Blue Stone Beach. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

The blue pebble beach

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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Here, the volcanic black sand of the beaches disappears under colored pebbles. Blue, green, sometimes drawing on turquoise or mauve ... New geological curiosity of the Indonesian island of Flores. This beach is also a kind of open pit, where women and children collect and sort blue pebbles.

Blue Stone Beach

Blue Stone Beach. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

For tourists, this part of the coastline located a few kilometers south-west of the city of Ende, is renamed Blue Stone Beach. The beach of blue pebbles.

In fact, it is a succession of several beaches, which stretch over a dozen kilometers: Nangamboa, Nangapanda, Penggajawa ...

Misir, my driver, drops me off after a strike. It's low tide. On the side of the road are mounds of blue pebbles, sorted by size and color.

I leave to park the car at the other end of the beach and let me walk quietly among the pickers of pebbles. I am quickly spotted.

Blue Stone Beach. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

First, furtive glances, a few laughs and exclamations. A small band of children is watching me from afar. The kids end up getting bolder. The less shy come to pose for some pictures.

Children at Blue Stone Beach. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Decorative pebbles

A woman calls me, obviously asks me where I come from. I engage the conversation with my usual "Saya orang Perancis" (I'm French). Each time, the few words of Bahasa Indonesia that I manage to stumble relax the atmosphere and win me big smiles.

There are two young girls with her. One of them speaks a little English. She refuses to be in the picture, but kindly explains to me the destination of all these pebbles they are sorting, tirelessly: they will be used for decoration. Ornaments for low walls, gardens, aquariums...

Blue Stone Beach. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

I continue my way quietly, trying not to twist my ankle on all these rollers. The children escort me from afar. It amuses them to see me photograph the pebbles.

The colors are amazing. The pickers prefer round stones, a beautiful turquoise blue.

Blue Stone Beach. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

Blue Stone Beach. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.a>

I end up imitating women from the beach. Squatting on the heels, I also collect several small blue pebbles as a souvenir.

Blue Stone Beach. Flores, Indonesia. July 2011.

  Indonesia: Flores + Komodo + Bali - July 2011

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  1. It's funny 😆 , if I didn't have the landscape in the background, I could almost think I was on one of the many pebble beaches in the Hague area (west of Cherbourg) ❗
    Next time I dive this way, I'll have a little Asian air in my head... 😉

  2. Thank you for making us travel ... That these photos are beautiful and these children touching!

  3. @Laurence: Yes, it's funny, I also thought of the beaches of Normandy, wringing my feet on all these pebbles ...

    @Martinoo: Yeah, I'm contented with tiny pebbles, not to weigh down my 28 kg luggage in the hold ...

    @ Avril1904: Oh, you're welcome ! This is the goal of this blog. Share my travel emotions, give a little escape. Everywhere, kids really have fun. It reminds me of those other pictures I took in Derawan, a small island near Borneo:

  4. I have just been told that these beautiful blue pebbles can not be transported outside the territory !!

    1. Rubino: I have no idea, but it is actually forbidden to take objects from the sea, such as shells, corals, etc., with you. So I guess that principle applies. Having said that, I don't see people filling their suitcases with pebbles... Hello weight at the airport !!! But there is no problem I think to bring back two or three small pebbles... 😉