The ice cream shop in Gapang Beach. Pulau Weh, Indonesia, March 2010.

The little music of the ice cream man

  Indonesia: Pulau Weh [Sumatra] - March 2010

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If you have ever been to Southeast Asia, you will recognize it. The little music of the ice cream man is the most famous and best peddled melody in this part of the world... From Indonesia to Vietnam, from Thailand to Malaysia, it can be heard everywhere!

Video: the Gapang Beach Ice Cream Shop

I can not resist the pleasure of introducing you to the ice cream shop in Gapang Beach, Pulau Weh.

It often shows up strategically at the end of the afternoon, when the kids are hanging out on the beach and when the divers have finished rinsing and putting away their gear...

Success guaranteed.


  Indonesia: Pulau Weh [Sumatra] - March 2010

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  1. Cool! 😀 I didn't think I'd ever seen these ice cream vendors during my stays in Indonesia, but seeing your video reminded me of having seen this, but in the boat version! I think it was on the Bangka side.
    In any case, thank you, and double thank you for the little music, very "catchy", I think I'll have it in my head all day! 🙄

  2. hello, I'm from Southeast Asia 8) too and the little music of the ice cream man is worthy of Proust's madeleine, bravo for this blog, I've been clicking everywhere since I discovered it!

  3. @Helene from Mauritius: You're welcome! I came across the sequences while sorting through my photos last night... and so I couldn't resist the pleasure of editing them straight away, so happy was I to see them again. I'm glad you liked it too!

    @Malene: Yes, yes, you'll see, as you wander around Southeast Asia, you're bound to come across that heady little melody of the ice-cream man... The worst part is when you start humming it in spite of yourself.

    @nensee: Yes, that's exactly it: a madeleine de Proust!!! Welcome to my Petites Bulles d'Ailleurs, then, and enjoy your stroll from click to click...

  4. The ice cream man, a usual image in my city! Very interesting video 😉 I hope to read your next articles about Vietnam soon 🙂 Bonne continuation 🙂