My old travel guides. All damaged, cut, boned, recomposed ...
My old travel guides. All damaged, cut, boned, recomposed ...

Travel guide in pieces

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Often, I cut my travel guides to the cutter, to keep only the chapters that interest me ... I found an alternative to the massacre: download them in PDF, on the site of Lonely Planet.

Massacre with a cutter

Do you share this mania with me? Often, instead of embarking a complete travel guide in my luggage, I massacre the book with the cutter, to keep only the chapter or chapters that interest me. Gain of space and weight!

Fortunately, I found a digital alternative to this massacre: download the chapters. It is called Pick & Mix Chapters and it's happening on Lonely Planet's English site.

Pick & Mix Chapters

It works in two clicks, we only pay a few euros for the pages and we save them as a PDF file on his computer. We can then print them.

Lonely Planet

Well, of course, you have to be English-speaking, since that only exists for the English editions. But for me, I'm just interested in Southwestern Thailand for my next Andaman sea side getaway, it's ideal. As I do not want to buy an nth guide on Thailand, I jumped on this new service!

They are smart, at Lonely Planet ...


I do not have any action at home, but for my favorite destinations, in Southeast Asia, I always found in use the Lonely Planet editions better made, more complete and less faulty than those of the famous Backpacker. Which, for example, no longer offered a chapter on Sulawesi in his guide Indonesia when I was preparing my trip in 2007.

The problem is that Lonely Planet (LP) guides are often very big, very bulky. For Malaysia, in 2006, I had in my bag a piece of Routard just for the east coast of the peninsula, and pieces of the LP corresponding to the east of the peninsula and Borneo. For Sulawesi, in 2007, I just took the corresponding small section in the voluminous LP Indonesia. See what's left of it ...

My old travel guides. All damaged, cut, boned, recomposed ...
My old travel guides. All damaged, cut, boned, recomposed ...

After, I tinker, with glue reinforcement, Scotch, or even drawing tongs, to reconstitute a kind of personalized guide. Often, along the way, the pages break up and escape, at the mercy of manipulations and new tortures that I make them suffer ...

I dematerialized my photos, my music, my videos, without moods. Long live digital! But there, even if I am very happy to have my two chapters in PDF, I feel a little pinch to the heart. Because it's not quite the same anymore.

Buying a travel guide, flipping through it, annotating it, and even cutting it up with a cutter, was for me a delightful ritual, full of promise, announcing an imminent departure. A trip before the trip, in short.

With the download of chapters to the card, I lose a little of this pleasure. And I feel, regretfully, the upcoming decline of travel guides in the form of books ...

:Oops :

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