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The clownfish is the most popular tropical fish, thanks to the movie Finding Nemo (The world of Nemo). While sorting out my photos, I rediscovered with pleasure the clownfish that I have flashed over the years. Here is the photo gallery of my own little world of Nemo.

Nemos Photo Gallery

All the photos below were taken with my small Canon Powershot A95 compact camera.

Addition - July 2012 : I have made so much progress since then... The pictures below are from before 2009. I am now doing much better with my SLR, the Canon Eos 7D. See the photos at the end of the link below :
Clownfish have a dirty mouth

As you may know, the clownfish is also called Anemony-fish in English, because of the anemone in which it lives. Hence the name Nemo (atNEMOny fish) for the little Disney cartoon hero.

Clownfish are curious, but mostly fearful. At the beginning of the movie, we see Nemo's daddy come out and then carefully go back into the anemone several times, before coming out again...

It's the same for real clownfish. They keep moving, wriggling, hiding and burrowing into their anemones. Not easy to photograph!

Beware of the anemone kingpins!

But some are more intrepid. Once, during a dive in SipadanI witnessed some amazing behavior from a very brave little clownfish.

While I was leaning on the anemone trying to take a picture of it, it came out at full speed and went straight to the mask of my partner to hit it. Bing!

Quickly, he returned to take refuge between the stinging tentacles. Then he started the maneuver again. Re-bing! I even managed to take the picture...

Have you ever been attacked by a clownfish?


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Ah, Nemo, I love it!!!!Besides, I'm not the only one....I saw posters in Geneva of a musical show on ice called "Nemo's world".

  2. I see you've been shopping at Nemo's market!!! 😉
    Well I'm proud to announce first that I was bitten 😡 by a little bastard who thought I was leering a little too closely at his girlfriend 🙂 A finger gesture of "don't do it again" 😈 warned him off ... and calmed him down! (I had little gloves on, which surprised me less).
    A + corinne

  3. @ Helen: If now they make us Nemo on ice, where are we going? No, no, no! Nemo is not an ice fish. Nemo likes warm seas and tropical anemones. Just like me!

    @ Martial: Hey, hey! I knew clownfish were more dangerous than sharks. You had a close call!!! 😆 Gotta watch out. Jaws are not where you think they are. In fact, it's my previous article on dead skin-eating fish that reminded me of this aggressive clown fish from Sipadan... In the series, I should do an article on the triggerfish, a fish that has good teeth, him, and that does not hesitate to bite divers or their fins when you have the bad idea to pass too close to its nest.

  4. Hi Manta!

    Ah, I knew that clownfish were not the nice creatures that cartoons show us!
    With Martial, that's now two more testimonies, confirming that Nemos are not at all the kind of fish that let themselves be impressed by divers... I can't believe that such a small fish plays the big man like that!

    As for the balistes-titans, yes, there would be things to tell. I'll have to write a little article about them. Especially since I have a nice little picture taken in Perhentian, of a cleaner shrimp perched on the teeth of a titan (yes, I dared to get as close as possible for this picture). On Koh Tao, there is even one that the dive-masters had nicknamed Tyson, like the boxer, because it had bitten the ear of a client...

  5. Hello Corinne

    😀 I am one of those who has been savagely assaulted by a clown, repeatedly!
    Between those who run at the camera or the mask... and those who "bite", I would rather say "pinch", because it sometimes leaves a small pink mark like a hickey...
    Sometimes I think that if the clown was the size of a shark, we would have to be very careful!
    Certainly, there are timid ones, but some are very fearless and seriously defend their anemone against intruders ... a diver does not scare them!

    😯 When the triggerfish, and in particular the titan in the period of construction of its nest... ouch! some lost a piece of flesh or a bit of plastic on the fins!

  6. "Hence the name Nemo (aNEMOny fish)"

    Well... here's a good anecdote to bring up at the next cocktail party! I didn't know that...

    As for the fish itself, I think it's the only one I can recognize with certainty when I go snorkeling!

    See you soon 😉

  7. The clownfish is a nasty bug that needs to be eradicated from our oh-so-quiet coral reefs. 👿
    Under deceptive and sympathetic appearances hides a little guy who reigns the terror in his neighborhood of coral by indulging in all the possible abuses, taking his anemone for a housing estate of ninecube where even a certified diver can not penetrate.
    I was attacked several times by this scum. In Bali, they even went at it together, while I was alone and unarmed (I had forgotten my snorkel at the hotel bar).
    I shot a film of this aggression (sensitive souls abstain) to serve as evidence of my claims when I filed a complaint with the local authorities:

    Attack of clowns => Alimata's underwater videos page
    [flash http://alimata.free.fr/indonesie/bali/video/attaque-clown.flv w = 400 h = 300 f = {image = http: //alimata.free.fr/indonesie/bali/video/img-attack-clown.jpg&id=10}

    Nothing helped, they have too much support from the media and politicians.
    A piece of advice : Never forget your snorkel, it could save your life one day when you will be alone face to face with these thugs...

    To the best of our knowledge, goodbye! 😉


    Added on 3/12/2008 by Corinne: I took the liberty of inserting above the code to see your video, Alimata. It's really too funny and right in my topic (if you don't like it, tell me, I'll remove it and leave only the link to click). To all of you, I invite you to discover a lot of other very nice underwater videos, at this address, on Alimata's website:


  8. @ Thib: Delighted that you can shine in the Singaporean social dinners with this little article !!!! Watch out anyway, next time you snorkel ...

    @ Alimata: We are now four complainants against Nemo!!! So, here, Alimata, I must say that you bring the bright proof of the aggressiveness of these small thugs of the coral...
    I laughed so hard when I rediscovered your video, I inserted it right into your comment (see above). "The real teeth of the sea..." EXCELLENT!!!!!!

  9. And five, with Siratus! 😈
    Thank you for your contribution. And your compliment on the photos.

    Well, I promise you, I will talk about the fin-eating triggerfish, and incidentally, the innocent divers race, in a next article...

  10. Too much, Alimata's video 😉 Of course, these little monsters attack. I photographed one pecking at my partner's hand in Moalboal...
    Your shots are beautiful.
    For the empty ballista, I prefer not to get too close!

  11. I have fond memories of my first dives, where I burst out - literally! - laughing at the sight of clown fish. I thought they looked nice and I never got tired of watching them. It was rather the "trigger fish" that scared me... I probably didn't dive often enough to see clownfish as potential fearsome beasts! Great pictures! I love them!

  12. @ Marie-Julie: "Trigger fish" is the other name of the dreaded triggerfish I mentioned above!

    But clowns can also be "tough" underwater. You'll see, the day the same thing will happen to you as to Alimata!!!!

  13. @ Corinne: No problem for you to integrate the video

    @ Marie-Julie : The trigger fish is not very dangerous in fact. Only the males during the period when they watch the eggs are aggressive. In fact, they define a cone-shaped territory from their nest to the surface and attack everything that passes through it. The diver's mistake is to go up to escape the attack instead of going horizontally to get out of the cone

    @ Manta: You know the clown fish, besides being a reef thug, is not very intelligent. It attacks what is most in front of it. So when you present your face, it's the regulator and if you put your hand in, it's going to attack your finger. If you want to get the kiss of your life, take off your regulator and hold out your lips:D You can also stick out your tongue... 😛

  14. 😉
    ... the clown fish kiss... with the tongue... that's a photo or video idea!
    I have the camera... all I need is the model... any volunteers??? 😈

  15. Well ... Nemo has a lot of comments !!!
    I'll add just one more...far from my poor underwater experiences....because I, Nemo....love him as a cartoon, comfortable in my couch!!!

  16. @ Manta: Any volunteers? Not me!!! 😡
    @ Helen: Yep! Live underwater or in cartoon, Nemo is a star, even for non couch potatoes!!! 😆

  17. Clownfish are one of the favorite subjects of underwater photographers. And when I play the models they attack directly my mask! They must not like my eyes!...

    As for the titan ballista, one of them caught the 1st phalanx of one of my fingers and left the imprint of its 4 teeth! I suffered for 3 days...


  18. That's now six concordant testimonies, with the one of Marie-Ange (Un Monde Ailleurs)... To think that even a professional of the profession is not safe from these little rascals!

    On the picture I put of my partner, it was exactly the situation you describe, Marie-Ange: he was going straight into her mask. The "Nemo" way of saying: "You have beautiful eyes, you know" ❓

    As for the trigger fish, it will not get away with it! I'm going to dedicate an article to him with his picture, where you can see in close-up his big ugly rabbit teeth that inflict such painful bites. No but.

    Poor of you ...

  19. The photos are sublime. Continue to dive and make us dream. This one, these clowns don't seem to appreciate the world.

  20. I went to the photo gallery. I love Nemo orange. Still, he's tiny. I tried to send to a friend from the O-F gallery and it didn't work.
    I'm having fun with the too-funny icons. 😈

  21. Thanks Alimata!!! This is a really great one. Yes, it's a shame there's that triangle that ruins the composition of the photo on the top left...
    😆 😆 😆

    (I'm laughing alone in front of my screen.)

  22. My apologies to everyone but I discover.
    Alimata is right, they are awful dirty beasts that have all seen Nemo's World and still have a propensity to hide in anemones.
    Saw this year the smallest clowns ever seen before: 2 held on the nail of my little finger, archis cute!!!
    Well, beware of the parents who were trying to take the regulator away from us.....