking about (which is no longer visible, therefore) was carried out by Tony Wu, photographer and videographer diver, for the site FinsOnline. He makes us tour the "10 best places to eat in Phuket". In addition to Thai pad, there are many small dishes that are part of the great pleasures of the traveler to the kingdom of Siam ... There is even a PDF file to download, with all the practical indications to find restaurants on site.

That's it ... I've been back for five weeks and I'm already short of Thai pad ! There are lots of ways to prepare it, you can easily find recipes by searching the web. I'll have to start one of these days ...

Yum, yum ...

The base: stir-fried noodles, then, mixed with bits of omelette, in various condiments and spices (fish sauce, etc.). nam-pla or fish saucetamarind juice, small red chillies, garlic, pepper, shallots, bean sprouts...), topped with your choice of shrimp, chicken or tofu. The noodles are garnished with crushed peanuts, coriander and a squeeze of lemon. The noodles are sprinkled with lemon juice, and topped off to taste with these mysterious condiments, available in little pots on the tables.

Avoid ordering your Thai pad In tourist restaurants, prefer the authentic version of small street food joints, choosing those that seem to be very popular with Thais: in general, the noodles are much less oily and bland, and the blend of spices and aromas infinitely more subtle.

It makes me hungry, all that. (Sigh…)

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