Smile radiant little dancers Reef Seen. Pemuteran, Bali. July 2008.

Bali, smile and grace

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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I remain under the spell of Pemuteranthat I left on Monday for Amed. Almost a whole week spent diving and lizarding. And I did well to stay here until the end of the weekend. It allowed me to attend dance rehearsals and wedding ceremony preparations...

Under the spell of Pemuteran

The black sand cove of Pemuteran. Bali. July 2008.

I take away from Pemuteran the memory of superb underwater landscapes and radiant smiles. The welcome of the people here is simple and warm. Far, very far from the tourist-commercial harassment of Kuta or Lovina.

A parenthesis apart, during this Balinese stay. Absolute relaxation. With a serious question at the jump of the bed: what bathing suit will I wear today?


The little dancers of Reef Seen

The diving center Reef Seen hosts and organizes, on Saturday and Sunday, dance classes for children. Many little girls, some little boys, and teenage girls.

Around 14h30-15h, we push the tables and chairs of the "debriefing bar" of the divers, which is then transformed into dance floor for the small bare feet of the girls.

Smile radiant little dancers Reef Seen. Pemuteran, Bali. July 2008.

And it is an infinitely graceful, touching spectacle to see them, more or less applied, trying to imitate the traditional dance gestures of the teacher.

→ See the video : Reef Seen Dancers

Repetition of Reef Seen Dancers, Saturday afternoon, at the diving center. Pemuteran, Bali. July 2008.

The small hips of the girls, encircled in the sarongs, somehow follow the rhythm of the gamelanYou will be able to hear the traditional Balinese percussion, recorded on a CD. You must also roll your eyes, sway your head from left to right, and push the delicacy of each gesture to the tips of your fingers, the precision of each step to the tips of your toes.

The turtle dance of Reef Seen Dancers. Pemuteran, Bali. July 2008. I melt in front of these kids. Saturday night, the most talented ones do the show for the tourists of the hotel Pondok Sarior another resort near. Reef Seen serves as backstage.

It's a change from the shows I usually cover in real life when I'm working... 😀 Here, no need for accreditation or a photo pass to get backstage and watch the little ones primping in front of the mirror, with a lot of makeup and hair extensions.

The final show, with the famous turtle dance, choregraphy created by Reef Seen please, is quite kitsch, with satin and gold costumes.

I applauded loudly, just to warm up the room and encourage the little artists. Fortunately, no hot "Vu" to write behind for the newspaper of the next day ... It changes me from work !!!


Traditional wedding at the neighbors

On Sunday, I was invited to drink tea and taste some cakes at my neighbors', well, the family who owns the mini-market just behind the diving center bungalows. Reason: the son's wedding, with a girl from the next village. They made me sit at a long table in the backyard, with a lot of other people, in their sunday clothes, I mean in traditional sarong and turban.

It had been several days since I had noticed the preparations, while passing in front of their house to go to the warung (restaurant) opposite which is also an internet center. Decoration of the entrance with a fake door in cardboard, like a balinese temple, flowers, hangings...

The bride and groom pose, a little frozen, in their sumptuous ceremonial clothes. Pemuteran, Bali. July 2008. In fact, I missed the real wedding day, which was Monday, the day I left. The party I went to is the festive one, where we invite family, friends, neighbors to drink and eat. The next day, the day of the official ceremony, is more serious: we dress in white or yellow, we pray.

The bride and groom were there, welcoming everyone at the entrance. They kindly posed, a bit frozen, in their sumptuous and kitschy costumes. In the courtyard across the street, as dinner time approached, the men gradually gathered, to eat and drink among themselves, something other than tea, in my opinion... No less than three pigs must be killed for the festivities. There was already one roasting on the spit.

I left after a while, after chatting a bit with my table neighbors and nibbling two cakes, delighted to have had a little glimpse of these wedding preparations.

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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  1. Hello p’tite bulle,
    je me suis un peu égarée dans le récit de ce voyage à Bali. Une mauvaise manip m’a fait faire un détour par Sulawesi, en rentrant d’Irlande où l’été a davantage pointé son nez qu’ici. Tu le crois? C’était parfait ce petit voyage! Ayant repris le fil du tien, quand même nettement plus exotique, je suis contente de voir que ta redécouverte du pays se passe bien. Après les cérémonies d’enterrement, les mariages et les cours de danse… Pas plus mal! Amuse-toi et surtout repose-toi bien!

  2. je viens de lire tout d’une traite les quelques articles en retard, un vrai régal, A VERDIR DE JALOUSIE!!! j’ en suis ravie pour toi; je ne pourrais bientôt plus te lire , samedi nous partons vers le sud, avec les parents.
    Have you learned to take a few steps to dance?
    Besos y más besos, Lydie. 🙂

  3. @ PasKle:
    Ma foi, une balade de l’Irlande a Bali en passant par Sulawesi, c’est plutot sympa. Bienvenue dans la tribu des fourmis volantes! Envoie-moi un petit email sur mon adresse GMail pour me raconter en detail ton escapade dublinoise… BIzzz

    @ Lydie:
    Non, je n’ai pas ose me lancer dans des pas de danse… Je suis plus douee avec mes palmes et mes bulles! Tout plein de bises a tous les quatre et bonne descente vers le Sud! A tres bientot!