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  Between Two Journeys

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic translation made from a post originally written in French. My apologies for any strange sentences and funny mistakes that may have been generated during the process. If you are reading French, click on the French flag below to access the original and correct text: 

I can not believe it. Bubbles Underwater & Beyond is No. 2 in the ranking of 2009 blogs from the magazine Glamourin the "travel" category. What is pleasing is that it is the Internet users who voted. This allowed me to discover four other very nice blogs by globetrotters, which I invite you to browse.


Starting with Don't be so French, No. 1 in the ranking, and much more "glamorous" than mine, I must admit, since it is mostly about fashion in New York.

My personal favourite is Japan through blue eyes: offbeat, often accurate and quite funny chronicles of daily life in Japan by a young man from Lille who is an expatriate in Tokyo. I'll take the time to go through his interesting and tasty posts at greater length.

Lovers of India will feast with these 2006-2008 travel diaries baptized The tribulations of Antoine. Exotic at will, since it also takes us to Syria, Ethiopia, Kenya or Dubai ...

Finally, really apart, Michel's tricyle round-the-world tour: at 61 years old, he has already covered tens of thousands of kilometers by pedaling... A blog as surprising as it is endearing. At the moment, he is in Burma (Myanmar) and heading to Thailand.

Well, on the web page of Glamourthey made a mistake in their little red tittle, and marked "beauty rating" instead of "travel rating". (EDIT--new visit made since: it's rectified!). Don't worry: I'm not going to start writing advertorials about trendy lipsticks or waterproof mascaras...


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Bravo. All my congratulations. It's really deserved. I am very proud of you. And now, when someone will try to taunt me, I will say, "Yes, but I know the silver medal from the Glamor blog. "
    I watched the gold medal, really nice as a site. It is alert as everything and very refreshing. Note that your bubbles for freshness arrive on the first step.

  2. 😉 It's totally deserved, and for me, you're #1!
    But if I am objective!
    I will go see others, thank you for the info!

  3. And ankles that swell, what's under the water? I imagine little buoys ...
    Well, I'll see the fourth winner. I liked the 3rd with his humor too quirky.

  4. @ Nono: I'd look fine, I swear, with buoys on my ankles... Pfff! 😛
    Otherwise, me the same, I love the tone and humor of No. 3, Japan through blue eyes.

    @ Pit: That's really sweet.
    Well, I guess I just have to start a fan club... 😆

  5. 😆

    Unbelievable!!! The subtle remarks of the "Hairy Troll" don't fall into the "awaiting moderation" post bin, unlike those of that other hairy yet hilarious commenter whose name I will withhold out of the goodness of my heart... 😛

    Glad to see you share my crush on the blog of the Lille man in Japan! 😉

  6. Do not really like Glamoor's readers.
    Put yourself in 2nd place ...
    I think it's because of the comments posted by your readers. Are not up to the standard of your articles 😈

    NB: The blog of the expat in Japan is excellent.

  7. I laughed a lot when I heard I was "nominated" in the Glamour blog selection. 😡 On the other hand, I didn't know if I should be proud or ashamed. 😳

    In any case I also discovered your blog, and although not a diver (rather climber actually) I found it very nice and particularly well done. It makes me happy that it is reciprocal. Good luck, and wave if you come to dive on the side of the archipelago!

  8. Hi Alex, I'm delighted to discover your little note here 🙂

    Ben what, it is super "glamorous" your blog, nothing to be ashamed of, you have to assume!!! 😆

    I started to wander around and I laughed to myself behind my screen while reading your posts. I loved the Japanese manual for learning French (so romantic), the predator in the mall, and that very Japanese taste for big tails (hey, hey, with a sentence like that, I don't dare imagine the Google queries that will soon pop up). 😆

    Thanks for the compliments, anyway. For climbers, there are some famous places in Thailand, on the Ao Nang side (Railey East and West beaches, in the Krabi area). On the other hand, I am not very familiar with diving spots in Japan. If I come here one day, I do not think it will be to dive, but rather to discover these strange customs that you describe so finely ...

    Good luck too, and enjoy reading!

  9. Glamour ! I always said it!
    It's deserved. And it's nice that "real" journalists are getting recognized 😉
    You must work like crazy: your site is beautifully enriched, not to mention the fire fueled tickets. I do not mean to say that blogging feeds his man (his wife ...)
    So, we started to flash banner? Mmmm?
    Well, since your site takes 31 seconds to load and the average user fatigue is set at 7 seconds, you know what you have to do? 😆
    Suffering from the same ailments, I've been in the middle of it for a while and it's as boring as it sounds... 🙁

  10. Thank you Francis! 🙂

    I do not spin like crazy at the moment, I'm fine, I even a little up on the blog these days, in fact, since I had the "real" job (the one who feeds his wife and pay the rent) to insure ... I feed and enriched Small Bubbles Elsewhere rather when I insinuate in the wee hours of the night (but I know another who does the same with his blogueneries).

    For the banner, as I was unable to choose a visual and I was tired of being mocked by Alimata, I finally got down to this solution, which I use for a long time already on my other site Carnets d'Asie du Sud-Est (South-East Asian Diaries) (but I saw that the changing banner in flash is now favored by you too! 🙄 ) So far, it suits me well and it definitely fits the blog's theme better. 8)

    The script I use is quite light, it does not slow down the page the most. In fact, which hinders the display of WordPress blogs, I have the impression, it is especially the scripts of plugins and themes. So I already restricted my plugins to those who are really essential, I fired the "gadgets".

    I find the Bloguen particularly long to load (more than Petites Bulles d'Ailleurs 😛 ), since you redesigned it: the whole "skin" takes a long time to appear. I tested, like you, the display speed of my pages on dedicated sites, and until now I was happy with myself, because I was getting less than 10 seconds (where do you get this 31 seconds???) 😯

    But all depends on many other parameters, including the type of connection, and the browser (between IE and FF or Safari, for example, it's amazing, the difference) ❗

    I think I will still try to lighten my load time a bit:
    - by reducing the number of tickets on the homepage (the script of my theme automatically reducing each image in vignette, it will make less requests)
    - by removing the videos on the side (that too, that smashes the display performance)
    Too bad, I'm going to sacrifice the "visual" side that I like at speed.

    Otherwise, have you tested a plugin style "Super cache" that creates pages in Html to cache them, which avoids relaunching php requests each time? I hesitate to use this thing. It seems to me a little gas plant.

    Good luck with the Bloguen optimization!!! 😀

  11. Congratulations on this display of "glamour" 🙂

    A great recognition, especially from a reference in the field.

    I came across your blog not coincidentally, I am not disappointed with the trip and I will repeat the experience.

    If by chance, you came to walk on mine, you will see a new mag 'will not be long to make his appearance.

    Competition for the good "old" Glamor?


  12. @Mareen: Thank you for your little word. I feel very far from the "glamouritude" to say the truth, but it's still nice to have been selected in this "ranking". I will take a look at your blog when I return because the connections are a little slow, Koh Lipe.