A turtle at Similan

  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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It was during this so beautiful diving cruise at Similan. Our meeting with a turtle, at the East of Eden site. Magic moment! That day, my camera was still working. It is the only underwater video that I managed to bring back.

The quality is not great, but I am very happy to have a memory of this beautiful moment.

We see Tony, the South African videographer who accompanied our group. I let you discover the images he shot of this turtle, not too shy, who let us swim with her, a long time.


  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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  1. @ Marie-Julie: I am extremely flattered to receive such an appreciation from your daughter (the truth comes out of the mouths of children). Ah there, me too these images make me want to go back under the water, there, right now ... But will have to wait!

    @Laurence: Yes, there is really something magical about swimming next to a turtle. For nudits, I posted new pictures, in the previous post ...
    »The Similan under water

  2. Il est vrai qu’avec un nom de site comme « A l’Est d’Eden », tu ne pouvais que faire qu’une excellente vidéo… 🙂
    Tony est très bien en James Dean 😉

  3. @Alimata: Very nice site, very rich, East of Eden ... But Tony did not look like James Dean!

    @OnTravel: Oh there, no annoyance, let's see, stay zen ... I just made a false manipulation on your comment, by transferring others. As a result, it ended in "pending", that is to say "pending". Sorry, here he is re-pointed to his original place. Everything is fine!
    Otherwise, for moderation, indeed, I'm the only master on board this blog and I confess that usually I do not push "elegance" to report to many spammers, trollers or other squatters off-topic why I turn their comments that bring nothing. It's like that. Here, I am a tyrant without scruple and without elegance.

  4. Sorry for the delay, I was "on travel": no problem for the false manipulation, this reaction is more in line with the tone of the blog.
    the "fair play" is not really the rule on the web, we end up becoming say somehow susceptible!
    Small suggestion: in this case, you should perhaps activate the option: "your comment will be visible after validation by the author", because there, in fact, what's odd is to see his comment appear immediately , then disappear (I do not talk about spam, of course!)

  5. @ Ontravel: No, I do not want moderation a priori. I prefer for now (it remains manageable) let the comments appear immediately, for the spontaneity of reactions. Leave to delete a posteriori and without explanation (in good little web-dictator that I am) those that I deem inappropriate.
    I had inadvertently selected your comment along with another destined to end in oblivion. Hence his sudden disappearance ...

  6. Hello
    I know that the post is already a few years but my boyfriend and I are going to Thailand in late March early April 2016 and I would have liked some advice ... We will spend a few days in the North on Chiang Mai to discover the elephants and then we will leave in the South and especially Phuket.
    At first we have no level diving but we want to do when we are on Phuket, do you have spots to advise us? We want to see pretty things (clown fish, corals, moray eels, turtles ...) and for another dive why not the whale sharks ...

    After we would have liked to see the islands like Phang Nga Bay, Hong Island, Phi Phi

    I am a little lost with all the opinions that can be on the forums ...

    Thank you in advance…
    Claire 🙂

    1. @Claire: if you are not already a snorkeler, you can still snorkel (palms-mask-snorkel). For the dive, the best thing will be, once there, to go in one of the many centers and to see what they can propose to you in terms of exploration outings (baptism Discover Scuba Diving, then possibly courses on four days to pass the first level Padi called "Open Water").

      Phuket is extremely touristy and the dive sites are not in Phuket itself, but further south around the islands ... Any departure from Phuket involves a long sea trip.

      Consult a travel guide and choose instead to land on an island that inspires you. You will always find dive centers on site, where you can get started. The waters are tropical and you will necessarily see "pretty things". As for seeing a whale shark, you will need a lot of luck ... They do not order to swim around the islands ...

      Good preparations!