The buildings of Manhattan. New York. May 2012.

New York City Getaway

  New York - May 2012

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NYC. Three inspiring initials. New York City, I just came back from there! It was my first trip to the United States and my first steps in "the city that never sleeps"...

A week in New York

See the skyscrapers of Manhattan ! Hail yellow cabs ! Climb the Empire State Building! Climb the Rockfeller Center! Sail by the Statue of Liberty! Walk along Broadway! Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge!

Tourist, me? That's right.

The buildings of Manhattan. New York. May 2012.
The buildings of Manhattan. New York. May 2012.

It was my first time in New York. The city that we know without knowing it, having seen it so much in movies, in TV series, and then on the 20-Hour news since September 11. The city that never sleeps as sings Sinatra.

I just came back from there. I spent a week there. Another "otherworldly bubble", quite different from my travels in Asia!

Larger than life

The verdict? New York, in real life, is like in the song, like in the movies, like in the TV series. But so much better!

It's bigger. Stronger. More intense. Larger than life ... Even if you are a tourist, a visit to New York broadens your horizon and clears your head. The city overflows with an infectious, exhilarating, stimulating energy.

The mere sight of the buildings that stand out in shadows on the tarmac, on landing, in the golden light of sunset, makes the heart beat a little faster.

View of New York from JFK Airport.
View of New York from JFK airport.

I returned Sunday, dazzled, enthusiastic, happy.

New York is less than 8 hours flight from Paris. And on the way back, it's even faster, thanks to the favorable winds of the mysterious jet stream less than 7 hours! In fact, that's very close, compared to my previous trip to Indonesia. There is only an ocean to cross...

I'll be back to tell you all about it soon!


  New York - May 2012

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  1. Hello,

    Well then, we wait for the rest of this article. We would like to have more details about your holiday at big apple please!

    Thank you for sharing the rest, your tips and your favorites.

  2. Ahh, New York! It's one of my favorite cities. I'm lucky because for me it's very close from Montreal (a 7-hour drive or 1-hour flight). I'm planning to go back this summer. And since I'm always on the lookout for great tips and finds, I can't wait for your next post.

    1. @Mario: I was visiting New York for the first time, so I think my discoveries will be very "classic"... 😉

  3. Clearly the "New York effect" has struck again. Can't wait to read the rest of your first words...

    For my part, I ended my post about our time in NY with "...we were there in 2009, you'll be there tomorrow! When are we going back?"

    And I have the impression that you too were won over... and that you'll want to stop off there again 😉

    See you soon

  4. Ahhhh lucky girl! I dream about New York, but I always end up preferring a diving destination, I might decide to give it first place once I've seen your photos 😉

    1. @Myriam: yes, I'm a lucky girl... This kind of trip has nothing to do with diving, but I love it too!!!!

  5. As you put it so well: "It's like in song, like in movies, like in TV shows. But so much better.
    It's fascinating how this city fascinates, and as Frees Bees says, you leave wanting to go back. It's been 1 year for me, and the feeling has remained intact. Going back? at the sacrifice of a few bubbles?
    Thank you for all your articles.

  6. Like everyone else, I loved nyc, and I highly recommend, rather than taking a tourist bus, taking the guided bike tour of manhattan. Plus, it's all flat, except for the brooklynn bridge.

  7. I agree with Gérard, there's no need to take a tourist bus, but even better than the bike is pedibus! And on the Brooklyn Bridge, no need to zigzag, ring the bell, inveigh against pedestrians... who often overflow into the lane reserved for cyclists. The sights are so much more striking on foot 😉

  8. Ah New York, an extraordinary city to discover for the first time. It all seems so familiar because we've already seen it in the movies... and yet it's so much better in person!

    1. @Lucie: yes, it's extraordinary and familiar at the same time. The sensation is really surprising...

  9. Hurry up and read on, Corinne! Personally, like you, I felt like I knew New York as soon as I set foot there. I've seen so much of this city in films and TV series that I feel like I'm walking with Woody Allen in the East Village! New York was also a gastronomic discovery for me: cupcakes from Magnolia's, burgers from Shake Schack... And many other culinary experiences!

  10. Yes! Can't wait for the sequel! And you don't seem to have been traumatized by the friendly American immigration officers! It really is a strange feeling, isn't it? It's a city that's so familiar to us, even if we've never set foot in it, and when we do... wow...

    1. @Mélissa: bah, no, not traumatized at all... the wait was a bit long in line, but then, the formalities were pretty quick. As for the city itself, yes, I'll tell you all about it in future posts: you almost feel at home there, even when you're discovering it for the first time!

  11. What NY 😮 , I missed a step obviously, it's already over Rajat Ampat 😥 , Ah you go too fast I arrrive more to follow me!!!
    Here you are, caught up in the frenzy of the States. It's funny, but around me I've got lots of friends going to NY for a week this year.
    Anyway nice your report.

    1. @Laurence: but no, you didn't miss a thing! I was lucky enough to spend a week in New York, from May 12 to 19 (personal trip, with family)... and discover the States!!!! I still have loads of stuff to tell about Raja Ampat, don't worry. But first I'll try to post a few things about New York (so it'll all be a bit out of order, eh...).

  12. I was there a week ago, we almost ran into each other 🙂
    I really liked it too:-) Especially Manhattan, which really has such different neighborhoods. Claire, I'm going to do a road movie in the US for a few months!

    I've also been to Philadelphia and enjoyed it too!

    1. @Fabrice: yes, it's New York all right! All those different atmospheres, from one neighborhood to another... I love it!!!!

  13. This city is simply splendid! Everything is so beautiful, so big, so gigantic, you just don't know where to turn! I'm extremely lucky to be going there for 18 months, and I'm looking forward to seeing every corner of the city!