The waterfall at the end of the road

  Thailand: Southern Islands - January 2007

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Today, mini-expedition into the jungle to go to the waterfall, in the south of Koh Lanta, wilder, soon after the place where the hard road becomes a dirt road. You must then go on another red dirt road to the left, indicated by a sign "Waterfall".

I was warned, in the dry season, the waterfall is reduced to a thin stream of water. But no matter, it's the walk under the trees that is really worth it.

We are in the shade, in the greenery, and we follow the stream, in which we sometimes walk, when the path disappears. Walk in the water, refreshing.

A half-hour later, under the tropical canopy, with huge trunks and huge leaves, we arrive at a sort of rocky wall in an arc, from which flows, indeed, a vague "waterfall".

I am lucky, I managed not to be there at the same time as other groups of tourists. The place is cool, peaceful. I take a short break, amid the sounds of the forest and the lapping of the water, before returning to Bamboo Beach, beautiful quiet beach.

The stay dwindles: I plunge one last time tomorrow, then I give myself a day of beating to dry before resuming on Friday, the plane to Bangkok to Krabi airport. And Saturday 3, return to France.

Still no whale shark or manta rays during the two previous days of diving ... A pretty turtle, however, pointed the tip of its beak on a coral reef to Koh Haa.

  Thailand: Southern Islands - January 2007