Small Bubbles Elsewhere in Geo - November 2010

My Little Bubbles in Geo

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  Between Two Journeys

The magazine Geo devotes a chronicle to my Bubbles Underwater & Beyond, in its November issue (the paper version, on newsstands). It's a pleasure.

It's Marie-Ange, fromA World Elsewhere, who told me: she flipped through the magazine before flying to Vietnam. Me, I was not even aware, I had not bought or flipped the number of this month ...


" Heart stroke "

It's on page 14, it's short, but laudatory. It starts with "Coup de coeur" and ends with "Pictures and little magic films ..."

Bugger. It remakes me, to quickly quickly attach to new tickets!

Small Bubbles Elsewhere in Geo - November 2010

The articles in question are here:
Amed, salt convicts

The magazine Géo of November 2010.
The magazine Géo of November 2010.

Okay, let's stay there for the autopromo ... I'm getting back to work!

: roll:

  Between Two Journeys