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She is in the last Researchers of water! On two columns, at the top of the page, it's my slug. A sea slug photographed this summer in Sipadan, in Malaysia (Borneo). Anthony Leydet, a specialist in marine biology, devotes a passionate article to these charming critters in the November issue.

These beasts, I've also consecrated them many ticketsIn this blog ... There are so many different species, with different colors and patterns, that sea slugs are often the favorite "macro" subject of underwater photographers.

Thanks to Anthony, I learn that these little animals are not all "nudibranchs" as I thought. In fact, they are divided into two groups: the tectibranches (with internal shell) and the nudibranchs (with the gills to bare, it is this little forelock that adorns the back of the body).

What he does not teach me, however, is that the "slug hunt" can turn into an obsession ...: lol:

Anthony and I do not know each other "in real life", but we almost met this summer on the island of Perhentian Besar in Peninsular Malaysia, where we went to the same dive center, Watercolors. A few days apart, we marveled at the same underwater world, with the same crushes on the wrecks Sugar Wreck and Fish Haven (aka "Secret Wreck" for the latter, but more secret than that, it seems).

We talked a lot and exchanged our respective impressions, on the web, over my tickets published live from the Perhentian Islands ...

So when he asked me a few weeks ago, if he could use one of my images to illustrate his article in Researchers of waterI was only too happy to send it to him! 😀

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