Sourire radieux des petites danseuses de Reef Seen. Pemuteran, Bali. Juillet 2008.

Bali, smile and grace

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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I remain under the spell of PemuteranI left Monday for Amed. Almost a whole week spent diving and lounging. And I did a great job of taping here until the end of the weekend. This allowed me to attend dance rehearsals and preparations for a wedding ceremony ...

Under the spell of Pemuteran

L'anse de sable noir de Pemuteran. Bali. Juillet 2008.

I take away from Pemuteran the memory of superb underwater depths and radiant smiles. The welcome of the people here is simple and warm. Far, very far from the tourist-commercial harassment of Kuta or Lovina.

A parenthese apart, during this Balinese stay. Absolute relaxation. With a serious question to jump from bed: what swimsuit will I put today?


The little dancers of Reef Seen

The diving center Reef Seen hosts and organizes, on Saturday and Sunday, dance classes for children. Many little girls, some little boys, and teenage girls.

Around 14: 30-15: 00, we push the tables and chairs of the "debriefing bar" divers, which is then transformed into a dance floor for the little bare feet of girls.

Sourire radieux des petites danseuses de Reef Seen. Pemuteran, Bali. Juillet 2008.

And it is a spectacle infinitely graceful, touching, to see them, more or less applied, trying to imitate the traditional dance gestures of the teacher.

→ Watch the video: Reef Seen Dancers

Répétition des Reef Seen Dancers, le samedi apres-midi, au centre de plongée. Pemuteran, Bali. Juillet 2008.

The small hips of the girls, encircled in the sarongs, somehow follow the rhythm of the gamelan, these traditional Balinese percussions, recorded on a CD. You must also roll your eyes, swing the head from left to right, and push the delicacy of each gesture to the fingertips, the precision of each step to the end of the toes.

La danse des tortues des Reef Seen Dancers. Pemuteran, Bali. Juillet 2008.I found myself in front of these girls. Saturday night, the most gifted make the spectacle for the tourists of the hotel Pondok Sari, or another resort near. Reef Seen serves as backstage.

It changes me shows that I usually cover in real life when I work ... 😀 Here, no need for accreditation or photo pass to access the backstage and watch the little ones pump up in front of the ice, with a lot of makeup and of false hair.

The final show, with the famous turtle dance, choregraphy created by Reef Seen please, is very kitsch, with satin and golden costumes.

I applauded to break, just to warm up the room and encourage small artists. Fortunately, no "Vu" hot to write behind for the newspaper the next day ... It changes my job! ! !


Traditional wedding at the neighbors

Sunday, I was invited to drink the tea and enjoy small cakes at my neighbors, finally, the family that runs the mini-market just behind the bungalows of the diving center. Reason: the son's wedding, with a girl from the village next door. I was seated at a long table set up in the backyard, with a whole bunch of other people, dressed in Sunday clothes, I mean in traditional sarong and turban.

It had been several days since I noticed the preparations, going past their house to go to warung (resto) opposite who also internet center. Decoration of the entrance with a fake cardboard door-paste Balinese temple, flowers, hangings ...

Les mariés prennent la pose, un peu figés, dans leur somptueux habits de cérémonie. Pemuteran, Bali. Juillet 2008.In fact, I missed the real day of the wedding, which was Monday, day of my departure. The evening I went to is the festive one, where family, friends, neighbors are invited to drink and eat. The next day, the day of the official ceremony, it is more serious: one dresses in white or in yellow, one prays.

The marries were there, welcoming everyone to the entrance. They gently took the pose, a little fuzzy, in their sumptuous and kitschy costumes. In the yard opposite, the hour of dinner approaching, men have gathered little by little, to eat and drink between them, something other than tea, in my opinion ... No less than three pigs must be killed for the festivities. There was already one roasting on the spit.

I ran away after a while, after having a little chat with my table neighbors and nibbling on two cakes, delighted to have had a glimpse of these wedding preparations.

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008