A look at the planet. By Marie-Ange Ostré.

A look at the planet

  Between Two Journeys

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I like his view of the world. I like his photographic work. Marie-Ange Ostré is globe-trotter and diver, like me. She has just published her first book and it is a pleasure to rediscover her images thus highlighted.

Another look

From Greenland to the Marquesas Islands, from Brazil to Namibia, from Indonesian rice fields to the lagoons of the Bahamas, blogging photographer and globetrotter Marie-Ange Ostré takes us on incredible journeys. And her sincere enthusiasm to share them, to tell their stories, to give us the opportunity to see, through her eyes, these distant horizons, touches me a lot.

A look at the planet. By Marie-Ange Ostré.

Taking photos has become commonplace, accessible to all, with the progress of digital. But to take pictures is different.

It is to look at the world, to have a point of view. And then dare, possibly, confront him, submit him to other looks.

"For years, I have not travelled without my camera; it is my alter ego, my diary, my accomplice and my reminder sometimes. »

Marie-Ange's introductory words sum up the philosophy of this book well. I can imagine what it must have cost her to sort and select the photographs she wanted to collect in her first book. The accompanying texts have the grace to remain short, to let the image speak for itself.

Nature and encounters

Page after page, it is first of all a tribute to the splendour of nature, be it beach, desert, geyser or jungle. Landscapes conducive to escape, to dream, to wonder.

And then there are the looks and the faces crossed in these distant latitudes. Men and women who have transformed the journey into an encounter.

So far, so close... I like this "look at the planet" that goes beyond the easy aestheticism of exotic images. This look at the other with frankness and respect.


No doubt my perception is a bit biased: I read Marie-Ange's blog, A world elsewherefor so long that I know the history of each of these photographs, or almost! This familiarity explains why I have so much pleasure in admiring them again on paper (it changes from the screen).

Still. We share a bit of the raw happiness that the photographer had to realize his images, I think ... I have the impression to perceive the sensations that had to go through when triggering. Shock, curiosity, emotion. Shyness, too, sometimes.

The set exudes a beautiful serenity, something soothing, that makes you want to travel the world. To pose on the planet an optimistic look. And this, despite the alert messages of the author, which reminds us between two chapters threats to our Earth.

Marie-Ange Ostré has already recounted the beautiful adventure of this book on her blog. I therefore invite you, via the links below, to follow her through her words, she confides her joy as much as her doubts...
→ His book: A Look at the Planet

  Between Two Journeys

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  1. This book is the envy, or is it your way of talking that encourages him to go buy it ... I'm not sure if I understood correctly, it is found on the web is that?
    In any case, this new subject I like well! Thank you!

  2. @ Helen: Yes, the publisher has chosen an online distribution-distribution. It is nevertheless on sale in a bookstore in Paris, in the 11th: Chemins en Pages, 121 Avenue Ledru-Rollin.

    @ Helen from Mauritius: I do not know if it is possible to have the book sent to Mauritius. Should send an email to the publisher to ask them.

    @Pac ': I saw on the site that it is still for sale in a bookstore in Paris (see the comment to Helen). But I also wonder about this mode of diffusion. Especially for a "beautiful book" of photography, this is the kind of book that we appreciate to be in the hands before buying. To follow, as I said ...

  3. Indeed, I think it was after reading one of your tweets, I searched in our database book how to order this book, because I also love the blog "A world elsewhere" Marie-Ange. I unfortunately did not find a distribution network ... It's a shame as a diffusion policy, even if understandable for reasons of cost, because besides the readers of blogs that know the work of the author, the "potential" buyers who do not know Marie-Ange may be refractory for an online purchase without having seen the book ...

  4. Hello Corinne, and thank you for talking aboutA look at the Planet ici… 🙂

    The process of publishing a book for me is quite new, I'm a "book apprentice" in a way, but this adventure was superbly rewarding: see my digital images go to the paper stage, watch my photos on screen. to transform into satin material, it was very moving indeed ...

    The publisher himself is a newcomer who is excited about my image bank and who wants to develop the online sales mode to promote writers who do not have the necessary relationships to enter through the big picture. door of "big publishers" (La Martinière, Le Chêne, etc.). I believe that his primary goal is not to make a fortune, but rather to publish those who are less "visible" while having potential. And I'm really happy with this proof of trust ... The publishing team is learning from day to day, and working hard!

    Helen from Mauritius> Yes, the book can be ordered on the order page of Tucana Editions by selecting, through the drop-down menu, the geographical area concerned. The book can be bought and sent around the world without any problem.

    Pac '> the distribution network of this book is set up slowly, and even if the publisher wants to focus on Internet sales (buyers trust Amazon.fr to buy their books!), this book is also distributed in the bookstore indicated above by Corinne, and since Friday in the bookstore Agora Presse, located at 12, rue de Passy in Paris, in the 16th. The publisher is looking for other points of sale and they will be indicated as and when they appear on the "Points of sale" page of the Tucana Publishing website. But we must also know that booksellers are cautious with new-born publishers, and that in pre-Christmas time they are already VERY solicited by their distribution network which - let's say - costs the eyes of the head to publishers , even if the result for the reader is to find the books everywhere (knowing that for those who have not gone through the box Drucker or Canal +, it is sometimes necessary to dig long to find a book in the deluge of annual publications) ...

    🙄 🙄

  5. PS: congratulations for the selection on the Info Cup of the best blogs 2010! I was absent - and disconnected for 4 days - and I learn at the same time as you that we are going to be "competitive" for the Tourism category!

    Allez, je vote pour toi !!! 🙂

  6. @ Hélène from Mauritius: On the page Buy the book you have an option "Expedition". I think for Mauritius it is "World, excluding EEC and France" for a total, cost of the book + shipping, 41.90 euros.

  7. @R .: Thank you for the info!

    @A World Elsewhere: Vu ton long silence, je me disais bien que tu devais être déconnectée. J’aime beaucoup ton livre et en fidèle d’Un Monde Ailleurs, j’avais vraiment envie de le faire connaître à d’autres. J’imagine (j’espère) que d’autres projets de livre vont voir le jour?… Quant à la Coupe de l’info, oui, j’ai vu que nous étions « concurrentes »… 😆
    So, thank you for your vote, it's really nice!

    @ Helen from Mauritius: Tu sais maintenant ce qu’il te reste à faire… 😉

  8. Une déconnexion due à des déplacements en régions cette fois sans sortir des frontières nationales (Vendée + Bretagne eh oui ! mais pas du côté de Rennes) et donc peu de temps… 🙄

    I am already thinking about the concept of the next book of course, and the ideas are multiplying, I submit to my entourage, we do little brainstorming and then test on patient friends ... But I already know the subject of the next book (and 3rd, and 4th !!!). Promised, they will please you (especially since they will be written + than the first one).

    To tell the truth, my only problem is always the same: the lack of time !!! 8)

  9. @A World Elsewhere: Quelle bonne nouvelle, il y aura donc bien d’autres livres!!! Je m’en réjouis d’avance… 🙂
    As for the lack of time, I know, I know ... I have the same problem.