Krabi, Railay Beach. Thaïlande, janvier 2011. © Marie Toumit
Photo: © Marie Toumit /

Princesses in Krabi

  Cambodia and Thailand - February 2011

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The other girl, my traveling girlfriend, set foot in Thailand for the first time. With in all and for all five small days on the spot. I decided she needed to see Krabi and Koh Phi Phi.

The cliffs of Krabi

Cape, so, on the Railay Peninsula, at Krabiwhere we stayed for one night. If tourist is it, I love this place. It's beautiful, stunning!

Plage de Railay West. Krabi, Thaïlande, février 2011.
Railay West Beach. Krabi, Thailand, February 2011.
Plage de Railay West. Krabi, Thaïlande, février 2011.
Railay West Beach. (Krabi, Thailand, February 2011)

Now that I'm home, I sigh with ease and nostalgia as I browse through my photos. How I would like to be there, now ...

So, yes, we decided to play it vacancières, and not at all adventurous. In fact, we decided to be princesses!


After Cambodia, for the arrival in Thailand, that's what I promised her, to the other girl: a sea bath and a sunset in Krabi, on the beach of the Princess, the famous Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang Beach is located between two other beaches, called Railey West and Railey East. The whole forms a small peninsula, only accessible by the sea, because of the immense karst cliffs that surround it. The rock walls plunge right into the water. It's dizzying, spectacular. And then the beaches are beautiful.

In short, I wanted to see this beautiful corner. And to show it to the other girl.

Les falaises de Krabi. Thaïlande, février 2011.
The cliffs of Krabi. Thailand, February 2011.
Railay West, Krabi. Thaïlande, février 2011.
Railay West, Krabi. Thailand, February 2011.

Want to see again, but not to stay too long. Railay is not authentic at all, a tiny tourist enclave, full of hotels and resorts stuck between the three beaches.

In my opinion, it's nice a day or two for a trip beach and idleness, but little more, except to be keen climbing. With all these surrounding cliffs, this is the star activity here. Beginner or seasoned climbers have fun!

The legend of the princess

But we, the night climbers and the authentic, we do not care a bit. We are princesses. We booked at the Princess Resort and planned to go direct to Princess Beach. Besides, we would like not to miss the sunset, if possible.

At Phra Nang Beach, there is white sand and a cliff dripping with stalagtites, a cave full of wooden phallus and a large rocky island planted in the sea. A real beach of princesses.

But we arrived a little too late. The sun did not wait for us. We went to the water anyway.

Phra Nang Beach. Krabi, Thaïlande, février 2011.
Phra Nang Beach. Krabi, Thailand, February 2011.
Coucher de soleil sur Phra Nang Beach. Krabi, Thaïlande, février 2011.
Sunset on Phra Nang Beach. Krabi, Thailand, February 2011.
Phra Nang Beach by night. Krabi, Thaïlande, février 2011.
Phra Nang Beach by night. Krabi, Thailand, February 2011.

For those who do not know, I explain the blow of the phallus cave, anyway ... 😀

Everything starts from a legend: history dates back to the 3rd century BC. JC. A royal boat, carrying an Indian princess, sank in these places during a storm.

It is said that the spirit of the princess has taken refuge in the cave of the cliff, near the wreck, and that since then she has fulfilled the wishes of those who come to pay homage to her. The fishermen continue to deposit carved wooden phalluses there, so that Phra Nang, "the holy princess", grants them an abundant fishing.

La grotte aux phallus de Phra Nang Beach. Krabi, Thaïlande, février 2011.
Pharaoh Cave Phra Nang Beach. Krabi, Thailand, February 2011.

Tractor coach for princesses

Good. The princesses have a little missed the sunset, but enjoyed bathing at dusk anyway ... Arriving at Krabi airport in the middle of the afternoon, I suspected it would be a little fair, with the transfer + minibus boat behind.

It was good, though. The guy was there with his sign at the airport. And the princesses were treated to an air-conditioned minibus for themselves. Direct trip to the beach where we waited for the long-tail boat.

Long-tail boat. Krabi, Thaïlande, février 2011.
Long-tail boat. Krabi, Thailand, February 2011.

The long-tail boat or "long-tail boat" (and it has nothing to do with the phallus cave: lol:), it's a big boat with a salvaged car engine, whose tree is fixed to a propeller in the back. The long-tails, it's a little tuk-tuks of the sea…

Long-tail boats à Railay East, la plage-mangrove. Krabi, Thaïlande, février 2011.
Long-tail boats at Railay East, the mangrove beach. Krabi, Thailand, February 2011.

Only, with us in the boat, there was a small group of Russian tourists. Arriving at Railay East, the mangrove beach where the trees grow in the sea, the people of the hotel first took care of transferring them to their resort, located on the other beach, Railay West.

By telling us to wait there, with our bags ...

Moi et les sacs... Krabi, Thaïlande, février 2011.
Me and the bags ... Krabi, Thailand, February 2011.

It's silly. I knew that our hotel was just around the corner. Obviously, the wait has continued ...

Ceux qui ont fini leur journée de travail rentrent chez eux... (Railay East, Krabi. Thaïlande, février 2011)
Those who have finished their work day return home ... (Railay East, Krabi, Thailand, February 2011)

Meanwhile, the Thai hotel staff also boarded in long-tail, to return to the mainland, the day's work over.

All harnessed in life jackets. Most of them do not know how to swim.

Once we were shown to reception, we had to wait again.

In front of us, a lot of other tourists are settling their reservations and asking a whole bunch of endless questions to the very smiling and very kind and very efficient young lady of the reception ... It was more than 18h when our turn arrived !

The funniest part of the business is when we landed the boat. Having already attended the maneuver in previous stays, I suspected that it would not cut when arriving at the Railay East, the mangrove beach where it is difficult to access while staying dry ... Yes, we have had the right to the coach!

Finally ... a tractor-coach. A pure carriage of princesses on vacation, who must not wet their feet or carry their luggage.

Obviously, it's convenient to land long-tail boats tourists weighted with suitcases.

Un princesse dans son carrosse. Railay East, Krabi. Thaïlande, février 2011.
A princess in her carriage. Railay East, Krabi. Thailand, February 2011.

But where it became ridiculous, it's when the guy from the resort, finally back, having apologized for making us wait, made us go back in the coach ... to go 100 meters, on the beach, until at the entrance of the path leading to our hotel.

The other girl and I are laughing again.


  Cambodia and Thailand - February 2011