Jo and Jay, the authors of Learn Thai Podcast.

Getting into the Thai language

  Between Two Journeys

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic translation made from a post originally written in French. My apologies for any strange sentences and funny mistakes that may have been generated during the process. If you are reading French, click on the French flag below to access the original and correct text: 

To put the basic phrases in Thai, I tested Learn Thai Podcast. A great site, with audio course in mp3.

Thai lessons with Jo and Jay

In this period of re-entry, I am already dreaming of new beginnings! And Thailand is coming back to haunt me...

While surfing the web, looking for a site that would allow me to put back in my ear the basic sentences in Thai, I came across this one : Learn Thai Podcast. An online lesson site, super well done, with audio files to download in mp3.

Update → The Lear Thai Podcast site has evolved a lot and has become fully professional since I published this article in September 2008.

The first podcasts are free and open access. The lessons are focused on everyday conversations, everyday words. Perfect for learning or relearning numbers, polite phrases, useful little phrases while traveling.

Great to listen, re-listen, repeat the five different accents of the Thai languagethese subtle accents that completely change the meaning of a word and that our Western ears have so much trouble capturing.

A little click on the audio player below will allow you to better understand the difficulty of these intonations ... Mâi pen rai! 

[audio https://petitesbullesdailleurs.fr/petitesbullesdailleurs/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/mai.mp3]

Learn Thai Podcast

Authors are Jo (the Thai female voice) and Jay (the English male voice). Their pedagogy is simple and effective:

Learning Thai is not rocket science. Focusing on expressions with a high practical use, the podcasts at LTP are made for anyone with a desire to learn Thai language. They are suitable if you are visiting Thailand, or here for work. With the aim of teaching you specific phrases and words, every episode in Thai. Each word or phrase is said once in English, then repeated several times in Thai. To help you get the pronunciation right, longer sentences and sentences are repeated word for word.

I'm getting hooked. There's even a Thai script transcript for the more addicted. I love going to work in the morning, with Jo's sweet voice in the palm of my ear, stored on my iPod, making me repeat after her:

- to-run-sà-wàt ...
- yin-dii thii dai khui dueay ...
- man-pen-rai ...


  Between Two Journeys