Diving in the Mediterranean. July 2014.

Exotic Mediterranean

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  France: French Riviera - July 2014

The coral of the tropical seas just has to stand. The funds of the Mediterranean, it throws too. The proof in flashy pink.

Memories of summer 2014

At the end of July 2014, I was in Hyères, in the Var. And I still can not believe what I saw under the water. When the coral revealed vibrant tropical hues - pink, mauve, red - under my flash, I hallucinated ... 😮

Diving in the Mediterranean. July 2014.

Well, I admit, at the beginning, I still wonder a little what I'm doing there, to palmer in cold water, over an extended monotone of Posidonia with my 7D... I start by trying to turn my little friends into graceful shadows on a blue background. Not very conclusive.

And then bright colors and life arose. There are large, placid groupers, who are legion in the area - we are on the site of La Pointe du Vaisseau. Sweet pink nudibranchs, impossible to photograph with fish-eye. Small shoals of bright-silver fish with yellow stripes whose name I do not know. And even barracudas on the run! But they are a bit too far for drinking photos ...

The more you go, the more I am having fun in this new Mediterranean environment, unheard of for me - the Breton diver who fears cold water and does not palm anymore in tropical seas ... 😜

Grouper. Diving in the Mediterranean. July 2014.

Grouper. Diving in the Mediterranean. July 2014.

Even posidonia, which I only knew through reports on TV, and that I discover for the first time with my own eyes, becomes a fascinating subject, undulating at the mercy of the swell. A show in itself, very difficult to photograph ...

I'm numb, but I persist at the end of diving, to throw a few last shots of flash. Gaby, from the center To the Diving Water, who accompanies me and Christèle, my partner of the day, even plays the models for my goal! Really nice, I appreciate. 👌

Posidonia. Diving in the Mediterranean. July 2014.

Posidonia. Diving in the Mediterranean. July 2014.

My enemy: the cold

Back on the boat, I am shaken by violent tremors, impossible to repress. My poor 5 mm worn and my frail carcass chilly are not adapted to the Mediterranean waters of about twenty degrees surface at this time and barely 15-16 ° C in depth. 😱

But Alain's boat which holds the center To the Diving Water, in La Londe-les-Maures, is equipped with HOT water hand showers! ! ! Luxury and supreme happiness. Those who never get cold (but really cold) underwater can not understand.

Most of my short stay in Hyères was devoted to a apnea training, I did not find the time to do a single small bottle exploration in the Mediterranean waters ... A first in my life as a diver, I had never soaked my fins!

Porquerolles, Port-Cros, the peninsula of Giens: yes, it can make you smile, but these famous sites in southern France are for me super-exotic spots ... I intend to return, a day soon. But not before I equipped myself seriously, with a combi worthy of the name for these waters too cold for my taste.

Off Hyères. July 2014.

  France: French Riviera - July 2014

  1. 20 °, for me diving in Brittany at 12-15 °, it's a dream! : p
    Great pictures, as always! the posidonia that stands out against the blue background is beautiful

  2. Hello,
    I come back to the first of your remarks: "When the coral revealed vibrant tropical hues - pink, mauve, red - under my flash, I hallucinated ..."
    I started my diving career in Tahiti, then the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and finally the Atlantic. When I was "discovered" the Mediterranean, I already had more than a hundred dives on the meter but especially all my equipment. You must know that I always dive with a lighthouse (see two). During this first dive, the DP told me: "The lighthouse, not worth it, today there is good visibility. I dipped and found it dull, colorless. Going up, everyone seemed happy with his dive but not me. I did not understand why. I put this on the account of my dives in the warm and clear sea.
    The next time, reflexively equipping me, I took my lighthouse and hung it in its place. Underwater, I did as usual: turn on my lighthouse during the descent. And there, once down, oh wonders, the colors were revealed. Beautiful.
    I continue to dive in the Mediterranean with the friends of the club and always with the light, a little less often because I quickly cold. In fact, I never understood divers who left without light. Such a waste !
    Have a good day

  3. We will sometimes look far away what is next to it ...
    Very beautiful photos, which gives a little color to this very dark day

  4. @Corinne: Well! like what ! Beyond your beautiful photos, you made me laugh with the coolness of the water! 😆
    I imagine the thing, you who are so used to the tropical waters! 😉

  5. For me, the best dive sites in France are on the island of Port Cros. Follow-up of those around Hyères and Marseille. That's wonderful. The best of the best is the Gabinière that I highly recommend. Groupers with shovels and benches of barracuda (sort of Barracudas), I even found the sea cicada found lobster.
    Even if we have a lot in common because I went to most of the dive sites that you describe in South East Asia (my diver course started in the Mediterranean in 2003), for me Gabinière is one of the best spots If you want some, I can spin you some tips of sites to see absolutely in France.

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