Motu Auira. Maupiti, Polynesia. October 2012.

Living on A Motu in Maupiti

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  Polynesia: Maupiti + Rangiroa + Moorea - October 2012

When it's cold and gray, I remember Maupiti. I see the light, the lagoon, the ocean ... Come on, presto! We return to Polynesia.

Landing between the ocean and the lagoon

The island of Maupiti, my girlfriend "globe-trotter" Marie, who runs the blog Further, has already spoken about it here:
→  I entered a postcard in Maupiti

For my part, I had already slipped some images in a very first post, there:
Pacific Blue

But for the rest, I'm very, very late in my stories ...  My trip to Polynesia, and our stay on this small island of the Society archipelago, dates from October 2012!


Map of Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.Maupiti is an island-mountain similar to the famous Bora Bora, its neighbor, located a few kilometers away. But in smaller, and more authentic.

No luxury hotels on stilts in Maupiti. The inhabitants - about 1,300 - did not want it. To welcome tourists, there are only pensions.

We will stay for five days at the Auira pension, on the Motu the same name, opposite the airport, the adorable Gilbert and Edna. It was one of the few places where there was room ... Maupiti is not very touristy, but it is better to go ahead to book the accommodation of your choice.

My porthole gives ocean side, at the time of landing. I miss the view of the island. But I see very well how to approach motus, these flat islets that surround and protect the lagoon, inside the coral reef. There are five in Maupiti.

Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.

The tiny runway at the airport is set on a Motu. A bed of gray coral, between the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean and the cerulean blue of the lagoon.

It's beautiful, it's beautiful!

Note, for those who prefer the sea route to the air: there is also the Maupiti Express (affectionately nicknamed Vomiti Express by the locals and metropolitans settled there) that makes the connection from Bora Bora to the island ... But I have not tested.

The princesses of the lagoon

It is Gilbert, pension Auira, who welcomes us on the way down the plane. The parking here is a pontoon, lagoon side. Yes, in Maupiti, we pick you up at the airport ... by boat! ! ! J'adooore.


Maupiti. Gilbert (Auira pension). Polynesia, October 2012.

Gilbert passes the traditional necklaces of tiare flowers, so sweet in perfume, waiting for us to collect our luggage.

The sun is beating, the light is everywhere. In the clear eyes of Gilbert and in his big smile, in the intense blue that surrounds us, from the sky to the lagoon, from the sky to the ocean. It gives a little dizziness, everything blue that hurts eyes.

The recovered luggage, here we are like two princesses, with our necklaces of flowers and our sunglasses, spinning on the wavelets of the lagoon sparkling in Gilbert's boat.

Motu Auira, Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Motu Auira, Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.

We marvel at the rugged beauty of the island-mountain, planted in the middle of the lagoon. It will be discovered, it keeps changing aspect, according to the time, the light, the side by which one navigates ...

Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.

And then we discover "our" beach. Our fare ("Bungalow" in Tahitian) is here, waiting for us, under the coconut trees ...

Motu Auira, Maupiti, October 2012.
Motu Auira, Maupiti, October 2012.
Motu Auira, Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Motu Auira, Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Motu Auira. Maupiti, Polynesia. October 2012.
Motu Auira, Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.

Motu Auira

For five days too short, so we will live on the Motu Auira, located southwest of the island. The only Motu from which one can reach the island on foot: it is connected to Maupiti by an immense sandbank where the water is shallow at low tide.

Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.

We tried kayaking too. Not a big success. Fortunately, as Gilbert makes trips back and forth between the motu and the island for the races, we take the opportunity to be brought back, without having to paddle.

A couple of Catalan tourists, who also stay at the Auira pension, thought they could make the crossing and quickly gave up! In fact, with the tide and the wind, a more than random coordination of paddles, the novices we are sailing mostly ... in zigzag.

Motu Auira, Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.

Motu Auira, Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.

On our Motuwe will live peaceful days, between idleness and walks on the island of Maupiti opposite.

We'll stuff ourselves with raw fish marinated in coconut milk, we'll fish giant clams with Gilbert, we'll cross the coconut grove of the motu to try to see the whales on the ocean side, we will admire the sunsets and the storm clouds, we will take a liking to the beer Hinano, we wade endlessly in the lagoon ...

Maupiti, Polynesia. October 2012.

Stormy sky over the ocean. Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.
Stormy sky over the ocean. Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.

Maupiti. Polynesia, October 2012.

I will also do some dives ... I tell you that in a future post!

😉 🐠

  Polynesia: Maupiti + Rangiroa + Moorea - October 2012

  1. Ahhhh Maupiti! I love .. heaven on earth! We went in December 2010 for 2 weeks, at Gilbert and Edna, adorable! We spent Christmas at home with a meal worthy of the name! We loved doing snorkeling in the lagoon, going canoe shopping on the big island, camping on the motu with a dog who had adopted us and followed us everywhere! We were even engaged there! Their little son, Shea, who comes during the school holidays is adorable too!
    Thank you for this article that reminds us that beautiful memories 😉

    1. @Sophie: Ah, there ... Yes, what are we eating well, Gilbert and Edna! Like you, I have only good memories of my stay on the motu Auira ... Nice to have brought you back a little there virtually.

    1. @Richard: how are you, you do not like the gray, the cold, the rain (even the snow) ??? 😡 Courage, the days are getting longer. We are heading towards summer ...

      Delighted, in any case, to have managed to brighten your day! 8)

    1. @ petitetête: I hope you want to live there, first! 🙂

      Yes, this island is really pa-ra-di-siac ... I am preparing a next post with other photos of the island of Maupiti itself. I would cry by reviewing the photos in my hard drive ...

  2. Yes, Maupiti is a postcard, alive and peaceful, blue and green, lagoon and ocean, people of the "city" and inhabitants of the motus, beer Hinano and salt water, fish and clams, bike and kayak. 🙄

    Great stay. Thank you for the memories.

    PS: That said, you exaggerate a little on the kayak ... Too easy! 8) : Mrgreen:

    1. @Marie: I like the association you make between Hinano beer and salt water ... 😆

      Maybe having locked more Hinano, I would have found it easy, kayaking ... 😛

    2. Without a doubt ! Same thing for the bike. Especially that there is no danger of getting lost on the road. 😉
      By the way, thank you for the link and the credits (and for having left in my hands the photographic monster of the seas).

  3. WAW it hurts the eyes all this blue even in photo, thank you for this ride that lets dream. It's breathtaking it's kind of paradise on earth. Thank you for sharing this adventure there are some who really need to change air (ME). 😉

  4. Hello,
    We are there now ... Nothing seems to have changed: the place is just Magical! We have just returned from the giant clam fishery accompanied by Gilbert and Biscuit, this amazing dog-fisherman, now slumped on the terrace of our bungalow facing the lagoon and the island of Maupiti ... It's really magical!
    Zou ...

    1. Hello,
      We wake up to the lagoon ... we hear Gilbert prepare our breakfast. We will not fail to send him your "hello"!
      Zou ...

    2. Hello transmitted; Gilbert seems to remember your time here: at the mention of "Corinne", he spontaneously associated your last name! Day a little surreal spent in his company. As part of the municipal election campaign 😉 (elections taking place next week!), We accompanied him on a tour of bars and friends ... these discussions, so far removed from our European concerns, amused us a lot; to say that the "Hinano" flowed afloat! Back on the motu, while we were on our umpteenth visit (we do not even count the "Hinano" ingested), we saw landed Edna like a fury ... Gilbert had gone "get the bread" on the island near 7 hours ago! Tomorrow maybe I will send him your "Hello" ?! We are not close to forgetting our passage here, so much we loved it!
      We have never personally heard Gilbert push his "Caféeéé! (We are tea drinkers!); we will rather retain his "Tama'a" (spelling more than uncertain!) which would mean "At the table! "
      Bouh ... we leave the place tomorrow 😥

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