Matt Harding dancing
Matt Harding, the man who dances around the world. (Screenshot: YouTube / Matt Harding)

The man who dances around the world

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Matt Harding is the man who dances around the world and on the web. On this 21st of September 2008, the video of this young American has been seen more than 10 million times on Youtube.

This video is cheerful, refreshing, it feels great to watch! We understand its success.

Small update of the counters : more than 28 million views in June 2010, more than 52 million in April 2021... The numbers have continued to climb, since this article was first published in 2008!

Dance in 42 countries

It took Matt Harding 14 months to make this little film, in 42 countries.

Matt performs his funny little jig in the middle of crabs on a beach in Australia, under the rain in Zanzibar, in the jungle of Borneo. At the foot of the pyramids in Guatemala, on the cliff of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, in front of the sugar loaf of Rio de Janeiro...

In his first videos that made him famous, Matt Harding danced alone. For the 2008 video (the most famous), he dances with locals he meets during his travels: a bunch of kids in a village in Madagascar, bystanders in Singapore, Paris or Jerusalem, and even Papuans in New Guinea.

And like me in Bali with mola-molaHe also dances underwater with a big fish in Tonga. On his 2006 video below (previously visible on the Stride Gumthe chewing gum manufacturer that sponsored his world tour), there are several little underwater dances. Hilarious!

To learn more about the unusual adventure of this American from Connecticut, video game designer, you can go to his website :

Where the heck is Matt ?


Matt dancing for a bank card (2008)

Addition - December 2008 : Matt didn't stop there, with his little traveling jig. His idea has become a good source of income... We find him in 2008 in a commercial for a bank card.

Dancing in South Africa (2010)

Added - May 2010 : Matt Harding is back, and he's now dancing for the South Africans, for the 2010 Football Cup... A real money spinner, I tell you! See also the post below:
The Dancing Man in South Africa

The man who dances... in Lyon (2011)

Addition - October 2011 : infatiguable Matt ! While in France, he met his fans in Lyon! Romain Corraze, student from Lyon become a world traveler the time of a year in 2009, could not miss the passage in Lyon, Saturday, October 29, 2011, the famous traveler-dancer Matt. He had the good idea to make it a blog post and edit the little video above.

The man who dances in Thailand (2011)

Matt is dancing in Thailand.
Addition - December 2011 : Recruited by the Thai tourist office (TAT) and again by the Visa bank card, Matt Harding dances to restore the image of Thailand among tourists, after the terrible floods of autumn 2011. The spot is no longer available today. I wrote about it at the time on this other blog:
The return of the dancing man: in Thailand

The man who dances around the world (2012)

Addition - June 2012 : Matt Harding posted this new video on YouTube, which compiles his little dances performed all over the world, for several years.

Where The Heck is Matt? (2016)

Addition - November 2016: Matt has done it again, with a new little dance that starts in Cuba... At 0'56, we can see him in Paris. Note, at the very end of the video, that the succession is assured. The tourdumondist dancer who became a father now has two offspring to perpetuate the adventure ...


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Yes, I know this Matt, it's quite funny! Me, I'm looking forward to go dancing in the middle of the temples of Angkor! Kisses!

  2. I discovered it two days ago, thanks to Sam, who posted the video on his Facebook!

    Yes, bring me a little Helvético-breizhou-Khmer dance improvised in front of Angkor!


  3. I also knew this guy... I had seen his first video, at the time... it was already terrible !!! And then he gets paid to go dancing around the world... I say bravo !


  4. Yes, the ideal would be that you also find a sponsor...Let's dig, let's dig....who could sponsor you...Kopi Bali??yeah...Let's keep digging....Kisses!

  5. Excellent! 😉 Thanks for the link, Alimata!

    Matt Harding explains on his website that he made his very first video during a trip to Asia in 2003, if I'm not mistaken, and that it's only around 2005 that the footage started to be broadcasted on the web.

    But it doesn't matter, in the end, who was the first to launch and/or exploit the idea, Lars or Matt. Dance or ball, the initiatives in question are quite nice.


  6. This video keeps on making buzz... Every day, people land on this article in my blog, by searching in Google a query like this:
    "The guy who dances all over the country"
    "He dances all over the world"
    "Dance man around the world"

  7. But where is he past that devil Matt ❓
    Well, Corinne, you'll be green with rage 😡 , he's in Southeast Asia at the expense of the princess who is no longer a gum manufacturer but a credit card 😯

    Do you think we'll do something similar when you travel to Thailand?

  8. Hi,
    We are preparing a safari in Bali ... Thanks to Manta, we collect information! But what a surprise, a bit of freshness in our world.
    Good bubbles to you ... 8)

  9. @ PlungerMarathoner: Ah! Bali ... What a good idea.

    Trust Manta, she is a mine of information! And if you need more information about places I've been, don't hesitate, send me a private message, by clicking on "contact" in the top menu, or by e-mail:

    Good preparations!

  10. The 2008 video now has almost 44 million views 😀

    As for the one of 2012, it surely goes in the same direction! And yet, he assures, in the video description, that he is not sponsored.

    It must also be said that music (unpublished) plays for many. In the end it gives a very beautiful video offering a sort of message of world peace.

  11. I just watched this video for the thousandth time and it's always a pleasure! I just discovered the 2012 which is gorgeous too 😀 Thanks!