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Which airports offer free internet and wifi? My little selection of links to help you find good deals when traveling.

-First of all this list of airports offering free wifi in the world.

In France too, there are some that offer wireless internet access to travelers. Among these French airports "free wifi": Angers, Bordeaux, Pau... And Brittany is not lagging behind, with the airports of Brest, Lannion and Quimper!

I refer you to their list, found on this page of Duck-Wifi (from 2006, to update).

To complete with this little list of international airportson the same site. Internationally, another link to visit: these airport maps with wifi from Jaunted website (link spotted by Marie-JulieThank you!)

For a small overview of the evolution of wifi in French airports, and the strategy of the Irish company Free-Hotspot.comwhich aims to reach 5000 access points across Europe by the end of 2008, I refer you to this July 2008 article from Point.

For the latest news on free wifi in general, you can visit these search results on Duck-Wifi, again.

And for the list of hot-spots wifi in France (free and paid), there is the search engine of L'Internaute.

Changi Airport Singapore.
Changi Airport Singapore.

For my part, I appreciate to find in airports even free internet in self-service, with keyboard and screen, like in the fabulous Changi Airport Singapore. (And I prefer not to dwell on the poor services offered, in comparison, by Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport).

Finally, for those who live in Geneva (Switzerland), a good plan that changes the wifi access in fast-food chains or American-style coffee shops. An address discovered by my sister, a Breton exiled in Switzerland, who had no internet access at home for a few days: the laundry at 49 Prévost-Martin Street, which makes wifi gratos.

If you have any other interesting links about free wifi or internet in airports, you can post them in a comment below.


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PS2. The very first site I refer to at the beginning, titled Travel is my Life, Work and Pleasureis a treasure trove of information about air travel. The author, Reem Greiveris an English travel consultant, well versed in the subject!

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  1. It's true that Singap airport is fantastic! I almost missed my plane this summer because I was so glued to the Internet!
    At the price where are the tickets, I find it absurd that not all airports offer free wifi!
    On the other hand, compared to the list, I've never been able to connect to wifi in Manila... I've been all over the airport though!

  2. I completely agree, the service offered at Roissy is outrageous.
    I've also been to Singapore, Bangkok and K.L. and there's no comparison: they've understood that offering wifi is offering a service.

    Finally, to find free hotspots around the world, have a look here: http://www.wifeee.fr

  3. And yes...it's not all that easy to find free wifi! The worst is in luxury hotels, where you might assume it's included in the price of the room....but it's not. In Singapore, for example, it cost me the earth to be able to send e-mails!
    Finally, here I am new to my favorite laundry ... waiting for my modem!

  4. In Singapore, on the other hand, I had no trouble getting online, given the number of Starbuck's and other free networks in the city.
    In Bangkok, the same ...

  5. Unfortunately at CDG, it's not just the lack of Wifi that's scandalous. I'll name a few:
    - the tail at the customs,
    - waiting at baggage claim,
    - the tail to the taxis ...
    When I come back from Asia, sometimes our beautiful country makes me feel ashamed 😕

  6. Marie-Net: Free access is usually financed by an advertising screen at the end and/or beginning of the session. Given these conditions and the price of tickets, I too find it astonishing that airports continue to charge for wifi, often at prohibitive rates... Thanks for mentioning your experience in Manila. It could be useful to others!

    Gulick: Thanks for your link, I had also spotted it while doing my research. It could be useful to other travellers too. What you say about Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is very true... Amazing how the big Asian capitals are so much better provided with "free" web connections, or at very low prices, than Paris.

    Hélène: Yes, more and more of us are looking for good plans to connect to the web, at reasonable rates, from anywhere. I'd like to think that in a few years' time, this will be less of a problem than it is today... In any case, your "laundromat-wifi" plan is excellent!

    Alimata: I think just as you do. I'll add: the supreme friendliness of the staff (I'm being ironic), the incomprehensible signage, the absurdity of having to abandon carts in front of elevators, staircases, shuttles, etc., the lack of training of the security staff in front of the diving gear (but no, I'm not going to strangle anyone with the hoses of my regulator!), the lack of staff at the check-in counters when there's an influx of passengers, the internet terminals that are out of order or prohibitively expensive, etc. etc. etc. That's why I haven't gone into detail here. CDG deserves a very long article of its own. Who knows, if I'm really pissed off, maybe I'll tackle it one day soon (on the next departure?).

  7. Yes, as you say... I don't write about current political events in Thailand on this "light" travel and diving blog, but I do keep a close eye on events.

  8. Hello Corinne,

    I'm way behind on this one, but with a bit of a head start: for those who are (or have been) in the mood to let loose about Roissy, I did so with relish a while back:

    I've just come back from Egypt, and two years later this airport is still as tense as ever! Even though Terminal 3 was less crowded than the other terminals...

    Excellent year to all!


  9. Hello Marie-Angel,

    Yes, I remember that post you published... I personally enjoyed reading it!

    I'm currently in the Dominican Republic, and the direct flight departs from Nantes. Interesting, for all those who, like me, are based in the Grand Ouest region. The airport is smaller, of course, but you don't have to go through Roissy. That said, I'll have to go through it again in a few weeks' time for a trip to Thailand. Perhaps I'll "let loose" on this subject again in a post.

    Welcome back from Egypt! And a happy new year too!

  10. Regional airports are indeed less stressful. Personally, I've enjoyed the Marignane airport in Marseille several times: it's modern, quiet and clear, with little waiting at check-in and simplified circulation inside.

    Excellent stay in Rep. Dom' Corinne!

  11. @ Marie Ange : The stay is over! I've just returned. And I'll be able to tell you all about the rest of this Dominican escapade... As for Nantes airport, it's nothing extraordinary in itself, but its more modest size makes formalities simpler and quicker too.