My old travel guides. All damaged, cut, boned, recomposed ...
My old travel guides. All damaged, cut, boned, recomposed ...

Travel guide in pieces

  Between Two Journeys

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the weird sentences and the funny mistakes that could have been generated during the process. If you can read French, click on the French flag below to access the original text:

Often, I cut my travel guides to the cutter, to keep only the chapters that interest me ... I found an alternative to the massacre: download them in PDF, on the site of Lonely Planet.

Massacre with a cutter

Do you share this mania with me? Often, instead of embarking a complete travel guide in my luggage, I massacre the book with the cutter, to keep only the chapter or chapters that interest me. Gain of space and weight!

Fortunately, I found a digital alternative to this massacre: download the chapters. It is called Pick & Mix Chapters and it's happening on Lonely Planet's English site.

Pick & Mix Chapters

It works in two clicks, we only pay a few euros for the pages and we save them as a PDF file on his computer. We can then print them.

Lonely Planet

Well, of course, you have to be English-speaking, since that only exists for the English editions. But for me, I'm just interested in Southwestern Thailand for my next Andaman sea side getaway, it's ideal. As I do not want to buy an nth guide on Thailand, I jumped on this new service!

They are smart, at Lonely Planet ...


I do not have any action at home, but for my favorite destinations, in Southeast Asia, I always found in use the Lonely Planet editions better made, more complete and less faulty than those of the famous Backpacker. Which, for example, no longer offered a chapter on Sulawesi in his guide Indonesia when I was preparing my trip in 2007.

The problem is that Lonely Planet (LP) guides are often very big, very bulky. For Malaysia, in 2006, I had in my bag a piece of Routard just for the east coast of the peninsula, and pieces of the LP corresponding to the east of the peninsula and Borneo. For Sulawesi, in 2007, I just took the corresponding small section in the voluminous LP Indonesia. See what's left of it ...

My old travel guides. All damaged, cut, boned, recomposed ...
My old travel guides. All damaged, cut, boned, recomposed ...

After, I tinker, with glue reinforcement, Scotch, or even drawing tongs, to reconstitute a kind of personalized guide. Often, along the way, the pages break up and escape, at the mercy of manipulations and new tortures that I make them suffer ...

I dematerialized my photos, my music, my videos, without moods. Long live digital! But there, even if I am very happy to have my two chapters in PDF, I feel a little pinch to the heart. Because it's not quite the same anymore.

Buying a travel guide, flipping through it, annotating it, and even cutting it up with a cutter, was for me a delightful ritual, full of promise, announcing an imminent departure. A trip before the trip, in short.

With the download of chapters to the card, I lose a little of this pleasure. And I feel, regretfully, the upcoming decline of travel guides in the form of books ...

:Oops :

  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Yes, as I said, they're smart at LP ...

    After, as for so many other digital files available for download, non-private copying and distribution are illegal. There is no DRM to lock these PDF files. I do not know how they integrate the possibility of piracy in their profitability calculations ...

  2. Ouch! What carnage! lol Note that my guides end up in a similar state, but because I have returned them in all directions, I scribbled a thousand and one notes everywhere ... not to mention the crumbs that are found here and there since I flip through them often at the restaurant! That said, I find the idea of buying only the digital files that interest us great. At the same time, I like to see my old LP line up in my library, like so many witnesses of these small pieces of planet that I walked ... It is true that some of their bricks are heavy to lug around, but for popular destinations, there are also guides by region (I had for example bought "Thailand - Islands and beaches" a few years ago). Well, they are the best for Asia. Although I was very frustrated by the guide on Taiwan when I went to live there since the author spoke perfect Chinese and sometimes lost along the way the "simple billing" like me. But hey, nothing is perfect!

  3. Hello Corinne!
    A long time ago that I had not passed: what facelift! Your blog look really "pro" now. There is only the banner that seems to me improvable, from the point of view typo. I can make proposals (in all good honor!) If you want ... I thought you were in Mauritius, between "girls" ...
    Alors, je me marre : je fais partie des serial cutter de guides et autres docs 😉 Excellente info. Ca ne m’empêchera pas de corner et surligner ces « extraits » dans tous les sens… Ce que j’aime, c’est l »état dans lsequelles les docs reviennent de voyage : l’eau, la boue, des écailles de poisson, du sang et de la sueur, les infos griffonnées partout… Je les garde : ce sont d’autres souvenirq de voyage…

  4. Aaaaaaargh!
    What a butchery, I thought I fainted seeing this poor cut guide!

    Their system has existed for a few years now but they are increasingly promoting it. I think that one day or the other the Routard will stick to it, the Little Futé is already present in research "inside books" Google.

    Well, me, as a bookseller it does not work for me more than that, it is a complement, as well as the GPS and paper road map. Publishers always find good ideas to revive a guide, to create a new one based on a "niche" such as "nature" trips, more cultural trips, guides for walks ... and then as Marie-Marie writes. Julie, how happy to see our books stack up in the library!

    That said, our generation still mixes digital and paper (or CDs for Music, DVD for video), the question I ask myself is: In what way will the youngest? Will they have the need to go anyway to a bookstore to prepare their trip ... or everything will be done on the net ...

    Jusqu’ici tout va bien 🙄

    ps : Par contre plus d’image de boucherie de guides sur ce site, ça en deviendrait dégoûtant 😉

  5. Thank you! This info will serve me for the tour in Australia where in fact, we only go to Perth; so, actually, buy a whole guide for just a week in Perth ... ..
    At the same time, I love the travel guides, there are even times, where I just want to buy the guide, even if I do not leave after .... But, it makes traveling and it is less expensive than a plane ticket !!!

  6. @ Marie-Julie:
    Yes, it's carnage ... But I keep preciously the bodies of the victims, even in several pieces. Like you, I like to have my old guides in my library, like so many memories.
    As for the famous LP "Thailand: Islands & Beaches", I obviously have a copy too ... A "must have" or "unavoidable", as the other would say! He is whole, that one, he survived the cutter ...

    @ Francis:
    Yes, well seen for the makeover: the banner is the next building site I intend to attack, precisely! It does not suit me too much in the state (visual + typo). And if you feel inspired, I would be delighted to discover your proposals ...
    For Maurice, I had to give up, alas, with great regret, for reasons of budget, but I tell myself that it is only part of the discount: I will go, one day !!!!
    Finally, I am delighted to discover a sidekick in the trash club full of blood and sweat "serial cutter"! Whichever way we treat travel guides and docs, I'm happy to see that we all like to keep them after ... It's sentimental, all that!

    @ Pac ':
    Ah, I was waiting for your intervention as an enlightened bookseller on the question! Very relevant, your analysis. True, these digital chapters are a "complement". But until when?
    In the meantime, I do not promise to stop the butchery ... But promised, I will not publish more shocking image without warning for sensitive souls!

    @ Helen:
    I suspected it would be the kind of thing that could interest you, with all your tours ... And what you say about the guides we buy even without leaving the country is very true: I have several books like that, on India, on Madagascar, on Sri Lanka ... But it does not say that it does not end on real journeys! Who knows?
    : Mrgreen:

  7. Hello Corinne,

    I came across your site by looking for information on dfgallery, in the comments of another article (like what, we find on blogs by a lot of possibilities!)
    And there, I kept the tab of your site open to be able to walk there a little ... I admit that I adore your site, the presentation, the images, etc.
    I do not dive but Asia attracts me a lot, and I found a lot of good news in your site, including this one on LP guides that may serve me for my future trip to China.
    And then I discovered WordPress Friday so I hope one day can make a site as beautiful and well built as yours!
    Good continuation,


  8. Hello Adeline,

    And thank you for your compliments for the site. I have the satisfaction to see that all my efforts to refine it, from month to month, have borne fruit!

    WordPress is really a fantastic tool. You have to take the time to become familiar, step by step. I intend to write a page, soon (for now it is still "under construction"), to explain a little how I tamed the beast and give some advice on its use ...

    I have never been to China, but I am glad that my little info on the LP download has interested you. When you have built your blog, send me the address that I can follow your future journey!


  9. Bjr corinne,

    J’en prends bonne note un peu tardivement (j’en ai commandé plusieurs). Toujours utile des pdf. Mais bon, un bouquin complet permet tout de même de changer de destination au dernier moment … 😉

  10. D’habitude je m’arrange pour partir avec des comparses qui ont toujours plein de guides, comme ça je voyage léger et je n’abime pas les miens 🙂
    Oui, car ma grand-mère m’a élevé dans le respect des livres, moi Madame, et quand je vois ce que tu fais subir aux tiens… 😡
    En tout cas merci pour la trouvaille 💡

  11. Ah ... the books!

    I love them so much, my books, whatever they are! Even when I make them suffer the last outrages, it's actually a sign of affection on my part.


  12. Hello,
    discovered your site by chance, via He is great.

    For guides, there is the solution to put the PDFs mentioned above on an iPod Touch or iPhone, and read with a PDF reader.
    Otherwise, Lonely Planet has released an apli for iPhone OS. You can buy several guides that are suitable for reading on this screen. With an iPad (to replace the netbook) will be even more comfortable.