Facebook connects the world, whether we like it or not ...

Facebook on a trip

  Between Two Journeys

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic translation made from a post originally written in French. My apologies for any strange sentences and funny mistakes that may have been generated during the process. If you are reading French, click on the French flag below to access the original and correct text: 

I just launched a page Facebook - Little Bubbles Elsewhere. A page dedicated to this blog, distinct from that of my personal profile. Facebook, I got a taste for traveling and between two trips. It's really convenient to keep in touch with the people you meet on the way.

Facebook connects the world, whether we like it or not ...

Before, during and after the trip

As I explained in my post Travelling solo, we do not stop making new encounters when we are elsewhere. And Facebook has become, for me, the preferred way to keep in touch with this new knowledge, that I will not necessarily have the opportunity to review "in real life" anytime soon.


What I appreciate is that the link thus maintained via FB is not too invasive. Without the need to send an e-mail, we can just go take a look at the profiles of each other, to see what people become. We take and give news (or not) without imposing. We can go to someone in particular or to everyone.

It is a way to prolong the trip too, or to travel by proxy, through the infos, links, photos, conversations, that others publish on their "wall" (or "bulletin board" to use the tasty term of the version French Canadian Facebook I use).

During my travels, the list of my friends FB grouped under the label "Travelers and divers" has continued to grow. I love going back to see them virtually, some of them send me information about destinations where I intend to go, help me to prepare the next trip ...

And then when I'm traveling, FB allows me to keep in touch with loved ones and friends who are far away. To share with them, in almost direct, my impressions.

In short, I think I have a fairly classic use. I do not use at all small FB applications oriented "travel". Rather gadgets, not very useful, I think. I played a little time with "Where I've Been" but it happened to me. I refer you to these links for the most popular apps:
" Applifacebook.com: 5 Facebook Apps in the "Travel" Category [Fr]
" Travelek.com: top 10 travel apps on Facebook [Fr]
" BudgetGlobeTrotting.com: Facebook Travel Applications Guide [in]

And now the blog page!

That's it, my page Facebook - Little Bubbles Elsewhere is created. There is only to live it! I discover with amusement the terms chosen by FB to designate my new subscribers: "admirers", "followers", "fans" ...

It's a little sect, all that, anyway ...: lol:

But that does not stop you from becoming a fan! I will regularly post additional info to the blog, links related to travel, Asia, diving. The "followers" with an FB account will also be able to post their own links, photos and videos, give their comments, report their good plans, and everything and everything ...

What is good is that even without being registered in the network (I know refractories), we can consult it.
→ Little Bubbles Elsewhere on Facebook
Just click!

And you, how do you use Facebook (or not) before, during and after the trip?


  Between Two Journeys