Au loin, l'Ocean Divine, ma "maison" pendant une semaine... (Maldives, février 2014)
In the distance, Ocean Divine, my "home" for a week ... (Maldives, February 2014)

Maldives nostalgia

  Maldives - February 2014

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I'm missing. Light and tropical heat, islands and salt water, bubbles and coral ... I already have the nostalgia of the Maldives.

CLARIFICATIONS: in April 2014, I interrupted my series of articles on the Maldives, finding it difficult to continue to brag about the beauties of this archipelago of the Indian Ocean (and thus to encourage people to visit the Maldives) while the regime had hardened its application of sharia, after my stay in February 2014. Not respecting human rights, the Maldives had to leave the Commonwealth of Nations in 2016. But in september 2018, things have changed, with the surprise defeat in the autocratic president's elections Abdulla Yameen supported by Islamists and now prosecuted for corruption, beaten by Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, an ally of the democratic camp. Then in april 2019, the party of Mohamed Nasheed, former president of the Maldives (2008-2012), several times imprisoned by the regime and main figure of the opposition, won the first legislative elections since Yameen left. The Maldives return to the path of democracyit's great news!

Turquoise blue panorama

It's been over a month since I came back from the Maldives ... Five weeks and four days have passed since I left the turquoise blue horizon of this coral archipelago at the water's edge, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Time flies and I'm just starting to explore the images stored in the bottom of my hard drive ... I just found this little panorama that I had forgotten, made to the iPhone, with the nice app Dermandarfrom the bow of the boat, the aptly named Ocean Divine.

We were in front of Dhingurah Island, one of the stops of this fantastic dive cruise that took me from Male to Ari Atoll ...

Want to leave

The desire to go back to distant horizons strikes me again.

The shark passes, the fragile beauty of the islands, the intense blue as far as the eye can see, this magnificent boat and the company of other passionate divers ... All that I miss already.

Une énorme raie tachetée me laisse approcher, le temps d'une photo... (Maldives, février 2014)
A huge spotted skate let me approach, time for a photo ... (Maldives, February 2014)
Dans les passes, des requins pointe blanche de belle taille passent et repassent... (Maldives, février 2014)
In the passes, nice sharks come and go ... (Maldives, February 2014)
Soupe de poissons ! (Maldives, février 2014)
Fish soup ! (Maldives, February 2014)
Gaëlle prend la pose devant un banc de vivaneaux à raies bleues. (Maldives, février 2014)
Gaëlle poses in front of a school of blue-striped snappers. (Maldives, February 2014)
Nemo a choisi une anémone à la robe fuchsia pour se cacher. (Maldives, février 2014)
Nemo chose an anemone with a fuchsia dress to hide. (Maldives, February 2014)
Au loin, l'Ocean Divine, ma "maison" pendant une semaine... (Maldives, février 2014)
In the distance, Ocean Divine, my "home" for a week ... (Maldives, February 2014)
Vue depuis la proue de l'Ocean Divine. (Maldives, février 2014)
View from the bow of the Ocean Divine. (Maldives, February 2014)

I have nostalgia for the Maldives.


  Maldives - February 2014