Marie-Julie Gagnon

Marie-Julie makes her star

  Between Two Journeys

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We became friends through our blogs. I just watched this cute portrait of Marie-Julie Gagnon, my sister from Quebec, who has just been posted on I love it. To the question: "Why blog? "she answers as I could have done it myself. I find myself so, so much, in her words!

Marie-Julie, blogger technomade

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"Featuring: Marie-Julie Gagnon

Marie-Julie Gagnon

Marie-Julie Gagnon.

These images were shot in the streets of Chinatown in Montreal, if I'm not mistaken ... (And I'm tired of discovering, after the fact, that she extracted video almost the same images than me to talk about it on his own blog.)


It is this same euphoria, this same insatiable need to share our discoveries and emotions, when we are elsewhere, that brought us together in the beginning. We agree on this: every journey generates a salutary, inspiring, fruitful shock. Shock of cultures, habits, sensations... Shock more or less destabilizing, but which always stimulates the senses and the spirit. And it also gives us, I believe, the exhilarating sensation of living stronger, more intensely.

This is the kind of thinking we were exchanging through screens at the beginning. Without knowing each other. Yet with the troubling feeling of having an almost twin sister on the other side of the Atlantic... Not to mention our identical addiction to our little nomadic technological toys, to connect anywhere in the world!

In real life

Since then, we have met "in real life" as they say on the web (IRL). The first time in Montreal, where she lives, in November 2009. Marie-Julie picked me up at the airport and inflicted a poutine (and a note in his blog In transit) to celebrate!!

The second time was in Rennes, where I live, last May. It was one of the stopover cities of her "girls' trip to France" for Espadrilles and Champagne. There, I was the one who inflicted a little paper, in the pages of Rennes Ouest-France


And then, we kept moments for us, of course ...

If you are not yet familiar with Marie-Julie's columns and blogs (I am voluntarily writing the word "Quebecois"), visit the following links:
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Why blog?

There you go. I'm closing this little "between trips" ticket. I don't have enough time these days to continue the story of my trip to Sulawesi. But patience... the rest is coming. I still have so much and so many things to tell!

Upcoming articles include an epic puncture in the rice fields of Toraja Country, new underwater creatures at Lembeh and Bangka Island, the discovery of Singapore... by night in the company of thib ', another blogger whose publications I am faithful to, and whom I ended up meeting, again ... in real life.

"Why blog? "asked fun. For sharing, exchanges, encounters!


  Between Two Journeys