iDive 300: a real waterproof case to listen to your iPod Touch while diving. ©

Diving with your iPod

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It just came out: a real waterproof case for iPod Touch. christened iDive 300it is marketed on the site H2O Audio. The "300" is for 300 feet, that is to say 90 meters deep. A pure gadget, in my humble opinion.

As far as I am concerned, I prefer to continue diving with the sound of my bubbles in my ears.
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Apparently, there is a whole system embedded to handle the touch screen via buttons on the side. The earphones are attached to the mask strap. And the toy still costs nearly 350 USD ...

Good, I admit. I already have a box waterproof for my iPod, actually ... But not to dive! Mine costs only a few dozen euros and is simply used to protect moisture (and salt and sand), on a boat or at the beach, my precious iPod, which also serves as a hard drive to store my photos while traveling.

You would be ready to dive with an iPod on your ears, you?


  Between Two Journeys