The man who dances for a bank card

  Between Two Journeys

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic translation made from a post originally written in French. My apologies for any strange sentences and funny mistakes that may have been generated during the process. If you are reading French, click on the French flag below to access the original and correct text: 

Matt Harding, the man who dances around the worldis back in a commercial, shot in Asia. He's changed sponsors. From now on, he advertises for a bank card instead of a brand of chewing gum... A good vein, this little travelling dance!

An ad for a credit card

What's funny is the parodies born around this idea. Matt collected them on this page from his blog (see below).

thank you, Alimatafor bringing this new spot to my attention! I have to admit that I also have the famous credit card... But I can't promise to do the same on my next trip to Thailand! 


ADD. May 2010 : Matt is now dancing for the 2010 Football World Cup!
→ The Man Who Dances in South Africa

ADD. October 2011: Matt came to dance at Place Bellecour in Lyon!
→ The man who dances around the world... in Lyon

ADD. December 2011: Matt dances for the tourist office Thailand (and always for a credit card ...)
→ The return of the man who dances in Thailand


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Cette fois-ci, le spot publicitaire est clair. Mais c’est toujours aussi sympa et on révise les monnaies. J’aurais aimé que Matt tombe à la flotte, parce que ça aurait été trop drôle. 🙄

  2. Certains mauvaises langues disent que Matt danse à tous les râteliers 😆
    It is true that in addition to chewing gum, he also danced for Yahoo:
    before being approached by Visa Asia:
    By the way, I think he got a little thick with our friend Matt.
    Could we have found a factor favoring obesity with the Visa card?

    So Corinne, you thought about it ❓
    Tu nous as trouvé quoi ? 💡

  3. @ Nono:
    Yes, well seen the shot of the boat. Everyone regrets that he did not capsized !!!

    @ Alimata:
    Pfff ... But what a bad language you do, Alimata!
    😛 😈
    Well, I think.
    - I hang my backpacker's hammock in the halls of all the chic hotels in the world?
    - I prepare a chore with my brother and we do it in duet everywhere in local folk costumes?
    - I travel 42 countries in tuk-tuk?
    - I'm going to challenge all the clownfish of the oceans (private joke: especially those where there are plastic triangles that float and spoil the photos)?
    - I test all ATMs in the world with my Visa Premier in one hand and my snorkel in the other (in case a clownfish lurking in the shadows would go on the attack)?

    😕 😆

  4. I vote for the 42 countries in tuk-tuk!

    Yes, the vein of Matt is great, but I wonder every time he is not afraid of being stung his camera by self-filming as well ... lol

  5. In fact, he has not been filming himself for a long time ...

    Well, as soon as I manage to get a tuk-tuk, I'm sorry. The hammock project would be easier to implement. I already have the equipment!

  6. Le duo avec sœurette me parait être un bon plan sous réserve que ce soit en costumes bretons 🙂
    Je vous vois assez bien en bigoudène à James Bond island, sur un long-tail boat, dans un bar à Patong, avec un bloc sur le dos… dans une choré type pom pom girl 😆
    J’avais envisagé plus simple et avec la possibilité de te faire sponsoriser par ton employeur : Te faire filmer en lisant OF aux quatre coins de la Thaïlande 😈
    Allez chiche… 😯

  7. Ni ma sœur ni moi n’avons jamais revêtu le costume breton… ce serait une première! Quant à ma frangine, elle n’a jamais porté un bloc de toute sa vie: elle, c’est plutôt le genre à faire du snorkeling avec le gilet jaune des Thaïs ou des Coréens histoire de rester le plus loin possible des bêtes qui évoluent au fond… 😆

    J’étudie l’autre possibilité… Mais je doute que mon employeur mette un centime dans pareille opération!!! 😕

    Ce qui serait plus pertinent, ce serait de trouver des gens originaires de l’Ouest de la France, installés à l’étranger (et pas seulement en Thaïlande), qui lisent encore le canard grâce au site web, et de les filmer avec le OF entre les mains. Du coup, faudrait que je mette sur pied une opération de vaste envergure: le tour du monde des gens qui lisent OF à l’étranger… 😀