Pantai Songean, Bali (Indonesia).

Bali: they found "my" beach

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  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

It's the perfect beach. A beautiful cove of real black sand, discovered in July 2008, in Bali. I could not even show it to you. That day, my camera had fallen out of batteries. There she is.

Pantai Songean. Bali, Indonesia.
Pantai Songean. Bali, Indonesia.

Many thanks to Gregory Batardon for bringing me back these images (I invite you besides to discover its superb photographs on its gallery, by clicking on the link).

He and my sister followed in my footsteps last July, chaining their stay in Sulawesi with a short getaway to Bali. Once in Amed, on the northeast coast, they had to do it twice, to find "my" beach. They did not think that we had to ride so long ... But they found it!

Pantai Songean, Bali (Indonesia).

The beach in question is Pantai Songean, not "Soan" or "Sohang" as I wrote it at the time, roughly transcribing the name given to me. Pantai Songean is located south of Amed, far enough, so, well beyond Aas, well past the scrap lighthouse, somewhere between Seraya and Ujung, on the splendid coastal road where it is so good to walk scooter, hair in the wind, from one cove to another.

If one day you go there, fork to the left when you come to a yellow bridge that is reminiscent of the Kwai River, then follow at a slow speed the bad road full of holes that leads to the village. Say hello to the children, do not crush the chickens, avoid the goats, and stop at a flight of steps on your right. It's here.

Pantai Songean


  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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  1. @Manta: Ah, I think you would like it. My sister Hélène, above, loved it a lot.

    @ Helen: Well, do not worry. My blog still does not have the reputation of Google Earth. And since GE does not know the place, Songean will stay quiet.

    @Max: I like black sand. I think it's the most beautiful effect, especially on this beach, where it is without stones in it. As for your ideal beach, it is one of those I know well ... From Rennes, we are very fast.
    Finally, to arrive at "my" beach Balinese, the indications that I give are already almost too clear ... There are not fifteen coastal roads in this place. I will not give more GPS coordinates! Besides, I'm glad that Google Earth does not know it.

  2. Hello Corinne,

    what a cockroach shot to see such beautiful pictures 😥
    and at the same time what happiness! 🙂

    It is true what is beautiful "your beach"! what color contrast 😯

    Fortunately there are still places unknown to travel sites and GE 😈 and moreover, reserved for some privileged 😉

  3. Ok Corinne, it's going to be a mystery for us the passengers of the rucksack. Between Seraya and Ujung there are still 88 km. You have to go there, then. Maybe next year after a cruise on the Komodo Islands. I have to take extra time to make some explosions in Bali. But not on a motorcycle!

    Between St. Coulomb and St. Remy ~ 400 km, I would like to move to the west ....

  4. @@ lain: It is sometimes enough to stroll a little chance to fall on "unknown" corners, at the end of the world as close to home, by the way ...

    @Max: Oh, you know, I roll at a very low speed on these "motobikes" that we rent in Asia (which are actually more like a scooter, I'm not a biker at all!), And then I often take breaks in road (to find batteries that do not work, to ask my way, to buy a bottle of water) ... In short, the said beach is surely only a few kilometers south of Amed. I had to put about one to two hours to go, since Lipah, taking my time.
    As for Saint-Coulomb, I was there no later than this weekend (for once that summer was like summer, Brittany) ... hey, hey!

  5. lol,

    we do not play in the same category from a point of view near sea and beach between Rennes and Strasbourg 😉

  6. Just a little detail. For me an ideal beach should not be flat, but have a small inclination that allows to see the sea while lying. I was recently at the beach of St. Lunaire, which in offshore zodiac looks beautiful, but finally it is only a huge (I was there at low tide!) Gray sand space all flat and hard ... 🙁

  7. @@ lain: Ah ... that's for sure. Sorry!!!

    @Max: There are thousands of "ideal" beaches, I suppose. Songean Beach is not flat in my memory, but gently sloping, and it is surrounded by small cliffs of volcanic rocks, the whole is the most beautiful effect when you arrive from above, with the corolla of small boats White fishing lined up in front of the sea. I know lots of other "ideal" beaches that do not look like this at all, and that I like a lot, whether flat or not, in Brittany, in the Basque Country, in Asia or elsewhere, sand blond, white or black ...