The Dancing Man in South Africa

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Matt Harding's back! You liked The man who dances around the world and The man who dances for a bank card ? You're gonna love his new video... Matt's getting into the diski dance, the official dance of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

The return of the traveler-dancer

As I already wrote in my previous posts on the subject, a damn good yarn, this little traveler dance! Did you notice, in the clip above, that he abandons the diski a short moment to do his funny little dance moves again?

Matt's adventures since 2008

Being a fan of Matt's videos, I couldn't not talk about it here, even if I already did a little report on the diski dance, on my other blog escapes :
► Diski, the new South African dance

Finally, on Bubbles Underwater & BeyondMy tickets, which since 2008 have been retracing the adventures of Matt, a very special traveller and champion of video buzz, are here:
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► The man who dances for a bank card

Small addition [October 2011] : Matt is back dancing in France, place Bellecour, in Lyon! To discover at the end of this link :
► The man who dances around the world... in Lyon

Added [December 2011]: Matt dances this time for the Thailand Tourism Board and continues to promote his favorite bank card:
► The return of the dancing man to Thailand


  Between Two Journeys