Thai Thailand, by Massimo Morello.

The Thailand of Thais

  Between Two Journeys

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I'm inaugurating my new section Books with this book on Thailand, published last year. It provides a better understanding of the Thai way of life and way of thinking. Things that are not so easy to grasp for farangs (foreigners) that we are.

-The Thailand of Thais
Massimo Morello
Collection "L'Autre Guide" - Éd. Liana Levi

The author is an Italian writer and journalist who divides his time between Europe and Asia. He demolishes many preconceived ideas about Thailand that persist in Western minds.

Everything is accompanied by beautiful photos and always put in context in an illuminating way (history and politics, religion and philosophy, geography and society, etc.). We learn a lot. In short, a book that changes the usual travel guides on Thailand ...

Small excerpt: "Thailand's openness to the Western world makes it difficult to understand. Indeed, because it is so well known and much visited, it has always been the victim of inaccurate and superficial interpretations, often based on clichés. Starting with the "Orientalist" vision that has been forged since the first contacts with Europeans. [...] "

  Between Two Journeys