Nudibranch. Similan Islands, Thailand.

The Similan under water

  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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That's it, I advance a little in the sorting of photos ... I just put on line my underwater images taken during the diving cruise at Similan. Failing to meet the "big" so much hoped (mantas, whale sharks), I concentrated on the "small". Nudibranch lovers will appreciate!

The photos are here: 2009 - Similan - Thailand.


Added on 13/04/2009. See also the video of the turtle, in this post:
»A turtle in Similan


  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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  1. You did well to give me this link, I just enjoyed your pictures of the Similans underwater!!! 🙂
    When I think that the friends do not want to go to the Similans because it seems that it is more as well as in time !!!!
    I'm telling you, there are slaps that get lost!!! 🙁
    I'll send them to your site, me, no but !!
    By the way, did you have time to take a look at my nudis special album (you saw, full that I do not know)
    I'm jealous, you have lots of gorgeous ghost-pipe fishes, I haven't managed to see any yet... 😡

  2. @Laurence: Yes, it is superb your album nudis ... I love it !!!
    And I am very admiring, because you have bothered to find and indicate the name of all these little animals. I'm a little jealous too, I've spotted a few that are new to me ... Among others: Chromodoris roboi, Muema labouti, Bornella anguilla (Philippines). It was in the Philippines that I, too, met lots of species that I had never seen before. But it is on the beauty of one of your photos taken in ... Mediterranean that I remained stuck: the "Cratena peregrina" which is thus cut out on black background, it is magnificent !!!
    I put the link of your album below, so that the other lovers of the nudis who will read this comment can take advantage of it also:
    Finally, for the Similan, too bad for those who are choosy! This kind of thinking, "it's not as good as before" can apply to many dive sites, alas. So, we should not go there anymore ... Hum. Too bad to deprive yourself of so many wonders.
    The Similan count and remain among the best sites of Thailand, in my humble opinion, with a diversity and a faunistic wealth of breathtaking.

  3. Hello Corinne,
    Once again, a single word "impressive" the quality of your images (with a compact), not to mention the shooting!
    Following the setbacks of the last trip and the curse of Koh Lipe 😥 on the Canons, have you changed cameras yet?
    Continue to make us dream and share your journeys 😉
    Thank you.

  4. @ N @ me-Alain: Hello Alain, and thank you for the compliments, which touch me a lot ... I make underwater photos in "amateur" and I try to improve little by little. It's starting to come, and it's very rewarding to read comments like yours.

    For the rest of my troubles, as you are not the first to ask me the question, I finally decided to tell the end of the story, here, in this new post:
    »Photocatastrophic Saga

    In fact, I have not really "changed" the camera, I just bought a new A95 used, compatible with my box, which will last what it will last, until I equip myself more seriously ...