The man who dances for a bank card

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Matt Harding, the man who dances around the worldis back in a commercial, shot in Asia. He's changed sponsors. From now on, he advertises for a bank card instead of a brand of chewing gum... A good vein, this little travelling dance!

An ad for a credit card

What's funny is the parodies born around this idea. Matt collected them on this page from his blog (see below).

thank you, Alimatafor bringing this new spot to my attention! I have to admit that I also have the famous credit card... But I can't promise to do the same on my next trip to Thailand! 


ADD. May 2010 : Matt is now dancing for the 2010 Football World Cup!
→ The Man Who Dances in South Africa

ADD. October 2011: Matt came to dance at Place Bellecour in Lyon!
→ The man who dances around the world... in Lyon

ADD. December 2011: Matt dances for the tourist office Thailand (and always for a credit card ...)
→ The return of the man who dances in Thailand


  Between Two Journeys