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  Between Two Journeys

She is in the last Researchers of water! On two columns, at the top of the page, it's my slug. A sea slug photographed this summer in Sipadan, in Malaysia (Borneo). Anthony Leydet, a specialist in marine biology, devotes a passionate article to these charming critters in the November issue.

These beasts, I've also consecrated them many ticketsIn this blog ... There are so many different species, with different colors and patterns, that sea slugs are often the favorite "macro" subject of underwater photographers.

Thanks to Anthony, I learn that these little animals are not all "nudibranchs" as I thought. In fact, they are divided into two groups: the tectibranches (with internal shell) and the nudibranchs (with the gills to bare, it is this little forelock that adorns the back of the body).

What he does not teach me, however, is that the "slug hunt" can turn into an obsession ...: lol:

Anthony and I do not know each other "in real life", but we almost met this summer on the island of Perhentian Besar in Peninsular Malaysia, where we went to the same dive center, Watercolors. A few days apart, we marveled at the same underwater world, with the same crushes on the wrecks Sugar Wreck and Fish Haven (aka "Secret Wreck" for the latter, but more secret than that, it seems).

We talked a lot and exchanged our respective impressions, on the web, over my tickets published live from the Perhentian Islands ...

So when he asked me a few weeks ago, if he could use one of my images to illustrate his article in Researchers of waterI was only too happy to send it to him! 😀

Researchers of water n ° 23The dive magazine is a free monthly, made by a team of enthusiasts. It is distributed to 20,000 copies, which can be found in paper version in 170 drop-off points in France, generally associations, trade shows and shops dedicated to underwater activities.

I invite you to discover this issue of 23 Researchers of water (November 2009) in its PDF version for free download, also, by following this link:
»Researchers of water n ° 23

On the web, the magazine comes in three forms, with the download site, a blog and a Facebook group:
»Researchers: download back issues
»Researchers of water: the blog
»Facebook - Researchers

Finally, for fans of marine biology and underwater bubbles, to visit absolutely, the site and blog of Anthony:
Ze Sea / Ze Blog

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  Between Two Journeys

  1. Hello Corinne, very nice your picture of the slug taken in Malaysia !!! But apparently, we find mostly in Sipadan, because I do not know about you, but the Perhentians have not seen much - yet it's not for lack of seeking! When I think we'll have to go to Sipadan 😀 Otherwise, in all objectivity of course, I find the site of Anthony Leydet just great 😉

  2. Ta Doris is superb. Congratulations, Corinne!
    Thanks for the links with Anthony Leydet and Researchers of water. I knew, on paper. Now I can consult online! 😉

    In Morbihan, we - now Semaphore association - continue the fight against the dumping of contaminated vases from the Port of La Trinité-sur-Mer on the site (maximum 18m deep) between the island of Houat and Saint-Gildas de Rhuys. Ouest-France talk about it, of course. The whole file is on the blog:
    Thank you for supporting our actions and our protests to come.

  3. Great photo! The sharpness, the development of the nudibranch, I love!
    And as a great lover of slugs (I found new ones that I had never seen in Raja Ampat!), I support you in this wonderful obsession 😀

  4. Hi Corinne!
    Congratulations again with your slug, I really loved it. Especially when you know that you use a simple device! Finally, I understood that it was likely to change ... 🙄
    And a big thank you for your article. Yes, we missed a little on the other side of the planet, in this beautiful place whose atmosphere I still miss incredibly.
    I'll be at the Diving Salon in Paris in January, with new articles and new projects ... maybe you'll be there?
    See you soon, and again Inch'Allah for your contests! 😉

  5. @Minimouss: What objectivity ... 😆 Otherwise, I just rejected an eye to my photos of Perhentian stored on my hard drive. Verdict: there's nudi! Maybe not as many species as Sipadan-Mabul, but there is, I assure you ... 🙄

    @Siratus: Ah, thank you for the little name of the beast! As for the case of contaminated vases, I am sure that people who pass on this blog will be sensitive because many of them are lovers of nature and the seabed.

    @Manta: One day, you will see, we will come face to face under the water over the same slug ... 😀

    @Anthony: I intend to invest in a box worthy of the name soon. But I'm far from having the budget for sub caisson that goes well and all the rest ... It will have to wait a little longer, I will equip little by little. As for the Diving Salon, I do not know if I'll have the opportunity to go, but I'll let you know if it's done! Finally, for this contest story, I strongly doubt to "win", given my modest audience, compared to that of other blogs in the running. But basically, I do not care so much. The bottom line is that I continue to enjoy blogging and exchanging here with my "visitors" ... 😉

  6. Wait, if with my click you do not win the contest, I let go! No but ! 👿

    Good, very nice your nudibranch! I take the opportunity to make you a confession: I spent my PADI, a few weeks ago! I have never spoken about it on the blog, I'm right in my series China ... but in any case I made my first underwater bubbles, it was new for me ... I will certainly have the opportunity to dive again, I liked it !!! and most of all I think learning in the waters of Southeast Asia (in this case me it was on a small island off Tioman in Malaysia), there's worse ... 8)

  7. @Thib: Many thanks for the vote. But, you know, it would surprise me if I win the click race ... my audience is not even that of the blogs hosted by big news sites!
    Congratulations for your first bubbles, besides, being in Singapore, you will have the opportunity to plunge into many fantastic places easily accessible for you. Tioman, I liked it, and as you say, it's worse! 😉

  8. Very nice your little slug !!
    I do not know if like Thib I will one day pass the course of the first bubbles ... in addition, with your "little bubbles", it's a little like if I was there too ... so ... me, I plunge right into your blog, and it's a delight !! BIZ !!

  9. Corinne
    We also succumbed to the charms of nudibranchs, flatworms, flabellines and other small critters. The macro dives we had never done, but the virus is caught. Before we put on line, our few "modest" photos, we will buy the atlas of nudibranchs, watch carefully the sites of others (yours, of course, and that of Mantaleau) and try to list them and name them ... There is a beginning to everything! We give news soon of our 3 weeks in Papua. Our 3-month journey ends in less than a week ...
    Isabelle and Marco

  10. @ Marie-Julie: Thanksiiiii !!!! 😀

    @isaetmarco: What a beautiful journey that yours !!! There are so many nudibranchs, and I have such a "collec" in my hard drive, that I gave up for a long time to list all and name them. There are several books very well made to navigate. However, as I have a rather visual memory, I remember very well those I have "already seen" and I am always excited when I come across an "unpublished". It is in the Philippines, on the side of Dumaguete that I discovered the most "new" species. Good end of trip! 😉

  11. Hello Corinne,

    Without wanting to put pressure on you, we're probably a lot of people waiting for your next article looking forward to ...

    Facebook is not enough ... I need a dose !!! 🙂

    thank you in advance

  12. @Will: If so, you're right, must put me the pressure! 😈
    The thing is that I just went through a busy period, job question ... And I'm still working this weekend. I started a draft ticket on Derawan, which remained unfortunate, alas. Patience, patience, it will come !!!

  13. @ Berangere: Chic, a new Rennaise who passes by here! If you've arrived on my blog, it's a webstory that ends right now! Welcome to my little bubbles elsewhere, and have a good walk.

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