Tortue. Phi Phi Leh, Thaïlande. Février 2011.

Turtle Lady

  Cambodia and Thailand - February 2011

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After Cambodia and the temples of Angkor, we headed for the south of Thailand. Too bad for the chronology of the story ... I zap live in underwater mode, with my first video under water: a coral-eating tortoise, Phi Phi Leh.

Beneath the surface

Missing bubbles? Me too.

After those few days in Cambodia, I was looking forward to arriving on the Andaman coast in Thailand. To see the azure sea, to jump in the water, to breathe again in my regulator, to play with my 7D and its subwoofer under the surface, to find small and large underwater creatures ...

I only did two dives on Koh Phi Phi. (I devoted myself to diving the week after, during a cruise to the Similan Islands...) But the first splash off the island of Phi Phi Leh was more than friendly, with the meeting of a turtle not shy.

Dream opportunity, for me, to me refamiliarize with the settings of the device under water, to switch from photo mode to video mode and vice versa.

The turtle has been more than cooperative. In fact, much too busy with his meal to be distracted by our bubbles ... An easy and rewarding dive, on a reef full of life. What's better for a rebate?

Tortue. Phi Phi Leh, Thaïlande. Février 2011.

Thank you, Lady Turtle!

: roll:

  Cambodia and Thailand - February 2011

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  1. It is probably necessary to read between the lines written by Corinne 😉: "The turtle was more than cooperative", it did not let "be distracted by our bubbles" ... => It is true, this turtle was impeccable well Observed by dive novices - it was a baptism for me. So ... maximum bubbles and unrestrained palm blows ... 😛
    Lady Turtle was royal to have superbly ignored all that. And I am delighted to have seen her for a first dive. Just like his cousin whom we saw a little later. 🙂

  2. @The other girl: Yes, you saw, I was nice: no allusion to this "Discover Scuba Diving" ... Very very cool, this turtle. She must see it often, DSDs that make too many bubbles by waving arms and legs frantically. 😀

    @ Helen: It's the turtle that's lucky, or me?

  3. You balance a max. Already you make hints when you say you do not do it ... 😈
    I believe that the turtle is very understanding and likes frantic DSD. It reminds him of his youth.
    And I'm sure Helen meant that it was the turtle who had been lucky to see a DSD (and a diver, hidden behind her camera monster). 😉

  4. Nice video Corinne! Ha turtles, I love it too! Especially since the Perenthian Islands, I had seen one in the water (3 legs!) But especially I had the chance to see a turtle lay on a beach, magic!

  5. Hello Corinne,
    Nice this little lady!
    First congratulations for your blog that I read for a while (in the shadows.) And for the successful alliance photos / stories / practice.
    Technical question: on which computer do you finally have your videos? Do you always carry your little Medion Akoya, even if you seemed to say that video was not possible on it. Questions of course low interest, I polish my equipment before a trip of 3 months, o) I hope not to break the atmosphere!
    See you soon

  6. @The other girl: Well, it makes you good memories, and the turtle too ... 😉

    @Thib: Yes, but to tell you the truth, I had it a little messed up, my white balance & #8230; The colors were too red-pink. So, I readjusted the shot in post-processing, in my editing software. 🙄

    @Fabrice: I had the chance to cross often, too, turtles, a dive-trip to another. But I do not get tired! 🙂

    @Marine: Delighted that you come out of the shadows. And I see you're ... Oh, the question of the computer! I want to write a post on it, precisely.
    In fact, I do not take my Medion Akoya any more, since the trip to Pulau Weh (Sumatra), a year ago, when I released my 7D: I discovered then that the computer was unable to read the videos HD generated by my 7D. Huge disappointment.
    So, on the next trip to Sulawesi in July 2010, I took my old MacBook Pro instead. It made me a few frights, stalling: regularly, the screen refused to light, while the hard drive was started yet. Back at home, he went back to work almost normally and he still walks. I guess the heat and the humidity did not succeed.
    And then the new MacBook Air came out ... Santa Claus went there and gave me a nice present. So this time I left for this trip with a lightweight MacBook Air, all beautiful, which I am very very very happy (11-inch version, 128 GB SSD, Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz, boosted to 4GB Ram).

  7. Thank you for your answer Corinne! Well I'm not sure I have the budget this time and then with a brand new camera in my bag, I do not want to stress on the gear that I do not used to travel with small precious things . but good your father's gift, this is the ultimate goal we agree; o)
    See you soon, I do not know what is your next departure, I'm in the starting blocks for the Transsmongolian, Russia and China:.)) (... memories of Krabi is not bad to wait)

  8. A good time that I had spotted your blog, and I had not yet taken the time to read and discover the media content. I think I'll have a good time, starting with this video of "Lady Turtle", one of the underwater encounters I would like to do a lot. For that, I will have to multiply the immersions ...

    Good luck and thank you for this blog

  9. @Marine: Without Santa Claus, I would not have had the budget either, that's for sure. Apart from the HD video, for everything else, the Medion Akoya was doing his job very well, anyway. Ah, I envy you to be on the start !!! Question matos, pay attention to your beautiful brand new device, anyway.

    @Sandra: Thank you for the link ! 🙂

    @Reev: Have a good trip in my Bubbles Elsewhere, then! 8)

  10. I just discovered on your blog and I admit it: you just converted me!
    I hope there will be cool places to do my dive in California.
    What advice could you give me for a first dive?
    Good luck 🙂

  11. @Alex: No special advice, if not to relax, to listen to the briefing, and not to hesitate to ask any questions to the instructor who will take care of you, and even to tell him about your apprehensions if you have any, so that you feel confident when you step under the water. There is no question "stupid" when it's the first time!

  12. When I started following your blog (yeah, a long time ago!), I did not know anything about diving ... Here I can tell you that things have changed with love at first sight for this discipline. I read with all the more pleasure your articles, they take a new sense now 🙂

    I've done about 15 dives in overcrowded turtle sites and it's a delight every time ... Just this morning, I was fifty centimeters from a beautiful turtle, fascinated by his eyes.

    Good continuation!


  13. NowMadNow: How happy I am to read your comment. I think you're in Indonesia right now, right? That would explain the "overpopulated turtle" sites ... 😀
    Good bubbles !!!