Un Airbus de la compagnie lowcost malaisienne AirAsia, à l'aéroport LCCT de Kuala Lumpur.
This is probably the company that I took most often, with all my travels in Southeast Asia! In October 2009, Air Asia, the Malaysian lowcost, has just filed an application for authorization to practice in France.
Tableau des vols à la gare TGV de l'aéroport Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle.
I will leave again. At the end of June, I fly again towards the Orient. It was enough for me to receive the e-ticket on my mail to feel wings.
Bons baisers des nuages...
At the moment when you discover this message, I will be in the clouds, towards Asia ... The trip will be a bit long, since I had to juggle the specials of air fares, connections , availability and companies, to fly to Bali at a lower cost.
Dans les rues de Manado. Nord-Sulawesi, Indonésie. Juillet 2007.
Today I am back in Manado, where I find the civilization and comfort of the modern world: air conditioning and hot water, shopping malls and club-sandwiches, mobile phone that captures and high-speed internet connections ...