Between Two Journeys

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From my travels in Asia, I do not bring back any more memories, except tea and coffee. Indonesian coffee, like Vietnamese coffee, is excellent. The drink is black as the night, tasty, full-bodied.

Since my return from Bali in late July, my morning coffee is Balinese. I finish waking up to smell the scent of my kopi Bali, which I sip in small sips.

Kopi Bali

The coffee, or koffie in Dutch, the language of the settlers, is said kopi in Bahasa Indonesia. F, unpronounceable for Indonesians, become P (France, Frankrijk, so gave Inggris, to pronounce "p'rane-tchisse"). Since 1935, Kopi Bali is even a brand.

In restaurants in Bali, if there is no espresso machine and to escape the infamous Nescafe, it should be noted that you want a "kopi Bali", a coffee in the Balinese. In France, we would rather talk about Turkish coffee: the boiling water is poured directly on the coffee powder, ground very fine. After having stirred up the sugar, wait a little and let the marc fall to the bottom.


Every morning, since my return, I continue to prepare it for the Balinese, leaving my coffee machine and filters. The aroma of coffee seems to me more pronounced. It is ground so fine that it stays in the bottom of the cup. No worries to soak his toast.

Of course, I miss the tropical environment to go with it. And instead of going diving after my kopi Bali, I go to work ... Nothing is really the same. The taste remains, the nostalgia too.

  Between Two Journeys

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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  1. I like this little article about coffee ...
    Me, little "bourgeois" I drink a Nespresso coffee that I do with the small capsules that cost the skin of the buttocks ... But who resists the beautiful George? (pub) "Nespresso ... What else? "
    I would go to Bali to save money ... coffee !!!
    Big kisses ... and courage for after coffee ... because, whether Nespresso or Kopi Bali, after coffee remains the same for both of us: GO BOSSER !!!!

    1. Hello,
      I went to Bali in November 14 and I brought some kopi, but I do not really like it, I still have a big package and a small one so it can interest someone, I give them ...

  2. I have just returned from Bali, I dive (glop glop manta rays !!!) and it was first on the dive boat that I discovered this excellent coffee infinitely superior to the usual nescafe . I have exactly the same package of coffee as the photo and I dread the moment when it will be empty. Do you have any idea how to get it in France? I will try at a burner.

  3. Kopi Bali forever! <3
    je reviens de Bali et savoure mon café…jusqu'à temps que le paquet soit terminé. Dans ce cas je retournerai à Bali ! 😉

  4. Ditto for Balinese coffee!
    Do you know where to buy some in Paris (I finished the one I brought from Bali)?

    1. @Alexandre: je ne sais pas, j’habite à Rennes… Demandez peut-être dans un magasin spécialisé en café et thé, ils pourront sûrement vous renseigner. Si vous dénichez une bonne adresse, n’hésitez pas à revenir la partager ici ! 😉

  5. I nostalgically tasted my little kopi and looking for a shop where I could find in France I came across your article that makes me smile #8230 ;. What a comfort to drink it extends a little more these beautiful holidays ..