Koh Rin: a Thai island located off Pattaya. © MKDivers.com

I am an island

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the strange sentences and the funny mistakes that could gave been generated during the process. If you can read French, the original and correct version can be found here PetitesBullesdAilleurs.fr

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Island is called "koh" in Thai. As I'm doing right now on the web a lot of research starting with kohI ended up on Koh Rin. I am an island! Corinne, Koh Rin ... There are only a few letters to change!

Well, I'm suspicious, because I do not know the meaning of "rin" in Thai. Let's hope that the connotation is not too negative ... Koh Rin looks like this:

The island in question is not at all located in the area that I am currently interested in (Andaman Sea), but off Pattaya in the northern Gulf of Thailand.

And Koh Rin is a dive spot! That's good for a girl who likes to bubble under water, right?

I would be surprised if I go to Pattaya next day, but do we ever know? Are there any of you who have been diving in Koh Rin?

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  Between Two Journeys