Tortoise. Phi Phi Leh, Thailand. February 2011.

Turtle Lady

  Cambodia and Thailand - February 2011

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After Cambodia and the temples of Angkor, we headed for the south of Thailand. Too bad for the chronology of the story ... I zap live in underwater mode, with my first video under water: a coral-eating tortoise, Phi Phi Leh.

Beneath the surface

Missing bubbles? Me too.

After those few days in Cambodia, I was looking forward to arriving on the Andaman coast in Thailand. To see the azure sea, to jump in the water, to breathe again in my regulator, to play with my 7D and its subwoofer under the surface, to find small and large underwater creatures ...

I only did two dives on Koh Phi Phi. (I devoted myself to diving the week after, during a cruise to the Similan Islands...) But the first splash off the island of Phi Phi Leh was more than friendly, with the meeting of a turtle not shy.

Dream opportunity, for me, to me refamiliarize with the settings of the device under water, to switch from photo mode to video mode and vice versa.

The turtle has been more than cooperative. In fact, much too busy with his meal to be distracted by our bubbles ... An easy and rewarding dive, on a reef full of life. What's better for a rebate?

Tortoise. Phi Phi Leh, Thailand. February 2011.

Thank you, Lady Turtle!

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  Cambodia and Thailand - February 2011