Ariane, the travel bookstore

The travel bookstore

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The photos of the previous trip are not yet sorted, I'm thinking about the next ... And to think better, I've already returned to a little tour in my favorite bookstore in Rennes: Ariane, the travel bookstore.

Ariane, my favorite bookstore!

Ariane, the travel bookshop, in Rennes.

Ariane, the travel bookstore, is a well-stocked independent bookstore located at 20 rue Dreyfus in Rennes. I love coming here to poke around, to have the thrilling sensation that the escape is there, at hand, in all these books to flip through ...

You can also discover it also on the web, there is a Online Store (you can order books and also maps) as well as blog: news about travel guides and interviews of authors and travelers ...

The two booksellers are passionate, always very nice and good advice. This is my favorite bookstore! ! !

I bought there, Saturday, the new Lonely Planet on Bali and Lombok (Indonesia). We are only in March, but I'm already thinking about my next destination, in July ...

It may be Bali. Nothing like a guide to immerse yourself in the atmosphere even before you have booked a plane ticket!

See Bali again

Bali, I went there for the first time in the late 1990s, then a second time in 2002.

I have excellent memories of these two Balinese getaways. But then I visited only the south and east of the island.

Perched on its cliff, the temple of Uluwatu, south of Kuta. (Bali, 2002)
Perched on its cliff, the temple of Uluwatu, south of Kuta. (Bali, 2002)

I would like, on a future visit, to see more ... Especially that earthly pleasures are not the only ones that matter to me, now: there is also and especially the joys of scuba diving!


During my 2002 trip, my underwater experience was much thinner than today and diving did not hold as much place in my life. But I had the pleasure of discovering the fantastic wreck of the Liberty, in Tulamben, on the northeast coast of Bali. A truly exceptional spot ...

I would so much soak my palms in the corner again! And then go for a walk in the north and northwest, which I do not know, and explore underwater the sites of Pulau Menjangan, Pemuteran, Lovina Beach ...

Short. I will surely come back to talk about it here, if this new "bubble elsewhere" should take the volume and consistency of a real project in the days to come.

Update : it materialized, I went back! ! ! See the articles at the end of the link below:

→ Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

In the meantime, I leaf through with delight my guide on Bali. And I risk going back to roam for pleasure in the shelves of my bookstore. Yes ... The reveries before departure are also part of the trip!

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