Pad Thai: noodles sautéed Thai ... I love it! (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons - Ben Frantz Dale)
Pad Thai: noodles sautéed Thai ... I love it! (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons - Ben Frantz Dale)

In lack of pad Thai?

  Between Two Journeys

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It is the most famous Thai dish of the western tourist. Tasty, nourishing and cheap. A simple plate of fried noodles, which I long for when I'm away from Thailand.

Thai noodles

Pad Thai: noodles sautéed Thai ... I love it! (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons - Ben Frantz Dale)
Pad Thai: noodles sautéed Thai ... I love it! (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons - Ben Frantz Dale)

The Thai pad (easy to remember and pronounce, it sounds like "Thai pasta") is much better tasted in one of these small street restaurants, where we sit on tiny plastic chairs, at night ... You want to have the impression of being there? Feel your nostrils quiver, your taste buds wriggle?

Click on the video below!

EDIT. The site Finsonline, which hosted the video I had placed here, when I published this post in 2009, no longer exists ... But look for "pad thai" on Youtube, you will find many scenes filmed in the streets in Thailand (and recipes), like this one, for example:

The video I was talking about (which is no longer visible, therefore) was carried out by Tony Wu, photographer and videographer diver, for the site FinsOnline. He makes us tour the "10 best places to eat in Phuket". In addition to Thai pad, there are many small dishes that are part of the great pleasures of the traveler to the kingdom of Siam ... There is even a PDF file to download, with all the practical indications to find restaurants on site.

That's it ... I've been back for five weeks and I'm already short of Thai pad ! There are lots of ways to prepare it, you can easily find recipes by searching the web. I'll have to start one of these days ...

Yum, yum ...

The base: fried noodles, then, mixed with omelette bits, in various condiments and spices (fish sauce nam-pla or fish sauce, tamarind juice, small red peppers, garlic, pepper, shallots, soya beans ...), which can be served with shrimp, chicken or tofu. Everything is basically garnished with crushed peanuts, coriander and a small piece of lemon. The noodles of lemon juice are sprinkled with water, and, according to taste, they are completed with these mysterious condiments, which tear you more or less from the mouth, available in small pots on the tables.

Avoid ordering your Thai pad in restaurants for tourists, prefer the authentic version of small street boui-bouis, choosing those that seem very popular with Thais: in general, the noodles are much less oily and less faded, the mixture of spices and aromas infinitely more subtle.

It makes me hungry, all that. (Sigh…)

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  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Hmmmm .... it looks too good your Thai pad.
    What is good travel ... all these beautiful discoveries of nature, different cultures, gastronomy, art and many others. They remain to us when one returns so many sensations and extraordinary emotions that one has more than one wish is to leave again and leave again.

    Anyway you make me want to try this good recipe.

  2. Hello,

    Whenever I arrive in Bangkok, this is the first dish I eat ... More than 2 months to wait.

    Your blogs are great!


  3. La vidéo est sympa, j’ai revu mes p’tits restos de la plage de Karon, Kata et Chalong, mais bon maintenant que tu nous a mis l’eau à la bouche, va falloir que je réserve à l’Eléphant bleu 😯
    Non, pas la chaine de lavage de voitures, mais « The thaï restaurant of Paris » où le Pad thaï est a… 11€ 😡

  4. @Cathy: Ah, that yes! We enjoy every level on a trip. And Thailand is a country where you eat particularly well. Even the simplest dishes are refined. I just love it!

    @ Domi59234: Me the same, when I arrive in Bangkok, I order a direct pad Thai and a mango-shake, just to get back on my feet! Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand is the best food, I think ... Thank you for the compliment for the blog, glad you like it! I have to wait two months, just like you, before returning to the Asian skies. But it will be a Malaysia-Indonesia pair for me.

    @Alimata: Ouch! 11 € pad Thai ... I'm not Parisian for a long time, but I remember your Elephant Blue (easy to remember). As I did not hang out in Phuket, I did not know all these little addresses visited in the video. I enjoyed it, this little film, and put me in the mouth, too ...

  5. Corinne, extraordinaire la vidéo de Tony Wu sur Phuket (je ne connais pas un seul de ses boui-bouis de Phuket mais je retournerai bien, rien que pour les tester 😆 ), celle sur le pad thai à BKK est pas mal non plus… 🙄

    Viiiiiiite… il me faut un mango & sticky rice d’urgence!!! 😛

    @Alimata: Thai Paname, I know almost all. Blue elephant and Silk & Spices both "high end" are really too expensive. My favorite, the one next to New Nioulaville in Belleville and "Bien Bien" rue Bergère ... 8)

  6. @ Wet & Sea I missed the video "pad Thai Bangkok" during my first trip to the blog of Tony Wu, but thanks to you, I just add it ... They are really top his little movies!

    Thank you for all the good addresses in Paris!

  7. @Wet & sea : Tu as raison pour l’Eléphant bleu et S&S, mais « de temps en temps »… 😀
    J’ai noté par contre tes 2 adresses dans le Nord-Est parisien où je vais peu. Vais tester d’ici quelques temps 😛

  8. @ Marie-Julie: Tss-tss… je croyais que tu ne te nourrissais plus que de Nutella? 😆
    @Alimata: Moi aussi je prends bonne note de toutes ces adresses… Ça peut servir en cas d’envie de pad thaï pressante un jour où je serai de passage à Paris! 😉

  9. Effectivement cela donne envie 😛 (je viens de me noter les adresses parisiennes, des fois que…).
    Vivement cet été! À défaut de pad thaï, on se délectera des mets balinais 😉 dans les warung tout aussi sympas ❗
    D’ailleurs quelqu’un aurait-il quelques tuyaux 💡 ou adresses sympas sur l’île 😉

    Sinon en attendant, quelqu’un a-t-il vu la vidéo de Tony Wu « Durian War » trop excellente 😀

  10. Hello, un moment que je ne suis pas passe par ton blog, toujours aussi sympa … 🙂

    I'm passing in France early June, you want me to bring you some Thai pad vacuum ?????


  11. @ PhilippeB: I'm glad you come back here on occasion! But unfortunately, a vacuum pad Thai will never have the same flavor that you see prepared under your eyes, in a steaming wok and overflowing with flavors and tasty smells ... No, nothing to see. I like to wait until I go back to Thailand, or I go into Asian home-made cooking to wait until then.

  12. easy to do .. throw yourself ... the secret is in cooking pasta. I made tons of them coming back from Asia!
    and when do you come to taste MATAPA? it's the traditional dish here in Mozambique .. and it's super good!

  13. @Sabrina: Hello la belle! Ça me fait drôlement plaisir de te voir passer par ici… 😉
    You're right, I have to start. Maybe this weekend, if I find the time to go shopping in Bel'Asie, the Asian supermarket Rennes, where you find everything you need.
    As for the matapa, it tempts me well, especially if it goes with whale sharks and mantas ... It looks sumptuous, the waters of Mozambique! It is better to come during the French winter to get hot in the water, right?
    Full of kisses!

  14. Aaaaaaargh !! Va savoir pourquoi je tombe sur cet article (le plaisir de trainer sur ce magnifique site de temps à autre !), à une heure où la faim commence à poindre… et voilà, grave envie de pad thai !!! 😛

    I should learn to do it! Have you tested?

  15. @paradise: No, I still have not started in the pad-thai home-made. But I have eaten some excellent ones in Thailand recently ...