Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.

Pacific Blue

  Polynesia: Maupiti + Rangiroa + Moorea - October 2012

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It's the blue of the huge Pacific Ocean. An intense blue that twists the retinas and floods the head of light. Cape on Polynesia.

French Polynesia

Maupiti. French Polynesia. October 2012.
Maupiti. French Polynesia. October 2012.

I discovered tiny islands, lost in the middle of the blue. Polynesia.

The Blue that hurts the eyes - Alex du PrelThis "blue that hurts the eyes" to use the words of a journalist from Polynesia, Alex du Prel - author, among others, of the "absolute bestseller in Tahiti" (sic).

Peaceful blue. We know the postcard ... What's crazy is that it's really like that.

You must see it to believe it.


There is the blue of the lagoons, translucent, azure, turquoise. Rather an infinite declination of bright, vibrant blue. Around, there is the dark and dense blue of the ocean, which roars while breaking on the coral reef.

Seen from the sky, seen from the beach, seen from the mountain - whatever the island, whatever the color of the sky - this incredible blue of the South Seas surrounds you, always. It's just stunning ...

Bora Bora from the sky. Polynesia. October 2012.
Bora Bora from the sky. Polynesia. October 2012.
Motu Auira, Maupiti, October 2012.
Motu Auira, Maupiti, October 2012.

Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.

The huge ocean

The word Oceania makes sense when one sweeps the blue immensity under the cabin of the plane. Always this strange feeling, near the small landing strips built on a bed of coral, that we will land in the sea ...

The islands of Polynesia gave me a feeling of isolation and fragility that I had rarely experienced before. They are crumbs of archipelagos, scattered thousands of kilometres from the continents - Asia, Australia, America. With the limestone interlacing of reef barriers for protection.

Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.
Maupiti. Polynesia. October 2012.

I am back from it. The eyes still full of blue.

Maupiti, Rangiroa, Moorea ... I will tell you soon this new and extraordinary escapade.

But if you can not wait for me to resume a decent pace of publication, you can already read, on the blog Further, the impressions of my friend Tourdumondist, with whom I shared a piece of this Polynesian stopover.

(Ah, and then, besides, I must also continue my story on Raja Ampat…)


  Polynesia: Maupiti + Rangiroa + Moorea - October 2012

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  1. And the absolute bestseller? Was it good?
    Je lis Fausse passe. Pas formidablement bien écrit (disons), mais très juste dans les descriptions ! Après y être allée, on s’en rend compte. 😉

  2. eh, I immediately recognized your first seen plane !!
    j’ai passé 10 jours à Bora Bora il y a…….pas mal d’années déjà 🙁
    You probably crossed a pack of sharks and rays there.
    I was lucky to see my first Manta Bora and more on the occasion of my 100th dive, it is not forgotten!
    I'm excited to see the pictures….

    1. @Laurence: I only flew over Bora Bora, I did not go there ... But I discovered Maupiti and I especially plunged in Rangiroa. Not too bad, for the first time, my faith ...

    1. @IsaM: yes, the blue of the sea, there, it's downright "waooh", as you say ... So, I went to find a Wikipedia file on the subject (the ultramarine blue):
      Très intéressant (voir aussi tous les bleus répertoriés, en pied de page). En fait, le bleu outremer était à l’origine confectionné à partir de lapis-lazuli, qu’on faisait venir d’Afghanistan, un pays lointain, par-delà les mers… 😉

  3. Hello Corinne,

    What a beautiful text filled with beautiful quotes!
    L’Océanie, je crois bien 😉 que c’est le rêve de tout le monde de pouvoir y aller…
    Comme je t’envie 🙂
    Thank you for these beautiful and beautiful pictures, it gives chills!
    Looking forward.

  4. Outch, ca y’est j’ai envie d’y retourner 😀 😀
    I can not wait to read your articles on your diving, what did you think of those of Moorea?

    Bon courage pour le Décalage si tu viens de rentrer 😛


    1. @Julien: I did not dive in Moorea, did not have the time ... I just had a last day of relaxation before flying home. I especially plunged in Rangiroa (which you know). I come back to tell all this very quickly!

  5. You have made an infidelity to your beloved Asia!

    I hope you have not regretted!
    Polynesia remains for me my best diving memory (whales, dolphins, turtles, mantas, sharks galore ...), but also on earth with breathtaking landscapes and lovely people!
    Maupiti ... my favorite island ... and pension Poe iti with lobster at will!
    Fakarava and my most beautiful dives (the wall of gray sharks of the south pass !!!), pity that you have not made a jump from Rangi!

    Thanks again for making us dream with your site ... and thanks again for your advice on Borneo (Sipadan and Derawan), an unforgettable trip too!

    Vivement la suite du récit ! 😀

    1. @Costarico32: je disposais de trop peu de temps, malheureusement, sans quoi, j’aurais mis Fakarava au programme, c’est sûr… Du coup, ça va m’obliger à y retourner… 😉

  6. Wonderful! Me who went to live in Mauritius, I love this blue! For me it is the Indian Ocean all year round, happiness! But what destinations to go yet. Bali so charmed me, your blog gives me other desires! Thank you for sharing!