Un couple de nudibranches en pleine action… (Siquijor, Philippines, février 2008)
A couple of nudibranchs in action ... (Siquijor, Philippines, February 2008)

You will take many nudibranchs again?

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  Philippines: Visayas - February 2008

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Since I'm in Siquijor, I dive and dive every day ... Yesterday, our guide, Neal, took us to discover the funds of Salagdoong Beach, beach that I had already explored, side "earth" during my motorcycle ride last week.

Felix, le capitaine, au gouvernail de la banca, et Neal, notre guide de plongée. (Siquijor, Philippines, février 2008)
Felix, the captain, at the rudder of the banca, and Neal, our diving guide. (Siquijor, Philippines, February 2008)

The dive is along a small slope gently sloping, alternating coral groves and sandy passages.

There is a lot of life here. I give myself nudibranchs, these small colored sea slugs, which are a subject of choice in macro photography. 😊

I even surprised two copulating! See nudibranchs mate, it's a show not trivial ...

Un couple de nudibranches en pleine action… (Siquijor, Philippines, février 2008)
A couple of nudibranchs in action ... (Siquijor, Philippines, February 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, février 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, February 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, février 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, February 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, février 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, February 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, février 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, February 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, février 2008)
(Siquijor, Philippines, February 2008)

I also saw the much sought after Mandarin fish, nice little orange and blue fish, but so shy that I did not have time to try to take a picture ... He quickly returned to hide under the coral at my approach.

Maybe I'll have more luck this afternoon, with the house-reef from the diving center Kiwi, the reef just in front of the beach, which I have not explored yet. Neal promised me other mandarin fish ... We'll see!

Between the dives, the motorcycle rides, the tricycle rides in Larena (where there is the internet center that allows me to post some posts on the blog) and the naps in the hammock, I really do not see the time pass ... In principle, I am heading for Dumaguete and Dauin on Negros Island, just opposite.

Objective: to dive (still), in particular on the reef of the islet of Apo, one of the most famous sites of the corner.

  Philippines: Visayas - February 2008

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  1. Yes, gladly, I would take again ... nudibranchs!

    Beautiful photos, their seduction plays to the full, and I hope that the site of the island Apo will live up to its reputation, but, if it was not, no matter, everything is so beautiful, intrinsically beautiful, .. besos, mam.

  2. Obviously, you have easy access to internet in the Philippines, how do you proceed? Internet cafe…?
    For photos, continue, they are suberbes !!

  3. Hi the queen of the nudibranchs,

    After a terrible trip to Madrid where I immersed myself in the Movida with a lot of tapas and excellent red wines, I reconnect with your travel blog. As far as I can see, we do not get bored. To wonder if we will see you again at the editorial and if you will not stay there! Anyway, we read your adventures with passion and we could almost feel several thousand kilometers from Rennes. And beautiful your photos. Yes Yes. When I think that here are the municipal candidates who are facing our goals! Too hard life.
    A + and continues to amaze us. Hugs.

  4. A big thank you to all for your flattering comments on my photos ... It's a lot of fun!

    To Mam: I dive in Apo probably the day after tomorrow ... I can then tell you more.

    To Laurence: Yes, there are easily internet centers or cafes in the Philippines, at least in the corners where I went. It's problem-free and high-speed in most cities that matter. Or in resorts and hotels, but in this case, often, like me tonight, the connection can be random or very very slow ... See you soon on Plongeur.com! (If you want more details for the more specifically "dive" aspect of the trip, send me an email in "Contact".)

    At Sam: Nice this little comment !!! I hope you brought us some chorizo. And I still have not managed to taste the Philippine chorizo & #8230; I think that after having managed the photo of the hippocampus-pygmee and that of the mandarin-fish, I should be ready for those of our candidates! 😉

  5. Hello Corinne,
    I took the liberty of copying your article on a Viadéo HUB called: LIVING IN BALI.
    A reader answers you, and I must send you his comment.
    See you soon maybe.
    Vincent Josnin - 0677021165

    Reply from Olivier LE BAGOUSSE
    Olivier LE BAGOUSSE posted the following message in response to one your contributions in a discussion forum.

    Re: Petitesbullesdailleurs.fr © Corinne Bourbeillon

    Hello Corinne,
    we were very inspired by your perigrinations in Asia to organize our trip this summer (Sipadan, Bali, Manado, Bunaken, Togians 4 weeks) !! It was like "Titbulle, what does this Hotel say about it? "Or" Titbulle she says diving level, togians is worse than Bunaken! In short, a big thank you for this great blog that really makes you want to travel.

  6. @ Vincent:

    Hello, thank you for giving me the answer of this user. What is a pity, it is that it writes me on your forum, which I do not contribute, as if it addressed directly to me ... It would probably be good to clarify the things for your visitors, and d to tell Olivier to write to me directly on my blog http://petitesbullesdailleurs.fr

    I am currently in Bali and I can not really take the time to connect to Viadeo to see how the articles are taken, but I will recontact you on my return.

    @ Olivier: Thank you for that wink. I wish you an excellent stay in Asia !!!

  7. Hello !

    Congratulations for your site, it is splendid. Your nudibranch on photo # 2 (white, yellow and black with vesicles) looks like a Phylidia Verrucosa.

    good bubbles:)

  8. @Jul: Delighted that the site pleases you! I admit that I am a little "lazy" to find the name of the nudists, there are so many! But this one is pretty common in Asian waters. I meet him often.
    Good bubbles too, I see on your photo album that you have made beautiful encounters in Egypt ... Superb!