iDive 300: a real waterproof case to listen to your iPod Touch while diving. ©

Diving with your iPod

  Between Two Journeys

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This just came out: a real waterproof case for iPod Touch. Called iDive 300it is marketed on the site H2O Audio. The "300" stands for 300 feet, i.e. 90 meters deep. A pure gimmick, in my humble opinion.

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As far as I am concerned, I prefer to continue diving with the sound of my bubbles in my ears.

Apparently, there's a whole on-board system for manipulating the touchscreen via buttons on the side. The headphones attach to the mask strap. And the toy still costs almost 350 USD...

Okay, I admit it. I already have a chamber waterproof for my iPod, in fact... But not for diving! Mine costs just a few dozen euros and serves simply to protect my precious iPod from humidity (and salt and sand) on a boat or at the beach, as well as acting as a hard drive for storing photos when I'm traveling.

You'd be ready to dive with an iPod on your ears, wouldn't you?


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. I think I prefer to hear my bubbles!
    And if you add the iPod to the torch and camera, divers are going to look like Christmas trees with all that stuff dangling from them!

  2. Likewise, I prefer my bubbles, and underwater is one place where I don't want to bring things from the surface. But it's a good idea.

  3. @ Marie-Net:
    Long live the bubbles! But for the "Christmas tree" aspect, I think they're also planning to sell the right thing to hang it on, on the same site...

    @ Denis:
    I don't know if it's such a good idea... So far, three of you rather geeky divers have told me that no, you prefer the gentle sound of bubbles!

    @ Marie-Julie:
    Yes, I couldn't agree more. The musical ambience can be added afterwards!

  4. Yes, the world of silence takes a hit! However, I've used music underwater (long before the invention of the iPod!) to fill in the hours of interminable stops (up to 7 hours...) after somewhat... strenuous underground dives.
    At the moment, there's a blossoming of more or less waterproof gadgets. Proof that diving is becoming more democratic. By the way, congratulations on your blog, it's getting more professional 😉

  5. Long live the bubbles that sparkle in our ears. And why not take his phone?
    Now come to think of it, a trip with a flight of mantas set to well-chosen music that reminds you of good times can transport you even more, can't it? like a bird in water.
    The blog better and better !!

  6. Ben, me, I do not dive ... So ... uh ... Well ... nothing to say on the subject !! But, I find that divers already have such paraphernalia ... that, a device and more ... Kisses!

  7. Well, like Hélène, I don't dive, and just like her, I think that taking on board a machine, however small, is still a bad idea.... And then, what happens to "the world of silence" if underneath it's the same as above, inside as outside?

    That said, everyone does what he wants, his ear canal belongs to him!

  8. @ Francis Le Guen:
    Ah, of course, for "muscular" divers, pros and teks who have to endure interminable stops, the gadget isn't really a gadget at all. But I think this new housing is more aimed at "leisure" divers (well, those who want to show off below the surface... 8) ).
    As for the blog, yes, it is gradually evolving into another dimension...

    @ Éric Branger:
    And why not text and e-mail underwater? And a coffee maker, while we're at it, so that we can finish waking up with a little kawa while watching the mantas!
    No, really, the music has to stay on the surface. The live manta show doesn't need any sound accompaniment. Glad you like the evolution of the blog!

    @ Helen:
    I couldn't agree more! No need to bother with an extra thing. It adds nothing, in my opinion, to the pleasure of diving.

    @ Lydie:
    Very true. Even if "the silent world" isn't quite silent for divers. Below the surface, there's the sound of bubbles and breathing, the "plop" of ears "passing" (or not) on the way down, and then sometimes the rumor of the surf near the coast or a reef, and even strange crackling sounds, at shallow depths, around coral zones teeming with life. Not to mention the various alerts that may be emitted by other divers in the group... So many sound signals that contribute to the diving experience. It would be a shame to cover them up with music from "above".

  9. Uh, it also works for my MP5 ❓ It's for my nap without hearing the sound of other people's bubbles still poking around the bottom looking for little critters... 😛
    A + corinne

  10. You're zen and calm in the water thanks to the sensations, the breathing, the spectacle of the underwater fauna... I think music is superfluous. And could even be stressful, by interfering with the other sensations.

    But as you say, you have to start diving first!!!!


  11. It's all a load of rubbish, even if it is indeed a superb piece of music to dress up beautiful scenes, but hey... Not much better on a film once it's been rewound, is it?
    What about social security? Ears are for listening to what's going on around you, and for listening to your partner too, aren't they? Shit, you isolate yourself too. I like to share my dives, and a glance is enough most of the time.