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Which airports offer free internet and wifi? My small selection of links to help you find the right travel deals.

-First of all this list of airports offering free wifi in the world.

In France too, there are some that offer wireless internet access to travellers. Among these "free wifi" French airports: Angers, Bordeaux, Pau... And Brittany is not lagging behind, with the airports of Brest, Lannion and Quimper!

I refer you to their list, found on this page of Duck-Wifi (from 2006, to update).

To complete with this little list of international airportson the same site. Internationally, another link to visit: these airport maps with wifi from Jaunted website (link spotted by Marie-JulieThank you!)

For a small panorama on the evolution of wifi in French airports, and on the strategy of the Irish company Free-Hotspot.com, which aims to reach the 5000 access points across Europe by the end of 2008, I refer you to this July 2008 article from Point.

For the latest news on free wifi in general, you can visit these search results on Duck-Wifi, again.

And for the list of hot-spots wifi in France (free and paid), there is the Internet search engine.

Changi Airport Singapore.
Changi Airport Singapore.

For my part, I enjoy finding in the airports even the free internet self-service, with keyboard and screen, as in the fabulous Changi Airport Singapore. (And I prefer not to dwell on the poor services that Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport offers, in comparison.)

Finally, for those who live in Geneva (Switzerland), a good plan that changes from wifi access in fast-food or American-style coffee chains. An address discovered by my sister, a Breton exile in Switzerland, who has been without internet access at home for a few days: the laundry at 49 Prévost-Martin Street, which makes wifi gratos.

If you have other interesting links on the wifi or the free internet in airports, you can post them with a comment, below.


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